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Permission was given to Tara to post this Elias session on the Tompkin Chats website by its private owner as the content deals with the detailed processes evolved in all ‘energy exchange’ sessions. (Thank you)

Sunday, May 29th, 2016 (Private)
Elias Session 20160529-3
Effects of Other Focuses Interest in You
The Process and Progression of Energy Exchanges:
(With Lawrence, with Tompkin, with Elias)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Anonymous (Lystell)

ELIAS: Good afternoon.

LYSTELL: Good afternoon Elias.

ELIAS: Hahaha! And what shall we discuss?

LYSTELL: Most of the discussion today is going to be about my energy exchange activity with Lawrence.

ELIAS: Excellent.

LYSTELL: But I got a couple of quick ones at the beginning.

ELIAS: Very well.

LYSTELL: So I want to validate a famous focus of mine. I had a lot of help with this one but I still can’t narrow it down.
(Elias chuckles) Henry VIII?

ELIAS: That would be observing. But I would express that you are close for I would express that you do incorporate a focus as his mother.

LYSTELL: Oh! Okay. I don’t want to spend a lot of time on this. I was just told by Tompkin I have a famous focus that was an English monarch and that was the best I could come up with. (Both chuckle.) Very good.
And my gender energy ratio, if that’s the right way to put it.

ELIAS: And your impression?

LYSTELL: More female than male.

ELIAS: I would agree and do you incorporate an impression as to the ratio?

LYSTELL: Sixty-five female.

ELIAS: Slightly more.

LYSTELL: Seventy?

ELIAS: Almost, approximately sixty eight, sixty nine percent.



LYSTELL: Someday I’ll ask you what that means.

ELIAS: (Laughs)


ELIAS: Or you may be asking those questions to Lawrence.

LYSTELL: I do indeed hope I can do that.

ELIAS: (Laughs)

LYSTELL: So the first two questions are questions that Tompkin suggested I ask you for reasons of clarity and distortion I think he said.

ELIAS: Very well.

LYSTELL: So the first one is: He mentioned that there were two future focuses, two future male focuses of mine that are affecting my energy exchange and to ask you to elaborate on that.

ELIAS: Affecting your energy exchange in what capacity?

LYSTELL: He did not elaborate.

ELIAS: One moment. (Thirteen second pause)

Very well. What I would express is you incorporate one future focus, physical naming Aaron, time framework 21–early 2100’s.
That focus in some capacities is, I would express, encouraging. That focus is aware through a connection with Lawrence, and therefore is aware that a past focus is also engaging in that direction and therefore is generating somewhat of a supportive or encouraging energy to you.

You do incorporate another future focus, physical naming Valen. That focus, I would express could be interpreted as being encouraging or supportive and could also be interpreted as not necessarily interfering but distracting. In that, that focus is slightly more future and in that, incorporates an interest in this time framework and what he identifies or defines as ‘pre-shift-but-shifting’ and the interest in energy exchanges and the observation of different energy exchange practices, and at times a projection of energy or a mingling of energy.

Remember these are focuses of you; therefore, it is all you, but in different time frameworks and in different uniquenesses also. Therefore at times some focuses can be distracting.

Let me express in this manner: If you incorporated a significant interest in a particular past focus and you were researching that past focus and you were attempting to connect with that past focus by tapping into the energy of that past focus, what would likely occur in relation to that individual of that past focus? Whenever you would be doing that – tapping into that energy – that focus may experience moments of being scattered or forgetful; or they may momentarily alter their direction or their expression – not for lengthy time frameworks but momentarily – it would be distracting to that individual and that individual would not necessarily know why. They would attribute it to themself. They would express that suddenly they have become very forgetful or suddenly they are very distracted and are experiencing difficulty in concentrating. The reason is that you are mingling your energy with their energy and it does become distracting. Therefore those veils of separation thin and you are influencing of each other. You could do the same by concentrating on a future focus.

Any focus that concentrates on another focus and then more than concentrates, (actually taps into the other focuses’ energy) will create some sort of disruption. Therefore it is not necessarily that it is creating an obstacle or not being supportive. There is an interest, but it can be distracting.

LYSTELL: I have to tell him to stop doing it.

ELIAS: (Laughs) And you can do that.

