Chats with Tompkin


Transcripts January 22, 2016

Chat 1 – Paula/Ezrae asking questions for Tara/Niella

Tompkin: Hello.

Paula: Hi Tompkin.

Tompkin: Hello. How are you today?

Paula: I am fine, thank you.

Tompkin: Are you feeling better?

Paula: No I am not.

Tompkin: Hmmm. You need rest.

Paula: When we had our casual chat a few weeks ago, neither Tara nor I recorded it, so in this Chat Tara has some personal questions she would like to ask and I have a few too. Also we are going to record this time so I may have to ask you to repeat a few of the answers you gave to me before if you don’t mind.

Tompkin: Okay. Not a problem.

Paula: Okay. Tara is thinking of setting up a website to reach more people who may be interested in interacting with you.

Tompkin: Yes.

Paula: Is this agreeable to you?

Tompkin: This would be a good idea.

Paula: And could you please just give us a few words of how you would like to introduce yourself on this website to newcomers to this type of communication.

Tompkin: Mainly as Tompkin: I am an energy essence. I am of the same group as Elias and Ayla.

I have a different intention. My intention is I am The Teacher of Children but adults are still children in some ways. They all have the past experiences as children, so with them they carry that same energy and sometimes that energy does need modification on behalf of the person. In that, they have memories, or conditions, or conditioning that is affecting their current state and I can help them work through that into a more suitable state for their current energy in the now.

I also am here to lighten things up, to be more playful, to encourage fun. People are in a heavy state, I call it – a morose state; when their lives could be expressed much more energetically and playful and exciting and following their joy. And this seems to be forgotten. It seems to be put to the wayside with work and the burdens of life so it is my job, shall we say, but in a fun way because it is very playful, to remind people how to access that and to have more fun during this shift so that this shift can be lighter and freer and more buoyant, shall we say.

Paula: Oh good, okay, thank you Tompkin. That question, sorry, that answer that you just gave me already answered another question that she had about your personal preferences for helping people.

Tompkin: Ahh! (Laughing) Very efficient aren’t I?

Paula: Yes, very efficient!

Do you think that it would be beneficial to post the recordings of your chats with the other people on the website if the participants agree?

Tompkin: Yes, I would agree if they are so choosing. For those people who are quieter and prefer to stay, shall we say, hidden, or behind the scenes – but are learning and expanding, none-the-less, can then access that information and have some “Ah Ha! Moments”.

Paula: Okay, good. I always like those “Ah Ha! Moments” myself!

Tompkin: Yes, I am aware. You do have quite the chuckle at times.

Paula: Yes. Tara would like to know, this is her question: “How am I assisting people during a session other than being a transmitter, so to speak?” “How does my energy help the people?”

Tompkin: Her energy is Tumold at the moment. She is of Tumold alignment but she is very, very immersed in that Tumold to the point where her energy can travel any distance to surround that being who is having the strife and actually help them – assist them to find the grace that they are looking for in the moment of their ill health. So when she is offering assistance, she is offering it energetically. BUT she is also knowledgeable in many, many areas of healing because this has been her focus for so many years; almost her entire lifetime.

So accessing knowledge from her when I am not present will also be of benefit to people if they want to be – say…what we call it …“double session”. They can talk to her and find many answers that can be helpful. And they will also feel her energy healing them while they are talking to her and when they speak to me, I can then tell them the different subtleties that she would not have picked up – would not be possible to pick up for her in solid, the solid dimension that she is dwelling. Where [as] I could feel the subtleties and then help add on to the information she is providing to help the person ultimately feel better. It would be quite a healing experience to access both energies.

Paula: Good, okay, thank you Tompkin.

Tompkin: You are welcome.

Paula: Now what else has she got? Oh, Tara would like to ask: “How many lives did she have with you?”

Tompkin: (Laughing) Too many to count, almost all! – including this one!

Paula: .. almost all… yes, actually! (Laughing)

Tompkin: Yes, absolutely! (Laughing)

Paula: Yes, differently, but still there.

Tompkin: Yes. We like each other!

Paula: Now she said the ones that she can remember are: “The aboriginal life where he was my grandfather and the one where he was the Maharaja where he rode an elephant and she called you Moe.”

Tompkin: Ah, yes. I am very fond of that life. I lived in the lap of luxury. It was good. (Laughing)

Paula: (Laughing) Oh, and can you … were you her grandfather in an aboriginal life?

Tompkin: Yes, several times, but the one that she accesses, she was remembering an age of about 12 and she didn’t have parents so I was not only her grandfather, I was like a parent.

Paula: Oh, alright, and also she remembers a North American focus as an Indian Shaman and you were in that focus. Is that correct?

Tompkin: We were not as close in the focus. I was more of a village Shaman so …the village Shamans were put in a different position within the tribe and were less approachable so we did not live “close to the heart” in that life,… but she sees my face in memory.

Paula: Oh, you were the Shaman in that life?

Tompkin: I was.

Paula: Alright. Did she have a focus where she was a Shaman in one life?

Tompkin: Oh yes, many.

Paula: Oh, okay.

Tompkin: Most of them originating from what you know of as your Inca/Peru group.

Paula: Oh, okay.

Paula: Now she asks: “Did I have a focus as Princess Louise?” She felt a huge surge of energy when she got near her personal display at Stirling Castle. She said it sent a ripple through her body. She said Princess Louise was an artist and she also is. So she is wondering if that is true that she had a focus as Princess Louise?

