Chats with Tompkin


Transcripts April 16, 2020

Excerpt with Barbara

Barb: I know. So, I find that I am seeing that, but Elias assured
people in the forum that that wasn’t going to happen because we
already have those laws from world war II and maybe that’s in the U.S. I don’t know, but in Canada what I am seeing that will over ride that
if they can push this through.

Tompkin: It will somewhat, in that if people are actually sick, yes,
they can be quarantined, they can be held against their will for the
respective amount of time, and a medical officer can sign off on it. And they can be held until of course that disease is finished. And if
they were to break that, then yes, they can be criminally charged. And
those same quarantine rules do apply to the United States.

Barb: Okay because we already are hearing stories like someone is
paddle boarding alone on the lake, and going to jail for 5 years
because he didn’t listen to the guy telling him to come back in, and
he also got a $5000 fine. People are getting fined to sit on a park
bench.  I mean we can’t even go out on nature trails by ourselves. I
mean I don’t know how they are going to police that. If I am up there
going for a walk by myself, but I am actually, I could say we are not
under martial law. That they cannot legally charge me, but I don’t
want to go through that.

Tompkin: No, I am understanding. So, the public is not moving in a
direction of maintaining that for long. However, if there is repeated
action, and repeated action, they may become accustomed to limitations
and this is…

Barb: Scary.

Tompkin: Not a direction I would recommend. So the more individuals
that can be communicating with one another and discussing freedoms,
and lawyers that can be involved in that.  And individuals whose
families have lived through that, to educate one another on the
dangers of that.  And a lot of discussion.  Writing letters to your
representatives about the perils of that.  And that needs to be looked
at and looked at now! And the more voices that are heard the better.
Obviously protesting is not allowed when you are in this situation,
which is exactly the problem. But protest can be done in a different

Barb: Like?

Tompkin: A protest can be done in a manner that makes the media
without breaking the rules.

Barb: I mean cause I have 2 aunts and my mom who went through world
war II, and my one aunt was saying that the military is in Toronto
now, and it is reminding her of exactly what happened 80 years ago. But she just isn’t educating her kids, and is like in fear, and it’s
covid, and they have all bought into the story.  So…

Tompkin: And what’s to say there won’t be another story, and another
story, and another story, upon layers upon layers, and so people are
more accustomed to falling into the line.

Barb: Right so for me, you know me, I am not someone who is a line
follower, but I can’t even talk to these people…

Tompkin: These individuals should most likely define how they would
like to live, and how these things can be managed, in a more freer
manner. Having said that, with the permafrost melting, there is
opportunity for an introduction to some very real exposures that are
unknown, and this will once again leave individuals and governments
baffled how to address to them…that is the potential. So, each
situation needs to be looked at, and not necessarily collectively

Barb: So I mean what can I do about that? Like I am sitting in my
house okay, and I am seeing all this, and I hear what you are
saying…huh…this is just like crazy.

Tompkin: It is, so what can the individual do?

Barb: Ha ha ha, I am so glad I am talking to you (chuckling), what
can the individual do Tompkin?

Tompkin: At the moment, it is about your energetic connection to each
other, so promote wellness. How did you stay well today? What made
you comfortable today? What did you do to communicate today? Who is
the community you communicate with regularly? What did you do to self
sustain your own direction today?

Barb: Well okay, so really truly at the end of the day it is going
down to that basic, basic, level of…

Tompkin: Pursue activities that give you pleasure within what you
feel comfortable, and do not necessarily accept another’s rhetoric for
your life, and if that means that you feel compelled to discuss it
with others, create forums, to write about it and how individuals can
be more self directing, this may prove to be an opportunity for you my
friend, to introduce some of your work regarding that. And as long as
it is not oppositional, but rather it’s self motivating, it could
prove quite useful to many.