LYSTELL: The other question Tompkin left me with was for you to tell me what the energy exchange process (I guess), is doing to my energy vibration. I think that is the way he worded it; something like that.

ELIAS: Your energy vibration, your vibrational quality?

LYSTELL: Yeah, I may not be using the correct word. He said the vibrational something. I’m not exactly remembering.

ELIAS: Very well.

LYSTELL: Can you ask him?

ELIAS: Any energy exchange will alter to a degree your vibrational quality as an individual for you are mingling energies. You are mingling two different energies, and in that; it somewhat alters your physical vibrational quality. It also is affecting of your physical body consciousness as you are aware; for it is a foreign energy. It is not yours and your body consciousness recognizes that.

And remember your body is an expression of you. It is a projection in a physical form of you and therefore it does incorporate a vibrational quality, just as does any physical manifestation, and when you alter that in some capacity it does naturally change a vibrational quality. Now does it change it permanently? Not entirely. Therefore [it] fluctuates. What I would express to you is at this point, it definitely fluctuates. If you choose to continue to engage that essence of Lawrence and or others and you do that on an ongoing basis and you do it more and more, through time what will likely occur is that some portion of the energy of that essence will likely be mingled with yours at all times and then it will, in a manner of speaking, permanently alter your vibrational quality until you stop it; until you choose to stop it. But eventually with an energy exchange, if you continue to do it on an ongoing basis, the energy of the human and [of] the essence will merge to a degree that it is always present. It never moves away from you.

LYSTELL: I had an idea it was something like that.

So can you more or less summarize what progress I’ve made? I started engaging Lawrence, I think in February, and I just kind of want an indication of how I’m progressing and how much progress I’ve made. I mean I feel right now I am engaging it in some capacity but I don’t believe it’s actually… It’s not a full energy exchange by any means because I am not able to… My body is not able to deliver information for him like Michael, so I just…

ELIAS: I would define that differently. It is not a matter of full energy exchange. Any energy exchange is a full energy exchange. It is a matter of how much you have developed it. Therefore have you developed it fully? Or even that would be somewhat of a distortion, for I would express that for whatever time framework you engage the energy exchange, it will always be developing. It will always be evolving and it will always be increasing. Therefore, if you chose to engage the energy exchange until the day that you die, it would always be developing and evolving and increasing until that moment. Therefore, in that, it is never that you are not engaging it fully. It is more a matter of how you are developing it and therefore how you are allowing it to be expressed.
In this, what would you express is the most hindering?

LYSTELL: I’m not really sure, but my impression is that it’s my body consciousness accepting his energy?

ELIAS: That is an adjustment. That will be an adjustment for a time framework and in your perception it may be a considerable time framework. For humans in their perception, it is a considerable time framework. It can be in any duration from two to five years that your body will continue to be adjusting to that energy exchange. It will not fully accept that for a time framework. Therefore that is also a development process. But I would express that it is not that aspect that may be hindering you or that may be not allowing you to move forward more quickly. That is a choice – how quickly you allow yourself to develop the exchange.

The most difficult piece is the initial expression. However you choose to do it, whether it is speaking or writing or in some other manner, (for there are countless manners that you could express that exchange), but whatever you choose to be your mode of expression, that initial allowance of it to be expressed and then to do it again, that is the most difficult. That is the largest hurdle. Once you allow yourself to do it, to express, then it is matter of allowing yourself to do it again.

LYSTELL: So, if I understand you correctly, it is not my body consciousness that is the limitation presently.


LYSTELL: It is myself?


LYSTELL: Okay and a very important question I was going to ask you is: “How do I remove that limitation?”

ELIAS: How you remove it is genuinely letting go and not concerning yourself with other individuals’ perceptions.

LYSTELL: Regarding the energy exchange or just in general?

ELIAS: Regarding you, in the energy exchange.

LYSTELL: Can you elaborate on that?

ELIAS: Not concerning yourself with: how other individuals see you, what they think or what their perception is of you and your participation in the energy exchange. Not setting guidelines, not setting expectations what it should be, but allowing it to be – rather than what it should be or allowing yourself to be concerned with what other individuals think it should be.

Let me express somewhat of an example:
This individual that is engaging an energy exchange with Tompkin, that has been years in the making in your terms. And in that, even in the allowance of it to occur, there is significant apprehension and significant concern with being judged, with how it should be expressed; whether it is being expressed well enough or whether it is accurate enough.

