Chats with Tompkin


Transcripts March 17, 2019

Chat #181 – Barbara

Tompkin:  Hello my friend.

Barbara:  Hi Tompkin.

Tompkin:  Ahhh it’s so nice to talk to you.

B:  Oh it’s so nice to talk to you again in a much better state of being.

T:  Ha ha ha ha (LOL)

B:  And I really want to thank you for helping me get out of the last one.  I appreciated all you said and I took it to heart and you were right and I changed my energy around it.  Would you agree?

T:  I do agree and you are somewhat more focused in a manner in which you are more in control and feeling like you are manifesting as you wish.  

B:  Yes, yes and that is pretty exciting coming out of Botswana from last year.

T:  Ha ha ha ha.

B:  Because that was a bad year… but it’s very valuable.

T:  Hmmm it was year of learning.

B:  It was and now I value it.  Ha ha ha. I can finally say that.

T:  This is excellent.

B:  Yes. So I have had three speaking engagements this year so far including one today. Were you with me?

T:  Not today but on the first…

B:  Oh the one at the Wellness Centre.  Okay because I did one for five minutes which was where I went back to today and then I spoke today about the Leprechaun being St. Patty’s day and how

T:  Ha ha ha.

B:  the magic of that little thing is our energy which is what we project.

T:  And how was that received my friend?

B:  Actually I am being received very well.  I really am.

T:  I am not surprised.

B:  Okay… well I actually had it videotaped and watched myself and I was surprised very pleasantly that I am an excellent speaker for not having done it before for a long time (grade 7 and 8) didn’t do any umms, it flowed, I mean I could certainly see myself getting more and more improved on it, but you know for the first time I thought shit I did pretty good.

T:  Excellent and so the more you relax the more you will enjoy and you will be able to engage your audience with a relaxed energy and humor and this helps keep people focused.

B:  Yes.  That’s what I was working on, trying to relax and you know when you are in front of people and actually I had a lot of butterflies to begin with, but I wasn’t shaking, I wasn’t nervous, I thought I did pretty well for my initial, for my first Lecshare.

T:  And now what do you plan?

B:  Well after all of this, I really can see how I am ready to start focusing on my books and writing those books, and I want to get those done, and now putting my seminars and workshops together, so they can segue from starting someone from the beginning and using exercises and as you said maybe they will end up being webinars.  So I have been trying to get over the overwhelm of I don’t know how to do it, it’s all technology and it’s all new to me, and just looking at that first step and then taking the next step and that I know that it will all come together.

T:  Excellent and so it shall.

B:  Yes I can see it now and getting out into the public and doing these few little talks has helped me tremendously from being in isolation and not having a pulse on people out there and where they’re at and what can I contribute, and how  do I do that, and where do I start. So it has given me a better feel for it all.

T:  Excellent.  And so keep proceeding as you are and add in small bits at a time, don’t chew off the entire elephant, and then you will find that you maintain your state of joy and appreciation of yourself as you go,

B:  Ya, ya, it’s really a great place to be finally.   Ahhh so I have a couple of questions about my kitty kat.  You suggested that I feed her some vegetables, and I mixed it with her chicken and it turned out dry and yucky and I didn’t know what I should put as a liquid and she didn’t really even eat it.  So I haven’t given her any vegetables since then, and I …

T:  Have you tried perhaps a broth.  You could make a chicken broth and put the vegetables in it and then give her the broth with her meal.

B:  Or mush it all up so that it’s like a paste with the broth that would make is a nice consistency.

T:   Whatever consistency she prefers, but the broth would have all the cooked vegetables in it, and then you could share it and you could have it as well but then all the nutrients would be there.

B:  Okay well I will try that.  And the other question about her is, I mean she does it much less now, and she is going to be two on Tuesday, it’s her birthday, ha, ha, but then she has this Jekyll and Hyde thing where she will snuggle up to me and then all of a sudden when I feel here legs start to hump she’ll just turn around and try to bite, so I can feel her energy changing and I push her off so I don’t get nipped.  So why does a cat do that?

T:  Most cats have this instinct to be playful, and it is about offering guidance as to how they can play with you without you becoming maimed.

B:  Okay, well I think I have done that well with her.

T:  Some cats attack their owners when they are walking down the hallway in the dark at night, and they leap out and decide to have a play and chew off half their leg, you know.   Other cats may do it when they first wake up and their energy shifts and they want to jump and play and as the cat gets older they tend to do that less.

B:  Right, she is doing it a lot less now.  Okay, alright so that is just a playful thing for her.  So I have been drinking smoothies for breakfast in which I put a lot of spinach and then some frozen pineapple which you said would be good for me and whatever else, it could be cantaloupe or apple, is that and I mix it with almond milk.  Is that good for me? I know spinach should be cooked and you should have fat with your vegetables, but is it okay to just have a smoothie? Is it benefiting my body?

