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Tompkin is an essence personality no longer focused as we are in this physical reality who teaches from an area that he refers to as Regional area 4. Tompkin speaks with the help of his physically focused partner: Tara.

This exchange of information is done through what we call an energy exchange or a translation of energy into words. During this process Tara steps aside so that Tompkin may communicate directly to you just as if you are having a simple chat. In very basic terms you are having a conversation with “a dead dude” as Tompkin would say. It is very different from what people call channeling.

If you are interested in the actual workings of an energy exchange, read Elias Session 333. (

There is an affiliation of consciousness of other essence personalities, such as Ayla, Ordin, Patel, Elias, that are involved in this process. For more introduction/explanation please read the information below.



Hi everyone, I am Paula. Tara has asked me to write an introduction to the Tompkin Chats as I have studied the works of Seth and the Elias Sessions for years.  These are a personal interest of mine and I felt very strongly drawn to them. I recently had a CHAT with TOMPKIN and Tara hoped I could perhaps explain the process for those people who have no previous information of energy exchanges. I found the thought of even attempting this stopped me cold for days. I am not a writer and I also could not see how to condense years of reading and learning into a few pages.

I finally was able to write the following as I realized that what seemed most important now was the reason for these conversations with these essence personalities rather than the method of communication. That can be found by anyone seeking the information on the internet.

The world population is currently experiencing great upheavals.  We see this everywhere by the violence on our news stations, frightened people fleeing their homes, the eroding of our previously accepted social behaviors, loss of jobs for our young people, increasing disparity in distribution of wealth, feeling of hopelessness of many that they will never get ahead…….

You probably have already listed a few more items as you read this.  And we all wonder WHAT IS GOING ON?  We are starting to feel frustrated, discouraged, that we cannot possibly do anything as individuals to help ourselves or our world. But we can!

Perhaps some of you went looking for answers years ago and found friends that helped. I hope you did. I found Edward Casey, then Seth, channeled by Jane Roberts and for the last 15 years, Elias, in an energy exchange with Mary Innes.

I was amazed by what they said and slowly realized it is all true.

The world is now in the midst of a major Source Event.  A Source Event is a change that affects the whole of mankind.  The last large Source Event we had was the start of our religious era.  This has given us a “structure” that has served for hundreds of years but is now too restrictive for our expanding consciousness. We all feel these changes within ourselves in different manners; perhaps by a sense of “there must be more to this than what we are now living”, or ”I know something, but I can’t quite reach it or put my finger on it.”  “Time has speeded up, or it seems it has!

We all feel something, even if we don’t know what it is exactly.

We are going through a Shift in Consciousness.  This Shift is an expanding of our awareness that will encompass us all, the whole planet.   This Shift started around 1900, and is still progressing – increasing at an amazing rate in the last 25 years; hence all the great strides in industry, communication, medicine, and science- all reflective of the creativity explosion as our consciousness expands and becomes more aware. We can now see our own structure to the level of our DNA and communicate around the whole world in a matter of seconds. This would have been considered miraculous just 50 years ago! Our whole reality is changing and will be very different than it is now by the third quarter of this century. This is the Shift.

When we are awake we function with our objective awareness.  When we dream while sleeping,  day-dreaming, or at times using our imagination, we use our subjective awareness. The objective and subjective awareness always work in harmony but they use a different language. We have forgotten the language of our subjective and consequently think it is unconsciousness and inaccessible.  It is not. In this physical reality everything around us reflects back to us to tell us what we are doing with our energy expression.  We have given ourselves many lines of communication but we rarely listen.  Our emotions talk all day long, our impulses nudge us again and again, our intuition whispers quietly in our ear, our impressions bring insights and warnings, our senses provide beautiful vistas, music , or deplorable, heart- wrenching sights and sounds, our bodies bring forth loving sensations or painful ailments.  All these are communications of exactly what we are creating and still we don’t fully get it. We have forgotten the language of our Self.

Our subjective awareness holds the remembrance of who we are and what we are capable of and is in the process of merging with our objective awareness in this Shift.  For our part we are meeting our own beliefs sometimes with surprise, or unfortunately, many times with tremendous trauma, physically and emotionally.  We are learning that our perception creates all of our personal reality and it is strongly influenced by our beliefs foremost being the beliefs we constantly put our attention on.  We spend most of our life with our objective awareness allowed to operate on auto pilot, a habit we must break now to avoid more trauma in this Shift. Without awareness of our beliefs we just create unconsciously and then wonder: “Why did this happen to me?” So during this Shift we must learn to be accepting of our beliefs, which renders them neutral and allows us to expand our awareness.

WE individually and in mass are creating all of the turmoil and all the contentment- (which ever you happen to live in)-with the energy we put out.  It is reflected back to us consistently in the images and atmosphere we perceive, as this is the way this physical reality was designed. But even if you live in relative contentment, if you also (at home with your family at times, for instance) engage in conflict, you are putting out aggressive energy that is adding to the whole of the aggressive energy in the world and it is AFFECTING. That seems impossible, but it is true.

The energy we express in emotions also affects our weather.  And what is happening in that area in our world now? So what does that say about the energy we are each emitting?   As we are energy beings, not actually “solid” at all we are constantly creating and moving.   Isn’t it then only reasonable to start being aware of what kind of energy we are emitting as it is affecting.  It is our energy, therefore our responsibility. We can no longer blame the governments, the currency, our neighbours, our religions or what or whomever we love to rant about.