Now; what I would express is regardless of the concerns and the apprehension and even the fear, (which there is some fear in that), which I would acknowledge is very common. I would express that in relation to fear, I might have identified Michael as being terrified initially.

Now; this individual that is engaging this energy exchange with Tompkin, regardless of that fear and apprehension and regardless that they are creating more thickness than is necessary by questioning, and concern[ed] with outside perceptions, what I would express is a tremendous acknowledgement that she expresses such bravery – that she would allow the energy exchange, allow the expressions even with her limitations. For her limitations are what create that obstacle of the other essence expressing a recommendation to engage myself. That is her limitation that is generating that; not the other essence. The other essence would not advise you or encourage you to validate with myself. They would do it themself. Her limitation is creating that. But even with that limitation she is expressing such bravery to allow that exchange to the capacity that it would include that recommendation that you verify with myself.

Another individual might not express that bravery. They might look at that exchange and hear that recommendation and be horrified and discount themselves and not trust the other essence, for they may not recognize that they are what is creating that obstacle. That is bravery. And she will develop and she will likely become excellent at what she is doing but it will require time.

In this, what I am expressing is: It is a matter of evaluating. What are you apprehensive about? What frightens you? What are you uncomfortable with? If a roomful of individuals was present in this moment waiting and anticipating you to express this energy exchange with Lawrence, what would you be feeling in this moment with all these individuals around you?

LYSTELL: I believe it would be my reluctance to deliver information that is very distorted or very incorrect.

ELIAS: But in that, you are generating a judgment before you are allowing that energy to be expressed and that blocks it. That stops it.

LYSTELL: That’s my fear.

ELIAS: Yes. Yes and I am expressing that is what stops it. Let me express to you, as well as Michael lent himself to this exchange initially, there were certain directions that Michael was considerably apprehensive about – certain subjects that became taboo. Being the exchanging essence, this is not my body consciousness. These vocal cords don’t belong to myself; therefore if Michael expresses a subject that is taboo, I cannot express any words about it. I cannot offer any information for Michael directs what is allowed and what is not. You direct what is allowed and what is not.

Initially, Michael incorporated two subjects that were taboo and I did not engage any information about either of those subjects for a time framework. I did express to Lawrence, at Lawrence’s request, the explanation why the energy exchange was not progressing in the capacity that Lawrence expected it to do. Michael was creating an obstacle in that and I may only move in a direction that is allowed. Lawrence may only move in a direction that is allowed by you. If you are already expressing conditions on what is to be expressed, then you create that obstacle.

What I would suggest to you is: Allow the expression to be whatever it is and together you can decide how to proceed and what is comfortable to you to proceed in. Allow it to be what it is. You may surprise yourself!

You may surprise yourself in realizing how much of the energy exchange is about trusting that other essence and what that essence will express and how it will express – trusting that essence that whatever it is expressing is of benefit and will not be contrary to you. BUT until you allow it to occur, you cannot access what you agree with or what you don’t agree with.

LYSTELL: I believe I trust Lawrence quite extensively and that fear that I talked about of delivering incorrect information is that fear focused on myself.


LYSTELL: It’s not that I mistrust Lawrence. It is that I mistrust myself to deliver properly. Is it that your…?

ELIAS: But it is a part of not trusting Lawrence also; not trusting that Lawrence can be in cooperation with you in a capacity that will allow you to deliver it.

I am not controlling Michael and Lawrence would not be controlling you, but I am interactive and in that, it is necessary for Michael to trust myself in what I express with other individuals – not necessarily agree with – but trust it. In that, part of that is trusting that I can interact with Michael in a capacity to deliver what I intend to deliver. It is the same. It is a matter of (yes I agree), not entirely trusting yourself but it is also a matter of partially not trusting Lawrence that Lawrence can accommodate that.

LYSTELL: I see that now. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

LYSTELL: So I sometimes engage Lawrence all by myself. There is nobody around. So you would think that there would be no fear on that matter in accuracy. I am not talking to anybody at all, so why is it that I still have obstacles at those times?

ELIAS: For there is an anticipation of it developing – that anticipation that you will not always only be doing it yourself. That ‘doing it yourself’ is perceived as a practice for something else and therefore that something else is always present in your perception, in a part of your perception. And therefore if you are not getting it right while you are practicing, how will you get it right when you are not practicing? (Chuckling)


ELIAS: Are you engaging any type of recording device with yourself when you engage this practice?