T:  The nutrients are assisting it yes, but perhaps utilizing water instead of so much almond milk as it would reduce the need for so much production of insulin.  It is high in the sugar.

B:  Even though it is unsweetened.

T:  Yeah, it plus the fruit does cause an insulin response, so more greens less premix or packaged almond milk.  You could make your own with more water…blend your almonds in the blender.

B:  Okay I have seen how to do that.  Okay I really appreciate that. It makes sense to me.   So I have been working out at the gym and I have noticed that…

T:  You have been on a self improvement path haven’t you?

B:  Ha ha.  You know me I am determined so… ha ha I may falter and say I don’t want to do this anymore but I always spring  back so I am back, and I think… how is my protein intake for building my muscles now. Do I need to adjust my diet or anything like that?

T:  At the moment you are acquiring enough, but if you are to change your routine at all that requires lifting heavier objects, you may require denser protein such as fish, chicken, protein powders that are concentrated…beans, lentils, legumes would not be enough.

B:  Oh. Okay.  Alright. So I also want to discuss my potential I don’t want to call it cancer, but vaginal problem that I went to the doctor.  I went on some herbs and stuff that I have been taking since we talked and I went for another pap smear a couple of weeks ago, and I was really surprised because I like this doctor, but she kind of wanted …well first of all I told her that I would do the procedure as I decided that I would go with my intention and have the procedure this year that they mentioned and that I would clear all that up and she said “well that warms my heart.”  And then she said that if you don’t do it, I am going to report you to the B.C. cancer. What does she mean by that ha ha ha? Is that just the doctor’s ego speaking because I didn’t do her orders initially or what?

T:  There is a system whereby doctors have to report advice given if it is isn’t followed so that it doesn’t come back on

B:  Ahhh okay, so she is jut PYAing (protecting her ass).  Now I want to talk to you about my big subject Climate Change.  

T:  Hmm hmm, everyone’s favourite at the moment finally, finally!

B:  I didn’t before because I thought they were crystal ball questions but now I am going to ask you because since I have moved it has been two years and I am finally settled and I love where I live and love my house and all of this in the Okanagan area.  But we do have those nasty little fires, and they are right in my backyard.

T:  Hmmm. (That didn’t sound good.)

B:  So is this something I really need to consider that I will have to move?

T:  There may come a point where you will have to evacuate but there are measures you could take that would assist in saving the home.

B:  Right.

T:  And there are others that you can inquire that will help you with that such as planting plants that are considered fire retardant.  They don’t burn very fast. Using sprinklers on the roof that can be turned on and they stop the embers. It’s usually flying embers that start a house on fire.  So a sprinkler system that sits on the roof and when you activate it fills the gutters with water. There are gutter plugs you can access and at that time you turn on the sprinklers, it keeps the roof moist it fills the gutters and stops the burning embers from starting the house on fire and you leave.  You evacuate if necessary. So you can use sprinklers to protect the yard and the house, and often this enough to stop the fire that goes around. Often there can be massive heat damage and neighboring properties can be damaged, but this has saved many houses in other countries during wild fires, depending on the severity of the fire.  Your safety, the safety of your animals, etc. are more important.

B:  Right.

T:  In that area individuals should probably not have built so many homes in close proximity, for it does encourage greater hotter fires of intensity that would not normally occur due to the fact that their households are full of flammable items, and cause severe heat and intensity of fire.  So they are now unpredictable as to how bad those future fires could be given the close proximity of houses all over the entire hillside.

B:  So is that just Peachland to Summerland, or is that Penticton, Kelowna even, this whole area?

T:  Well that entire area is normally very dry, arid and with climate change it will become drier and more arid.   Hmmm.

B:  Okay, well so it would be perhaps prudent to, I think it’ll be okay this year?  No? You just don’t know right?

T:  It is unpredictable given the weather changes, lightning strikes, storms, there are many factors, wind factors.  Do you have a separate water system at your house such as water tanks?

B:  No.

T:  These are also helpful.

B:  A water tank?

T:  Yes.  You may buy these tanks that come in different varieties.  You can have corrugated iron tanks which I recommend, they do not start on fire, there are poly tanks that are plastic, they have slim line tanks and big round tanks, and you could have it made so that it fits on the side of a house or neatly in behind the shed and what you do is you take the down pipe of the gutter and you attach it to the top of the tank and when it rains it fills the tank and then at the bottom is the plumbing.  You can have it plumbed to the house or you can have it plumbed to the garden tap, but I do recommend having a pump and then this can be utilized to actually pump out and used to keep your garden green during the summer. And it costs you nothing other than the cost of the tank. So you are not charged for water and your yard is beautiful and green all year round. (Except that it snows in the winter LOL)

And beautiful green gardens don’t burn as fast as dry crispy ones.

