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About Tompkin

Tompkin is an essence personality no longer focused as we are in this physical reality who teaches from an area that he refers to as Regional area 4. Tompkin speaks with the help of his physically focused partner: Tara.

This exchange of information is done through what we call an energy exchange or a translation of energy into words. During this process Tara steps aside so that Tompkin may communicate directly to you just as if you are having a simple chat. In very basic terms you are having a conversation with “a dead dude” as Tompkin would say. It is very different from what people call channeling.

If you are interested in the actual workings of an energy exchange, read Elias Session 333. (

There is an affiliation of consciousness of other essence personalities, such as Ayla, Ordin, Patel, Elias, that are involved in this process. For more introduction/explanation please read the information below.


Testimonials from people who have interacted with Tompkin.


Welcome! Please have a seat, and make yourself at home.

Are you already familiar with the idea that you create your own reality, but are still struggling to understand how? Or maybe you are scratching your head trying to figure out why what you want, is not coming into your experience?

Perhaps you have become familiar with the Law of Attraction, and have been engaging information from Abraham, or Bashar, Seth, Elias, or the many other essences who are offering supportiveness in our global shift in consciousness.

The ideas and knowledge being presented by these many essences can be shifty at times, and do involve a process of assimilation, as we each individually move into our new paradigm of reality.

I personally have had many moments of exhilaration from putting these concepts into the experiential. My current reality is a direct result of the magic of putting these ideas into action. Yet there were some areas in which I felt I was still moving in slow motion…as if through thick sludge. Why after so many years of reading and applying all this wonderful information, could I still not figure out what I needed to address to, in some directions of my life?

Why couldn’t all the energy of resistance be finally gone, so I could at long last surrender the fight?

To be able to shout the incantation of abracadabra and thrust forward with ALL my intentions and dreams. But instead, I began to create moments in which I even led myself into some dark emotional rabbit holes. (Which by the way, is why it is so important not to follow your feelings. YIKES!)

Now as I do have the tools to get out, here is where Tompkin became so helpful. He was there to listen and in his wise way guided me to move in the new direction I wanted to go. And sometimes he can be sneaky in a good way as I say. In my experience he has said things in a chat, that didn’t become apparent until sometimes weeks or months later. But very timely when you remember what he said, and then have that AH HA moment. Kind of like getting a message in a time capsule.

When I finally did meet Tompkin on the phone, I felt like I had known him forever. A dear, old friend, even though he is no longer focused in a physical body.

His awareness is actually outside of time and space, yet he can speak with anyone who wishes to chat with him, like you or me, in time and space, via the phone or internet.

This is facilitated by Tara, who is allowing the exchange of Tompkin’s energy to bring him into focus here. And voila! You are now in real time, chatting with a dear friend, from way outside of time and space, on your communication device. How cool is that?

My own experience has been beyond delightful and I am genuinely filled with gratitude for every opportunity I have to connect with Tompkin.

He is always available to assist and can help with answering any of your questions, regarding any subject you can imagine. Or perhaps you would like a wee bit of assistance with whatever challenges you may be facing, and can’t seem to move through.

Well, you can just relax, as he has a wonderful energy in making you feel at home with him. Even though you can’t see him sitting in an armchair across from you in your living room lol, you will undoubtedly feel his warm, bubbly presence.

And so, after having had many chats, I can honestly say that I don’t know what I would have done without him. I have so much gratitude and appreciation to have his support, encouragement, and all the insight he has shared in helping me deal with my personal issues, which include significant trauma, understanding why I created cancer, dealing with my creative blockages, and a subject dear to my heart, our current climate crisis. He even answered questions that I have always been curious about in terms of understanding our universe and beyond.

No matter what my challenges, difficulties and moments of exasperation, my chats with our dear friend, carried me through the bumps in my road. They led me to continue to persevere, and unravel not only the energy of trauma, but to continue my journey of expanding my awareness.

Whether you are curious about any past experiences you have had, including other lifetimes, or if you have questions about time travel, teleportation, probable realities, well wherever your imagination takes you, Tompkin is waiting to greet you, and he is very happy to be of assistance and to offer friendship whenever you call.

To give Tompkin a ding a ling on his cosmic phone, allow me to first introduce you to Tara, who will be there to guide you on your journey with introducing you to our dear, old, and very wise friend.

Tara : A woman who is still shifting, but almost there, into awareness of all of our abilities. She is passionate about permaculture, horses, painting, and is a natural healer using energy work and also herbal medicine. After nursing for many years she became a post graduate naturopath and kinesiologist and has run a natural medicine clinic in Australia since 2004. She is a medium who also communicates with animals and of course the dead dudes!

Fleur Soleil/Letticia

I have been engaging Tompkin chat sessions for a few years now. This is an energy exchange between Tara  and the energy personality essence Tompkin.

Tompkin’s intent is to help us to navigate this shift in consciousness with the least amount of trauma.

When I have questions about my personal growth, health, world affairs, family matters and personal relationships  I usually engage a private chat session via Tara. I ask Tompkin directly for suggestions that are to my greatest benefit and I get them. Tompkin is a cheerful personality and can be didactic as well as funny, when required.

In listening  to my sessions, I’ve addressed him as sir, bro, dude, therapist, friend, wise one and I think I once called him a brat.

I’ve had information on my past and future focuses, essence and whatever else I can think of to ask that’s relevant to me. I run my impressions by him as I like getting confirmation on how well I am trusting my self.

Tompkin is as endearing as he is engaging  and I always feel energized and happier at the end of our sessions.


My whole life I was searching for answers. Where do I come from, where do I go and why am I here? Over the years I did lots of research, was looking into religions, science and para-science to find answers to my questions. It was an interesting journey. I discovered Buddhism as a quite helpful ideology to express tolerance and respect for one another, dived into quantum physics and relativity theory, had fun with tarot (and still have) and studied astrology, what meanwhile has become a helpful tool. But I was still staggering in the fog.

Then finally I came across Seth, channeled by Jane Roberts. I was curious and skeptical when I had my first Seth book in my hands, a kind of magical approach. But after reading the first two pages I knew this is what I was looking for, here I find the answers to my many questions, and much more. I became excited like a child and could not stop reading.

During my work with the Seth material I learned about Elias and the 12 essences involved and continuing this energy exchange after Seth/Jane Roberts. One of these 12 essences is Tompkin and I am more than happy and grateful to have found my way to this wonderful essence and his/her wonderful channel Tara, who makes this exchange possible. I learned that we have known each other for ages and have many focuses together. It is so inspiring and liberating to talk to Tompkin, an essence with such an awareness, who knows me much better than I know myself.

Chatting with Tompkin is the journey to myself, my real self. It is exciting, fun and sometimes overwhelming. But best is this deep trust and inner knowing I never experienced before. Chatting with Tompkin feels like coming home.

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For more information on energy exchanges, please see this Elias Session.

If you are interested in the actual workings of an energy exchange, read Elias Session 333.

You can ‘dial a dead dude’ and have a CHAT with Tompkin by contacting Tara through this webpage.