LYSTELL: I had done that occasionally but I stopped doing that because there was nothing to record. But I’m conscious enough that I know if something occurs.

ELIAS: I would encourage you to do that. For in that, I would encourage you to allow that flow. Give yourself permission to express. Not merely hear but express. And then listen to what you are expressing. It will give you the opportunity to become more familiar with what you are doing. And the reason that I express that is that the more you engage this, the less starkly aware you will be while you are engaging.

It will become… It will become different. And in that, rather than hearing and expressing or rather than even merely being aware of expressing and not hearing and then expressing, you will as you develop, likely move into a position in which you will be aware of the general subject matter of what is being expressed. You will remember subsequently, but during the energy exchange, it is likely that your awareness of what is being expressed will be less sharp. It will be less clear, for you are engaging another energy in relation to your body consciousness which includes your brain. And that includes those ones and zeros of those nerve[nervous] impulses.

In that, it can aid you in being more comfortable in allowing that to occur and aid you in relation to not always feeling entirely in control. You are always directing but individuals in physical focus are accustomed to feeling that they are in control even if they are not. And when you feel that you are not in control, this will aid you in recognizing that you are actually directing. And it may allow you to be more comfortable in what you are doing.

Also, if you listen to yourself through a recording then you become part of the audience also. Therefore you are listening in the same capacity that your audience is listening, which also may allow you to feel more comfortable.

LYSTELL: So is it, in my case, would it be any benefit in accelerating my development in this area to engage in alternate ways of expression? Like automatic writing or it’s not necessary for me to do that?

ELIAS: It’s not necessary. What I would express to you is that is dependent upon your comfort expression. If you feel comfortable in alternating or if you feel comfortable in experimenting with alternate modes and therefore evaluating which mode is the most comfortable for you, then I would definitely encourage you to do so. But if you have already for the most part, generated a decision or a choice in what you want to do or how you want to do it, then it is not necessary. It would not necessarily benefit you anymore.

LYSTELL: Okay. You’ve answered that then.

ELIAS: In actuality, it might actually confuse you. (Chuckles)

LYSTELL: Okay, this is really good.

So I’ve been working with another individual who has shown considerable interest in helping me, in a role that you mentioned in an earlier session we had, as a support person. So I wondered if you could… You are aware of the individual of whom I’m speaking right? Okay. So if you could speak to that, in terms of… First what is the role of a support person and for that particular individual, what can she do in that capacity?

ELIAS: The role of a support individual is precisely that: to encourage you and to support you as you move through the steps of development and evolving with the energy exchange.

Now; what that means is such as what we have been discussing in this conversation – moving in a direction of actually expressing rather than only hearing and even in your practice experiences by yourself and recording. In that, the support individual can be very helpful in actually engaging the energy exchange and including that support individual as your audience.

In that, the reason this is tremendously helpful, is that it is likely that the support individual will engage that essence. They will ask questions, they will engage conversation which allows you to be in the position of allowing that exchange in a more natural fashion. It is not only with you. But in that, it benefits you also for you become more familiar, more accustomed to allowing that exchange and allowing the information to be expressed and receiving the information without altering it.

LYSTELL: The support person receiving it?

ELIAS: You receiving it without altering it and expressing it – even if it seems nonsensical to you. When it seems nonsensical to you; that is when you will incorporate a tendency to alter it, to make sense of it. But the individual that is listening is not involved in altering it. Therefore they are only receiving. They are only listening, and in that, if it is nonsensical, they will ask a question and therefore you are allowing the exchange to develop and evolve naturally.

The individual that is engaging the energy exchange, yourself, is much more likely (if they are not entirely stepping aside) – you’re much more likely to become impatient and want to rush ahead. In this, it is easy to forget that an energy exchange involves layers of consciousness. It involves a considerable amount and exchange of energy.

The essence that is engaging with you,– you are actually engaging their energy and they are engaging yours – but that essence is doing that from a point of nonphysical and translating that energy into a physical display.