B:  Yeah, well my backyard is just mulch.

T:  Hmmm….highly flammable.

B:  Highly flammable, precisely.  Yeah, it’s to be a low maintenance house, because I am renting here.

T:  Hmmm this makes it challenging.  Unless your landlord takes into consideration the risk factor that fires are in the area and really doesn’t want to lose the house either.

B:  I may have to have a conversation with him about that.  

T:  There are measures that could be done on that lot.

B:  Because that would be to his benefit unless he doesn’t care about it because the insurance company pays for it right?

T:  Well the tank would also be able to water the sprinklers on the roof and keep the house from burning.  These are measures that Australian’s have used for years, for Australia has eucalypt trees which are full of eucalypt oil and the fires burn hot and fast and if your house is watered and your yard is green there can be fires pass through the entire community and several houses will still be standing.  And it is those who took premeasures to have low fire retardant, shrubbery, wet green grass, sprinklers on roofs, houses that are made of corrugated iron instead of wood.

B:  Well mine is wood.

T:  Hmmm… (that didn’t sound good either)

B:  Like I said, that is something I should consider about how long I want to stay here.  I don’t really…I mean it’s stressful to move, but it’s you know trying to work in the summer…

T:  How many years have the fires been..

B:  Two.  Since the last two years that I moved here.

T:  And it may not change.

B:  I know.  That’s my impression.

T:  Perhaps you can have an evacuation plan that should it occur again you could have your most valuable items organized and ready to go.

B:  I have already done that and I even bought a fire proof case where I keep my valuables.  But yes I totally agree with you and I am on that so and all my work and I have a box with all my files because that’s all that is important to me.

T:  And your little kitty.

B:  Of course, she’s number one, and some clothes and my car and I am gone.  I will figure it out.

T:  This is something you could feel more control because you have a plan.  However it would not assist you in maintaining all the effort that has gone into your storage of goods.  

B:  Well that is what I have been up to in that last while, and I have been prepping, dehydrating food and I thought well what’s the point if my house burns down.

T:  Well there are other areas where you would find just as appealing that are in a much less threatened zone for fire.

B:  In B.C.?  

T:  Yes in that area.

B:  Like further south.  

T:  No in that Okanagan area that you call the Kelowna, Penticton, area Peachland you said, there are areas that do not and have not been affected by fire.  If you drive around and look you will see why. You will see a pattern.

B:  Okay.  Alright.  So I will start to pay attention to that.  So what does Winnipeg look like? How will they fare out through this?

T:  Colder winters.  Icier snowfall so that it is more hazardous.  Not the light fluffy snow, icier snow that causes issues will be a problem.  Longer winters for a while, and somewhat periods, not the entire time, periods of extreme heat in summer.

B:  Okay, but there land and everything will be safe from earthquakes, rivers and Lake Winnipeg flooding, and that?

T:  There are areas that will be more susceptible to floods, but they always have been, but they will be more extreme.

B:  And I would like to know about Ontario where my girlfriend Karen lives up in Port Severn, north of Orillia, north of Barrie?

T:  This area is okay.  There is some areas that burn, so late summers may prove to be challenging due to smoke and fires from the surrounding areas.  The smoke could be quite toxic. There are areas where they are susceptible to landslides, and they could prove to be annoying for roads and infrastructure could be affected.

B:  And what about the area of the Island of Turks and Caicos?  I have a friend that wants to move there now. Like it’s an island and it’s got a lot of coast there.  Are you sure you want to go there? Anyway so that is her choice but will she be okay there? Is Turks and Caicos going to be…?

T:  They have a high population.  Where there is a higher population, when there is climate change factors, that makes it more challenging to make ends meet.

B:  Alright with the coming economic changes and A.I. coming in and I think that is how the banking system is going to change into cryptos and fiat currency kind of disappears because of A.I. and 5G they are implementing right now.

T:  Is there a question there?

B:  Well the 5G, is I accurate in saying that.  Is that what is going on out there in the world?

T:  This is progressing in this manner as you are seeing, yes.

B:  Okay so it’s my understanding that 5G is not very healthy for the human body, that kind of energy.  Is that accurate? I know that people are hypersensitive and people have you know, but amping it up to that kind of energy, is that not going to affect people in general, or is that because like is it detrimental to the human body is my question?

T:  It is debatable for it depends where an individual lives and how much they are connected.  So any electricity running through the human body can be detrimental. But even the new scientific health machine that runs a mild current through the body that is supposed to take care of this or that can cause issues.  This type of energy is more bouncing around everywhere. So there is exposure not exposure, there is exposure not exposure. If an individual lives near the output area, for example the large systems that output it directly, then this could be quite detrimental.  If an individual lives in an accommodation that has multiple systems running, and they have also their electrical system close to where they spend most of their time, for example near the head of their bed, then this can be affecting of their sleep pattern and their well being in that because it causes disturbance to their neurological patterning of the brain.