Now our scientists realize the inter-connectedness of all.   I found a strange satisfaction in listening to the Nova Cosmos series (on  public television presented by Brian Green in 2011) to find that our scientists now agree with the same concepts Seth/Jane were presenting in the 1970’s and early 1980’s. This inspired me to stumble through some light reading in Quantum physics by Stephen Hawking.

It is a HUGE undertaking for mankind to expand all awareness so quickly.  We have all chosen to do this because we have explored this reality as much as is currently possible. AND we are bored, frightened, or ignorant, (of what we are truly capable of achieving). Whatever the individual reason doesn’t matter anymore, what matters is that it is happening and it is happening NOW.

There is help being offered to all of us if we wish to receive it -help that is loving, compassionate, intelligent, respectful, powerful, on-going (as we need it) and yet tailored to each individual.

I for one am very grateful for the help, with what is happening now and what is still to come I will continue to need the help. As I said earlier, I received that help from Seth, Elias and now also Tompkin.

The differences in our world including the uniqueness of EACH individual are manifestations of the enormous creativity of consciousness.  Our consciousness! We scorn these differences in any and all, when honestly people we should be celebrating the diversity.

We are going to go through this Shift in tremendous trauma, kicking and screaming the whole way, or we can choose to go through it celebrating this wonderful undertaking with respect for every other brave fellow human being who has chosen to undergo it with us. That is every individual who is currently on this planet.

I love to read, so for me it was natural to go to reading material seeking help. I found help by reading the Seth books and Jane’s books. Jane Roberts died in 1985 but all the Seth books are still for sale on Amazon or elsewhere.  Many, many years ago people had no idea that they created their own reality and for the most part they preferred the structure of following authority figures. Seth slowly introduced these concepts with care as people held so tightly to their identities and could not even comprehend the idea of interconnectedness of consciousness. After Seth wrote many books with Jane Roberts introducing us to new concepts, I found the work of Elias and Mary Innes a natural follow up to Seth’s work.  In the Elias sessions, Elias explains the nature of reality in more detail and with more accuracy.  We would not have been accepting of that accuracy earlier as we would have had no comprehension of the material; so for years Seth kept it simple for us.

For information about Elias there is a wonderful website at If you read the introduction by Vicki and follow her reading recommendations you will start to understand of what I speak.  Elias is an essence personality no longer focused as we are in this physical reality who teaches from an area that he refers to as Regional area 4.  There is an affiliation of consciousness of other essence personalities, such as Ayla, Ordin, Tompkin, Patel, etc. Elias speaks with the physical help “his partner “Mary Innes. Each essence personality represents a different consciousness family just as our own essences do.  Elias says their intent is to help us avoid trauma in this shift.

Tompkin is one of the essence personalities involved in this undertaking with Elias in Regional Area 4. A few years ago, Tara Shaw began to hear Tompkin speaking to her. Tara is familiar with the sessions of Seth and Elias. She consequently asked Elias about the validity of what seemed to be occurring. He verified that it was indeed Tompkin conversing with her. Over the many months when she was in bed with health issues she was able to learn and practice receiving Tompkin clearly. In Elias Session 3071, in April of 2015 Tara again discussed her Tompkin conversations with Elias.  In this session Elias confirmed that she was receiving Tompkin clearly and encouraged her to continue with the conversations in the manner that she had inspiration to do so together with the inspirations of those that may be drawn to what she and Tompkin offer.

I have had a recent session with Tara talking to Tompkin in which I asked what his personal intent was in the energy exchange with Tara.

Tompkin replied that in his journey with Tara he wished to help the young ones especially.  He said there is so much oppressive energy in our reality now (during this Shift) and he wishes to emphasize playfulness, humor, joyfulness.  Tompkin loves nature and the natural world and explained that he spent many, many focuses in our reality as aborigines in Australia and as natives in North America and other parts of our world.  Tompkin represents the Milumet family and added that he has an alignment with Ilda for this Shift. He surprised me by saying that I had many, many focuses during those times with him.

He has a tremendous sense of humor and uses it often.  He also loves to use his energy to help children in distress he said.  He will spend years with them playing and being a friend (usually visible to the child but not the adults). He wants to help anyone who has been abused as a child find resolution. He also likes to merge his energy with animals if they need help or just for the joyfulness of their consciousness. He said when he was a physical being he was known as The Teacher of Children.

He, with the most boisterous laugh, said he would welcome anyone who wants to creatively play together as he loves play.  I think anyone who needs to learn to play perhaps could learn from Tompkin by merging with his energy.

As Tompkin represents Milumet his intent is slightly different than that of Elias as he has his own preferences as he explained, but overall the intent is to help us all as information given to one becomes available to all.

In his conversation through Tara he often presents images that she sees in great detail of previous focuses. As Elias stated in his last session with Tara “others will have their own inspiration in their interactions with you and Tompkin”

If you feel that Tompkin’s energy may be of help to you, he and Tara will be glad to speak to you. He told me that he immensely enjoys chatting with people.

Sumafi family, Sumari Aligned, emotional, soft orientation, last focus (January 16, 2016)

Tara/Niella  (pronounced Nee ella)
Sumari family, Tumold aligned, emotional, soft Orientation, continuing focus
– Has had numerous focuses together with Tompkin and they are very close friends

For more information on energy exchanges, please see this Elias Session.

If you are interested in the actual workings of an energy exchange, read Elias Session 333.

You can ‘dial a dead dude’ and have a CHAT with Tompkin by contacting Tara through this webpage.