I may be using Michael body consciousness, it may not be my body consciousness but I am manipulating it. That requires a tremendous amount of energy. And to manipulate the vocal cords and to include inflection or what you think of as any emotional expression incorporates more energy. And that is all filtered through layers of consciousness; therefore you are adjusting, but the essence is adjusting also to fit your configuration of energy and how to manipulate it and how to manipulate it in a streamlined, concentrated capacity and not be affecting of everything in the environment. It is very similar to an x-ray.

If you are familiar with x-rays, the reason that your present day physicians place lead over your body when you are receiving an x-ray is that although they incorporate these very large machines to project a very narrow beam of x-rays, that narrow beam is not a narrow beam. It scatters. There is a target point but it expands and it scatters and it is projecting in many different directions. It is not only hitting its target.

An essence does a very similar action initially in an energy exchange. There is a volume of energy that is being projected and there is a target but there is a considerable amount of energy that sprays and affects the physical environment around that individual. Therefore, it is a matter of the essence practicing, also becoming more precise with its target, rather than affecting everything in the environment around the target. (Chuckles)

LYSTELL: So I’ve been working with my support person electronically, remotely because she lives in a different part of the country. Is that an impediment?

ELIAS: It can be to a degree. Not entirely, but to a degree it can be. For, as I expressed, a very significant role of that support individual is to be the audience – to be the receptor – and in that, to be receiving the energy and the information while it is occurring and to be interacting with it.

Now; I would express that in your present time framework you do incorporate the type of technology that can allow you to do that to a degree. The difference with that, in this time framework, is that you are beginning and Lawrence is beginning. Therefore, there is that scatteredness and in that, the energy may not be received by the audience individual, the support individual, entirely or in a capacity that they themselves can address to with you. For, they are not physically in physical proximity with you to observe what is occurring in the environment around you. AND you may not be aware of what is occurring around you because of the energy exchange.

What occurs in part in the energy exchange is the essence projects the energy to the individual, the target individual, and that energy moves in a type of a horseshoe direction. It moves in and then it moves out to the target individuals as audience. You are a conduit but you are not the audience; therefore the energy is moving through you out towards the audience.

When I speak to you, I’m not merely speaking to you. I am projecting an energy to you. Even when you and I are engaging through your device, through your telephone, I am projecting the energy directly to you but I also incorporate much practice with that action. Lawrence will be doing the same but incorporates much less practice at the target and therefore there will be a scattering of energy.

Your support individual is the individual that observes that for you and informs you and offers you support and information and suggestion in how to engage in different capacities. Or can observe you and notice if your energy is tense and restricting that flow – or even notice[ing] your posture and notice[ing] if that is affecting of the flow. It generally does not, but with some individuals it does. And that is another function that the support individual is generating.

But very importantly- (which your support individual does not have to be in physical proximity of you to do this aspect and already does)- is that factor of connection with you.

That you can express yourself,– your perception of what is occurring: what you feel, what you are experiencing that you can share with another individual, for that aids you in clarifying what you are doing to yourself. Thinking about it does not necessarily accurately clarify it to yourself. It is important that you incorporate another individual that you can exchange with, that you can share with, and that can share with you. That can, in a manner of speaking, feed back to you what they heard, what they experienced, what they felt.

LYSTELL: This individual that I am working with, she is dispersed. I thought that might mitigate some of these factors.

ELIAS: Not necessarily. No. For it is not a matter of that. It is a matter of a very precise action that is not very precise in the initial throes of it. It is somewhat scattered initially and the factor that she is dispersed would not necessarily enlighten her as to what is occurring in your environment. She may be somewhat able to tap into the energy that you are expressing or that Lawrence is expressing but that would not necessarily inform her as to what is occurring in your environment around you. That is not an essence. That is merely energy that is perhaps disruptive around you in your environment and she is not privy to that if she is not physically in proximity with you. But for the most part in other capacities I would express that it is not necessary that the individual be in physical proximity to you.
[Mary’s alarm –meaning session ending – has been sounding during this last paragraph]

I express tremendous encouragement to you and great supportiveness in relation to what you are doing. Allow more! And re-attempt with the recording.

LYSTELL: I will. Thank You.

ELIAS: Allow yourself to express. It matters not what you express but begin to express! That will be very helpful. (Chuckles)

LYSTELL: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome my dear friend. I express to you great lovingness and encouragement as always. – Until our next meeting, au revoir.

LYSTELL: Au revoir. (59 minutes, 22 seconds)