B:  Does it cause cancer and other ailments such as whatever?

T:  The more direct contact an individual has as in their body physically makes contact with electrical conduits the worse.

B:  So is there anything you can take for that, a supplement or I know I can do radiation on my SCIO on my machine upstairs, my Quantum Biofeedback.  Is that beneficial…?

T:  It is these machines I am talking about.

B:  Those are beneficial?

T:  No. Any type of machine that runs a current through the body, biofeedback machines for example, the Biocom machine.

B:  So the Quantum Biofeedback machine that I have been using for the last ten odd years is not beneficial?

T:  No.

B:  No. OMG.  It must be the placebo effect because I have believed in it so far.  When I feel down and my energy is low and I do session, which lasts a few hours, when I wake up I feel much more energy.  So is that the placebo I am doing?

T:  It does assist in affecting parasites within your body.  Now parasites can cause a multitude of problems including fatigue, sleep disturbances, bowel disturbances, lung disturbances, blood disturbances, all sorts of physical problems.  It does have an effect on them to help clean up your body and help with these issues. It does change your neurological patterning somewhat. It does assist in a deeper sleep so you feel more rested.  

however, it actually changes your own electrical current and electro-magnetic structures within your body and the way that you neurologically fire, not only within your brain but what you would call the meridians.  And it does it in a way that is not beneficial but harmful.

B:  Okay.

T:  And this will be discovered in your lifetime.  When more work is done, there a modality called bio-magnetics.

B:  And that will be beneficial?

T:  If it is changed how it is utilized, and it will be or they will discover the old way was not helping.

B:  So can you tell me if since I have been using it, since I have owned it and I have had gaps when I wasn’t using it or I don’t have time, which I am glad about now, have I done anything detrimental or from the use of it?

T:  Nothing permanent.  There was some free radical damage when you were using it more frequently.

B:  Okay so can that resolve itself and go back to normal?

T:  It has.  Your body cleaned it up.

B:  Oh thank God.  Okay well I am going to put that away.  (This machine cost me $20,000) I have a fellow that wants to come and have biofeedback with me because I went and did that first talk at the Wellness Centre, and I am going to cancel his appointment now.  I was really resisting, and I didn’t want to do it, and then I said well you should, I am getting people, but I really did not want to have a session with him, and now that I have talked to you I am not going to.

T:  You understand why because intuitively you knew.

B:  Hmmm…yes and it’s just that Elias had a session with someone who had that machine and it was a positive conversation.  So I don’t know.

T:  Perhaps they were using…

B:  It was the SCIO…but you mean it could have been different, but it doesn’t matter I am glad that I know that now, and I will discontinue…

T:  Most of the machines are not effective in the way that the individual expects.

B:  Okay, I kind of got that too.  It’s just that yeah, no I am clear on that, I am good.

T:  Something such as acupressure or acupuncture by an experienced practitioner would be ten times more beneficial.

B:  Okay well maybe I will treat myself.

T:  And setting the intention before you go.

B:  So can you see my energy with my intention going back to my little vagina story, that whatever they are going to do in the hospital that I am moving in the direction of clearing that whole problem up?

T:  You are and it is quite a simple procedure.

B:  Yes I know that.

T:  Allay your fears.

B:  Okay.

T:  And it has minimal side effects and minimal discomfort, so you will not find it bothersome for long.

B:  Okay, perfect.  So will that clear up the bleeding issue that if I found someone like a partner or a boyfriend that I would be able to have sex again without bleeding and it being painful or would that be like a D&C requirement.

T:  This is a different issue.

B:  So I have another issue there?

T:  Yeah this is more related to internal lining.

B:  Okay so a D&C whatever that stands for, when they give a woman a D&C would that solve the problem?

T:  A dilation and curette.

B:  Yes very good.

T:  It may be helpful, however there are some issues there regarding growth, and it is an overgrowth of tissue that may shrink in time as your hormones change.

B:  Oh okay.  So nothing to worry about really.  It’s just the body adjusting to all the menopausal changes of my body.  Would you agree?

T:  You and many others my friend.  It is quite a time and it is a time to shift your energy as well into associating aging in a positive manner.

B:  Yes that is an excellent suggestion.  And I think that I am doing that more and more.

T:  You are.

B:  Yes and I kind of got over that little mid life crisis, as it kind of hit me and then I went okay.  And I love who I am now and accepting more of what I see in the mirror. And I see myself at 55 and I am still so young, and yet when I go into these places with women my age and they look so old.