Tompkin: Yes, very good. She did and she[Princess Louise] was very close in personality to her current personality and this surge of energy she was feeling was just that familiarity of that closeness – of being very much the same.

Paula: Oh, okay. Now, Princess Louise in that focus – she had a horse-carriage accident. Now, Tara wants to know; did that leave an impact that followed through to this life and is that why she does not like to ride in carriages?

Tompkin: No, not the carriages so much. The carriages do not represent the issue. The issue with the horses is: Princess Louise loved her horses. She loved being around them. She loved interacting with the energy. She liked riding them. Princess Louise did not have that fear. She had a fear of the motion – the rocking, the jolting, the speed at

which the carriages could travel. This is what has carried over with Tara’s current life. She does not like speed. She does not like speed of any form; in any moving carriage, even the motorized carriages. She doesn’t like it. It brings back flashes of that focus.

The fear with the horses is more a fear of being trampled – the thundering of the hooves when horses are moving quickly whether she is on them, or beside them, or around them. The thundering triggers a memory of a past focus of where she was working with the rodeo. She was a Bull Rider and she was trampled to death.

This energy has carried over into this life. AND there is a way for her to ‘pass’ this energy, forget this energy, shall we say; move on from it. It is an energetic imprint which has become memory but it is falsely her memory. It is not her memory in this life but her brain has the same reaction to it, the same trigger. So, when she is around this noise, she actually needs to do some self-talk, some inward focus, some relaxation of all her muscles, to stop the firing within her own brain which is not related to the current situation.

Snorting is the other trigger.

Paula: I am sorry. I didn’t hear that word.

Tompkin: Snorting.

Paula: Oh, snorting, yes.

Tompkin: When a horse or a beast is ramped up, shall we say, with energy, they snort. This snorting is also a trigger for her brain to react in an irrational, fear-like manner. The snorting for her is a trigger and it brings on fear; then the animal that she is interacting with senses that. The snorting would also be from the bull – the same life with the bull.

Paula: Okay, thank you. And then…a few more personal questions from Tara. Now about her back: She would like to know: “Would surgery significantly help my back and would it hinder the energy exchange at all?”

Tompkin: No and no.

The energy exchange shall continue. She has agreed to this and is very happy to do so. It gives her pleasure AND there is a small reward that she does not have back pain while it is happening or for many hours afterwards. So this is beneficial; however, the energy exchange is quite disruptive to her own energy. She does need time away from it and time to rest. And she has learned pacing and pacing has helped her find that time frame where she can laugh and be fully present with her friends and she can seek out joy in her own life where she is not having to interact with me. Although she enjoys interacting with me a little too much! (Laughing) And then this becomes playful for her and disrupts her energy. So, by learning to set aside time-frames where she is not interacting with me, we have worked out a pattern that is beneficial for her.

(Speaking very, very quickly) Her spine is label. [pronounced Lay Belle] It is hyper-mobile. It is reflecting the movement she is having in her life that is so great. The shift she is undergoing is a reflection of flexibility. She is flexible through her entire body and as she is getting older that flexibility is diminishing. So, her spine is not reflecting that flexibility. She has a personality that is malleable, changeable, flexible, go-with-the-flow and when she is stuck on a particular issue, it has to go somewhere AND it goes into her back AND the pain is a reminder to lighten up and have more fun–and be malleable in every way, as that is her true energy. It shifts. It changes. It moves and when she doesn’t allow that, the density then settles in her spine.

This should be helpful for her.

Paula: Okay, thank you.

Tompkin: And hopefully we shall be having more fun, much more fun.

Paula: (Laughing) Yes, now she would like to know: “What is the message with the water pouring into my front yard, the ceiling up into the floor, …….

Tompkin: AH! Laughing greatly! I know what you are going to say! Water, water, everywhere!

Paula: Yes. She said: ”I thought it had to do with my kidneys (that was her impression) but the doctor said tests are fine.”

So that is not what it is. She would like to know what it is.

Tompkin: Ah! Yes. The doctor has not looked far enough. Now, the doctor is relying on blood tests to determine a situation that is very grave indeed. Her kidneys are not working adequately. The left kidney is malfunctioning. The right kidney is functioning but is having to do the work of two. Yes, the bloods are fine because it is working, working, working, to keep it that way. She needs to drink water and lots of it, to flush. Flush the kidneys! And in this she has been flushing everything around her except her kidneys!

Paula: Yes!

Tompkin: She is very effective at it in the wrong areas!

Paula: She is very effective in the wrong areas. (Laughing)

Alright, okay, so if she does do that will this get her left kidney working again or does she need some medical intervention to help her with that?

Tompkin: I am afraid not. This kidney has shriveled. It has out-lived its usefulness, shall we say. BUT her right kidney is fine IF it has a good flush. So, she knows how to do this. She will do it.

It is just a matter of thinking about when she is thirsty. You see she spends a great deal of time thinking about things and not what her body is actually telling her. Her mind is often gone with the fairies and she isn’t focusing in the present.

Paula: (Laughing)

Tompkin: Yes it is funny, isn’t it? Hmmm

Paula: Well she is enjoying herself .

Tompkin: She is! BUT she is missing the messages.

Paula: She should listen to her body more then.

Tompkin: Yes, and stop flushing, except her kidneys. Stop flushing before her house washes down the hill!

Paula and Tompkin both laugh about the flushing.

This is the end of Tara’s questions for Tompkin.

(22:46) The rest of the tape is Paula’s personal questions, omitted.