T:  Very good perception.  If you feel young you will look young, and you will reflect that.

B:  Yes I think I do that.  Now I did meet a lovely woman Darlene, who lives not far from me and do you think she is a good compliment for a friendship?

T:  She is.

(some conversation cut for privacy reasons the question was: what can one individual do for climate change and for some, in their reality, the sense of leadership with that change)

T:  You are all interconnected within consciousness.  No one is better, stronger, more able, or more apt.  You all have talents that can be utilized yes, but climate change is a global issue that will require global solutions.  In your reality no matter what you do no matter how small it counts towards changing the climate, and a lot of individuals were left feeling bereft (after really hearing the news about climate change), even that they didn‘t know how  they could contribute to make change, and so I have done a few sessions and one of them will be published hopefully from an individual who asked, “what can I do with my small little self, in my little environment to help with climate change?”  And basically it is about choices.

What you choose, what you buy, when you think on the flow of the effects of that, what company are you supporting and who do they support? Is that product that you are buying …. does it support ( xxxx not sure of the word), plastics all the things that I call that are bad for climate change.

How often do you drive?  

How often do you get on a plane?  

How far is your food shipped?  

Everything you do in every moment of everyday, ask yourself how can I do this better so that it is friendlier for the planet.  And you will generate your own solutions. Talk to other people about it. Ask what they do? And the more conversation that is generated the more it will be in people’s minds and the more individuals will collectively make an effort.

B:  Now those are excellent questions you see, that is a great direction to go in on that subject because it’s proactive.

T:  Yes and everyone can make a difference.

So for the last individual I suggested because of her interest her session she improve her garden, so she is now planting herbs and edibles and her flowers because she has quite an established garden.  Perhaps she could utilise the (???) which is under her property. She is wanting to eat less meat but doesn’t want to be vegan altogether, so I said look for nearby farmers who practice from a permaculture of practices whereby they are utilizing their own growth from their own land, rather than contributing to massive multi cropping of grain, so chickens grown locally for example and you can buy from that farmer and support that local farmer.  Support local farmer markets. Take your own bags. Use cloth bags reuse the bag. Ride a bike. Little simple things individuals can do. But more importantly spend your money where it matters. If you support these trillion dollar companies that are putting money into coal fire and fuel in Australia, ??? gas and they care not. Billions spent on the internet no matter what the destruction to the ocean, they care not. You are assisting them on their path to destruction.

B:  I agree, I tell people we are all responsible.  I will continue my conversations as I talk to everybody from the person I buy groceries with to just everywhere I go, and now I am going to go in this direction with questions because it’s a great way to open conversations.  So having said that I had a dream I was talking to someone and it was hazy, and I remember saying something like I want to be the producer, the writer, and the director, but not the actor. And I thought that was weird, and I don’t often remember my dreams, and I thought why don’t I also want to be the actor.  Am I disengaging?

T:  No it is more, that dream is more in relation to your company, your business.  It would be beneficial for you once it is up and running and you are finding yourself moving in many directions you will need some space.  So perhaps incorporating another individual with similar interest would be the face to face actor with the public, so you can take a step back and manage it from the background, guiding in a manner that it is perceived in a way that you picture and you develop.

B:  Oh that is so far off from where I am now.

T:  Not really.

B:  Really?  Okay I am just going to keep flowing and see where that goes.  I am kind of like looking forward to putting a lot of red in my fairy tale, the colour red.

T:  Okay can you explain?

B:  Well the last time we spoke and I mentioned I wanted to write my fairy tale next you expressed to me that you were going to be supporting me in encouraging me to make it lighthearted and to put red, whenever I put the colour red, I would know you were with me so to speak.

T:  So, are you wanting to put red in there?  When I said to explain, I meant, are you wanting to put more red in there to add more playfulness and humor, or because you require more assistance from myself.

B:  Oh okay, I totally misunderstood that one.

T:  That’s okay, I wasn’t very clear.  

B:  Okay I am glad I asked you this because we got it clarified.  So I guess my question is because a lot has shifted since Elias had his talk with his tone whatever that moment point was…

T:  Quite

B:  Is there a suggestion you can give me because of climate change and the shift are so intertwined, I get that so much more now than even a month ago let’s say, that in terms of what I can do or write about, or should I just carry on with whatever I think will happen and whatever that might be?

T:  Perhaps you can find ways to incorporate it when you are addressing how individuals feel out of control with the amount of fear, that fear mongering that is produced in their environment.  Like for example from their news or from their radio, they are bombarded with imagery of individuals out of control with situations happening to like they are a group of victims. But when you are addressing taking back your power, as a topic for example, you can then work in what can you do about something that feels as powerless as climate change?

B:  Oh that’s brilliant.  Okay do you have another suggestion, because I am going to use these?  I love them.

T:  Okay.  When they feel powerless, how about incorporating subject matters such as focusing more in the now, and creating just a wonderful day, and their goal is one wonderful day at a time.  So they try it for one day, and then they review at the end of the day their accomplishments, and the more they practice focusing in the now, and becoming aware of when the fear and negative thoughts creep in, they can then pause, redirect their attention on something more positive around them.  And it will gradually become a habit, the more they remind themselves to do it. And once they experience that one fantastic day they will want more.

B: Right.

T:  Shifting their views on what are challenges.  Challenges do not necessarily mean they had a bad day.  Challenges are brought forward by themselves. They are in control of them.  They present them to themselves not by someone else, not by the world around them, to themselves to become bigger and greater and expand.

B:  Okay I still have some time, but first I am going to ask you a quick question for Tara?  She is in the middle of some cyclone season and it is unexpected and there is another one coming(next year, and the year after….) and whatever is going on there with that, and she has her bobcat coming to her property, and she wants to have your opinion on what she should do first. a) the garden beds b) the shipping container, and she also would like to know, because we also talked about how I was prepping with dehydrating, should she really start prepping food for herself for her future?

T:  Firstly she should apply herself to her garden as it is inspiring and it gains momentum from that.  So the machine could create a space whereby she could then plan a more efficient garden that would create much more food.  You can grow food year round in Australia except in the extreme heat. Unfortunately the cyclones happen in extreme heat, so perhaps she could engage in preserving some food, I would say enough for two to three month supply and do not forget enough for dogs and chicken.  This would need to be stored in a manner to keep it dry and cool. This is not an easy accomplishment, so perhaps a system of appliances that can run on 12 volt to store food and also operate for immediate food such as you do require a fridge, but an appliance that can store food at refrigerator temperatures to keep it dry, that not only runs on 240 but 12 volt in emergency.

B:  Okay would like to say anything that I could transcribe and post on the Elias forum.  Is there anything you would like to share about this whole subject of climate change from your perspective that would benefit those people to read that I would transcribe for you, would you like to do that?

T:  Perhaps you could include a portion of the chat that we already had on how individuals can participate in a momentum of individual change in their daily life.  We do try to encourage living in the now. Living in fear is not going to be productive for anyone other than causing anxiety.

So if individuals were to focus in the now on what they are doing, what they are consuming, what they are buying, what they are growing or not growing, what they are driving, what they are doing for work , where they are spending their money, how they are participating in the climate, and how it creates more of a problem, then they could identify situations and how they can be helpful, and how they can change their habits, no matter how small to be more planet friendly rather than not.  

We once had a discussion with the group on how far they wanted to go down with the rabbit hole of exploration and it started with the plastic bag in the kitchen.  So they have what you call a re-sealable bag you use to put for example your cheese for your sandwiches. How is that bag manufactured? How far was it shipped? What chemicals were used to manufacture that plastic bag?  And then you get where does it end up? Does it ever break down? This is just something as simple as a plastic bag and you think of how many you use in one week. The petro chemicals required to create it and from where.  It’s massive once you start to dive down that simple rabbit hole of a plastic bag in the kitchen. When you begin to become consciously aware of what you do in your daily life and the choices you make. For example the crazy lady you see in the shopping centre, whom has all her home made, hand sewn bags made from cloth.  They are individualistic, they are expressive, she has taken remnants from old pillow cases and perhaps parkas and perhaps off shop materials that would have ended up in a tip and she has now made shopping bags, material composts. When she is done she cuts it in small pieces and she puts it in her compost. Now is that lady so crazy?  Not really, she is being helpful in her own way. I am not suggesting everyone go out and make bags, I am suggesting you find your way to contribute to a positive healthy climate planet, talk about it, share it, blog it. The more people that practice living in the now towards a healthy planet the less they will vote for individuals who don’t support that.  The less they will spend money and give that money to large corporations that incorporate spending millions of dollars towards an unhealthy planet. The choices will become so enormous, the smallest choices will then compound into an enormous difference, because it is done collectively. That would be my advice for now.

B:  Okay.

T:  Enjoy your rabbit holes people.

Both laughing.

B:  I love talking to you, you are so fun.  So what else can we chat about?

T:  Bees, let’s chat about bees.

B:  Okay that’s important.

T:  Okay, the reason I wish to discuss this subject is because your area has seen a significant decline in bees and the public has not woken up to that fact.  Years ago when our friend was small, she used to visit this area in the summer with her family. The hillside were not full of houses, they were full of fruit trees that flowered yearly, multiple times through the year.  They were full of supporting plants, roses, flowers, long grasses that also support different insects. The hillsides are now full of houses that have arid style plantings, that most are not helpful for bees. The hillsides are also full of wineries.  Now these wineries spray heavily, a lot of them. And the sprays they use are toxic to bees. They are still incorporating sprays that are toxic to bee. Even something labelled healthy and organic like pyrethium, toxic to bees. Perhaps individuals in that community could address this by planting bee friendly gardens in their own yard and they will then find that their own vegetable crops are more bountiful.

B:  Ahhh that’s why my vegetable crop has been so crappy.

T:  You need bees.  First plant sage and borage, basil and all the small flowers they love.  The daisies. You can also use healing herbs like feverfield, camomile. Bees love these plants.  Borage is a healing plant, the flowers lift your spirit in a tea. Comfrey makes wonderful compost and has beautiful blue flowers that bees love.

B:  I am going to plant that this year.  Thank you.

T:   Plant a bee garden, and tell people to plant a bee garden and just say what happened to all the fruit trees, and now we have all the sprays our bees are in trouble.

B:  Yes I think I will actually put that in the local paper

T:  Plant a bee garden this summer.

B:  Yes and my friend that lives down the street is into seeds and gardening and does talks on all of that with the kids.

T:  So perhaps you could also incorporate seed sharing as a way to have an interactive community.

B:  Yes she is doing that.

T:  What about your community gardens.  Are they planting bee gardens?

B:  You know what, I don’t know, but I am going to investigate that and suggest it to the mayor as she is very open to access and to have a chat.

T:   And perhaps the mayor could also make suggestions to the wine growers that yes they are inhabiting their space temporarily, but they are having a more permanent effect than they think.  There are better ways to do things, and there is a very high demand world wide for organic wine.

B:  Oh, see that’s what they need, something to transfer to and that’s a wonderful suggestion.  Well we’ll see. But you know the problem that I have been seeing here is that the big corporations are coming here and they are buying out all the little wineries and they don’t…excuse me but they don’t give a fuck.

T:  That is correct and the people need to put their money, their dollar where they want to support and that is not one of them.  There also could be in the letter that individuals research where their wine comes from and what practices they use and don’t support the wineries that are contributing to the destruction of bees which is needed for our food.  Food is more important than wine, others might not agree with you, but it is.

B:   Well I’m not big on wine.  Another thing I want to talk to you about is I am seeing in the newspaper all over the world, all over North America anyways, that the youth, high school children and even younger are starting to march in front of their government houses and telling the government or whatever they are saying about that they want them to do something about climate change.  It’s such a victim powerless situation because perhaps they are being raised in the same thing everyone has been doing that you go to the government and tell them what to do so that you can change our problem for us, which they never do. So it’s kind of, like they are still young, are they going to wake up to that and go we gotta do it ourselves.

T:  They are awake, so that push will continue.  It is the pessimistic, patronizing, politicians that are going to have to shift their view if they wish to remain in what they view to be power, for they have forgotten that they are not in power.   That it is the communities that rule how they would like to live. Unfortunately the role has been reversed for so long that the community has forgotten, that it is their money, their dollar, their vote, they are the ones that have the power.  There is no bigger system controlling them. So these pessimistic, patronizing politicians will one day have to look at where they have put the publics money for that will be called into question.

B:  Excellent.  Hallelujah. I can’t wait.  Okay any parting comments for me.  I mean my foot still hurts sometimes it’s bad, today is pretty good.  I wore this really cute pair of boots I bought that actually I went all morning and all afternoon and my feet were fine.  But you mentioned it’s about restriction and I have been restricting my energy, so I have been trying to become aware of loosening up.  So any areas you can suggest that are still a little clogged?

T:  I would suggest that you are moving forward in a direction in which you may find that your energy flows quite nicely in a variety of directions, for example the letters you would like to write, the communities you like to contact.  This will open more doors for you as well, for you need areas for your energy to flow into, and carry with it the proponents that you wish to share. And so as you do this you will find that the feelers you send out send people back that will then later support you in your endeavors if you are continuing in the same pattern and motion that you are, and I would also suggest that while you are in your home to wear more comfortable foot wear, a padded foot wear somewhat all year round.  Even though it’s warm find something that offers some sort of padding to support your new movement forward.

B:  Okay as opposed to walking around barefoot all day in the house.

T:  Ab

B:  Okay that is great advice.  Flip flops are okay right?

T:  As long as they are comfortable.

B:  Yeah they are made of yoga mat material; they are very thick, soft and comfortable.  I appreciate that suggestion and as always I will take you up on it.

T:  Perhaps you can find some with bees on it so that every time you look down it reminds you.

B:  Laughing

T:  Bee happy.

B:  Oh that’s a great tagline to start an article, bee happy with two e’s.  Thank you. Laughing…it’s been so much fun talking to you now.

T:   I am so glad my friend and do move forward with that bee happy attitude and you will find that you are making an enormous difference as you already have been.

B:  Okay I am so glad, because it has been such a long time in my isolation and my restless energy and how am I going to do this and I finally see some light , and just want to keep moving forward, enjoying my days and I am thinking about where I want to live, because I might move.

T:  If you are uncomfortable, but you know the driving around and exploring will be fun as well.

B:  Right you never know what can pop up because it’s a much more relaxed energy to find something new then when you are selling and you have to be out by a certain deadline.

T:  That’s correct and when you are stressed you do create differently then when you are relaxed, and joyous and moving forward and attracting individuals to you that also want to be happy

B:  So let me ask you this question before we leave.  I am thinking that I would like to set the intention to find a partner and to move and that it will finally close the chapter with Charlie, and it will be different and he can move onto where he is going, and I kind of was confused by our prior conversations about whether it would be good for me or my energy to have a partner.  But you know with what’s coming, I kind of would like to have partner that I would really enjoy spending time with and kind of have that experience for once in this lifetime.

T:  So perhaps if you are on track with what you are doing and you are being happy, you are connecting with individuals who have the like mind community sense of creating a better world, and you are teaching them to be creating a better world, you will also attract to yourself an individual who then wishes to share your house that you have already found for you in that space, in that energetic connection, for they will also be attracted to that.

You do not require another individual to assist you to move.  You do not require another individual to make it financially possible.  You are able to find the exact place that is you and is affordable and makes you comfortable.

B:  Well my intention has always been to sell books like I am talking a large like millions of copies, like best selling, a global reach.  That has always been my intention. Is that a pipe dream for me? Because that is how I would create the income…

T:  No. That income can be generated before the books and also you can become known before the books when you start at the grass roots level connecting with your community as well.

B:  Right.  Oh of course that’s how I would have to start.

T:  Which you are starting and it is building momentum.  So keep with that.

B:  Okay because that’s how I want to buy a house, and I want a lot of money because I want to pay cash.

T:  And at first you may wish to find a little piece of paradise which is rentable and affordable and it may be on a short term basis.  For example you don’t know who you will meet, but for example there are individuals who go away for a long periods of time and they have beautiful homes that they require someone to actually look after for one year or longer.

B:  Ahhh that’s very true.  Okay I am going to set the intention to draw someone like that to me for a very long time, like more than a year, not just a winter, it would have to be a year or two, because then I would be ready to change again into whatever that would be.

T:  You may also find a more permanent situation from a situation.  Keep your mind open with the individuals you meet within the community and go about your assisting others to help find a healthier happier planet and also create the reality and what you attract to yourself may surprise you my friend.

B:  Okay.

T:  And begin to take drives.  Taking drives is often the first step in creating the interest and the manifesting and the pictures that then go with it so that you can recognize what suits you when you see it.

B:  So go for a random drive and see where I am going with no plans, just go for a drive.

T:  Absolutely and maybe perhaps have your focus where fire doesn’t affect.

B:  Yes.

T:  Because that is your concern.

B:  Right, well is it, well I shouldn’t be concerned, I mean I don’t want to be concerned if there is no need to be concerned, but in your opinion I should be concerned, do you agree?

T:  In this area, unless measures are taken by all the public to create a space where fire is not going to be a problem, it may continue to do so for it is an environment that encourages fire in extreme heat situation.  And there are too many houses packed into small areas that burn toxic fumes and toxic elements that are highly flammable thereby fueling for the fire.

B:  Including smart meters.

T:  Well every time there is a fire they coat it in chemicals which they have to realize…

B:  Yes I tell people that, and then they roll their eyes at me or they say I never thought of that.  It dawns on them all those toxic chemicals they are putting on the forest fire to put it out is harmful and it’s more flammable next year.  Right?

T:  It can be yes given the situation and it depends on the fire itself.  I am not saying your house is going to burn. I am saying that area has the potential to burn hotter and faster than last year.

B:  Yes and it was hotter and faster than the year before and I was in Ontario when it happened so, my mom came to the rescue, got my car, put some clothes in a suitcase, grabbed my fireproof bag and took the cat stuff so all that Charlie had to do was to get Riley out of the house and have somewhere to go.

T;  Perhaps if you are going to put effort into a bee garden and contribute in this manner, it should be in an environment where it will remain for the bees are also affected by fire.  Their entire hives their native hives are destroyed.

B:  Oh my gosh.  Okay so I am going to bee happy with helping out my bees.

T:  Your bee garden you can set an example and being a little sapling for others who will then find it interesting enough to do it themselves.

B:  Yes I shall do that.

T:  Excellent my friend I really look forward to our next conversation.  It is always interesting.

B:  Yes it is, and thank you again it was a wonderful chat this time and thank you for last time and I look forward to next time.

T:  You are welcome as always.  Goodbye.

B:  Okay bye bye.