Chats with Tompkin


Transcripts March 10, 2016

Chat #28 — Jens/Samira

Session: 2016-03-10 Tompkin #28.

Thursday, March 10th, 2016 (Private)

Participants: Tara (Niella), Jens (Samira), Manu (Ramla) and Neo (Tompkin/in the pregnant belly)

TOMPKIN: G’day, you all! And how are you?

JENS: Hi Tompkin, first time we are talking to each other.

TOMPKIN: Well, at this level it is the first time. But we have spoken many times, I assure you.

JENS: I am sure about that. I have felt your energy in my grandma.

TOMPKIN: Hahaha! And this is quite correct my friend.

JENS: I was always fascinated by my grandma, because she was always believing in me, in a very strong, really, ya, exceptionally strong way and that’s why I loved her all the time and I still do. And your energy, are you observing essence or what is it, what I can feel?

TOMPKIN: It is the same relationship that I will have with your child. So it is like sharing. They are me, I am them. But a portion.

JENS: Is it a directed focus of yours?


JENS: Wow!


JENS: Two directed focuses of Tompkin in my family and in my life.

TOMPKIN: We are very good friends, so I enjoy your company.

JENS: I do the same. (chuckles) By the way, do you know, when you want to come to birth with this focus I’m touching right now? (touching Manu’s pregnant belly)

TOMPKIN: It will be soon. But that is hard for me to describe where I am, but physically I am seeing it will not be long.

JENS: I have some impressions about the 17th of March.

TOMPKIN: You are close, you are close, but I cannot specify dates for I cannot actually relate to the timeframe to the detail that you operate in. It would be impossible.

JENS: Okay. So we’ll all be surprised. (chuckles)

TOMPKIN: And there must be some element of surprise, for I am me. (Both laugh)

JENS: If you are …, ya, it will be really fun, if you are the same essence as my grandma.

TOMPKIN: Yes, but I may remind you, a different focus, so a different personality with a different intent and different destinations to achieve in life, but the same energy. I assure you! We will have fun and enjoy each other’s company. As will I enjoy your entire family for you are all very much within my comfort zone being Milumet.

JENS: I was talking about you on Saturday with Elias and I always thought that you would be Sumafi but representing Milumet, so my first idea was you are in this focus here Sumafi/Milumet, so belonging Sumafi and alignment Milumet. Is it the other way around or am I correct?

TOMPKIN: I am always Milumet. That is my family. (1)

JENS: Okay, so you are belonging to Milumet and …


JENS: Not Sumafi, okay. I thought all the 12 essences, just like Patel and Rose and all the others are Sumafi. (2)

TOMPKIN: They are. I am not.

JENS: You are not. Okay, I missed this. Then I found out another connection with you. Nostradamus, the one with predictions, the famous person in the past, it was a focus of yours. It fragmented later, but it was a focus of yours, correct?

TOMPKIN: This is correct. And he was quite the pop star was he not? This was much fun. (Both laugh)

JENS: I can imagine. Have you notice, how excited we are all in the family, even your grandmas are really excited that we are getting a baby?

TOMPKIN: Yes, yes I have been observing and I feel very welcome.

JENS: You are! (Both laughing)

TOMPKIN: Although, I will not have the same awareness, when I arrive and the attachment will grow and proceed the same as any other child, for I am choosing to also forget as everyone does, when they arrive, shall we say. And I will be continuing with a similar intent to the one I have now, but it will be slightly different.

JENS: Okay. Have you chosen, if you will be fully shifted when you arrive here as a baby? Because I had the impression, I guess in July last year, that you could be fully shifted as a baby and …

TOMPKIN: No, no I have not chosen.

JENS: This was what Elias told me, you have not chosen that, but you will be a boy, definitely?


JENS: Or will there be some surprise? (Both crack up)

TOMPKIN: Hm. (still laughing) Some things are even beyond my control, I must say. (laughs) Oh yes, I would prefer the male form in this focus.

JENS: Okay, so my impressions came, I guess July last year, and in the meantime, we got lots of sonic pictures from you or from your focus. But at the beginning I was quite sure. I had three impressions, when I became aware of that my wife was pregnant: It is a focus of Tompkin, he will be most probably fully shifted and it will be a boy.

TOMPKIN: Well two out of three is not bad.

JENS: Then I had the idea or I got lots of imagery about the name, the first name Neo. This was sent by you, I guess?

TOMPKIN: No. This is of a past memory of a previous focus that you and I had together. You were remembering.

JENS: Ahh! That’s why.


JENS: Would it be okay to give you this name?

TOMPKIN: If you wish and it is okay with your wife.

JENS: Yes, it is! Definitely.

TOMPKIN: That would be fine.

JENS: Okay. Then another question: You were mentioning that we have lots of focuses together, or that we have focuses together and I guess there are many of them and …

TOMPKIN: Yes, with both of you. Quite equally in the number.

JENS: Even with Ramla, with my wife?

TOMPKIN: Absolutely!

JENS: Ahh! That’s great. She’s not that much interested in this kind of stuff with Elias and …

TOMPKIN: I am understanding and this is because she has a completely different intention and a different focus, so it matters not.

JENS: No, it matters not. She is doubting, but in the meantime she becomes curious about the whole thing and everything about essence families and all this kind of stuff.

TOMPKIN: And she will make a good, steadfast parent. In that she will remain true to course and will be predictable in her nature, so it will also be good for this essence in this focus to help maintain being grounded.

JENS: I can imagine. And can you say something about her health problems now, connected to the pregnancy? Elias told us that your energy is very strong, that’s why her body consciousness has to adjust and I guess she was quite good in that. But in the meantime, it’s getting closer to the birth, but she has problems with her, I guess left feet and something like that. Should we do something or is it just (a situation to) relax and it will heal itself?

TOMPKIN: It is partly the position that the child’s physical body is in at the moment. There is some pressure on parts of the circulation and so I would suggest when her feet become uncomfortable, that she stand and shift from foot to foot, rock back and forth, walk around and this will help ease the pressure, the shifting side to side, so that the blood may move adequately and this will relieve some of the discomfort. The position will change shortly.

JENS: Okay, I guess your focus will come within the next two weeks, so it will be over soon. (chuckles)

TOMPKIN: Yes, this is true.

JENS: Okay. Can you tell me something helpful to my daughters? Because they are at an age which is sometimes difficult to go on and to deal with and they have quite some challenges in their lives.

TOMPKIN: They are both butting heads in some respects that they are challenging one another for independence and also not following the leader, shall we say. So they both could use separate pursuits and separate interests whereby they spend less time together and they can then come home and share their interests. And their interests will be completely different. So they can learn from one another and value each other’s input. And when their sibling, myself, arrives (chuckles) …

JENS: That sound funny! (Both laugh)

TOMPKIN: … they will find themselves suitably distracted, but there will somewhat be competition, for there will be squabbles still. However, keeping them entertained in separate pursuits that is in line with their interests, will very much help them feel a sense of importance and independence and that they are offering something of themselves, so that they are seen as individual beings.

JENS: Yeah, I know, this is very important for them.

TOMPKIN: Yes, it is. One of them is quite shifted already and this is extremely important.

JENS: Which one?

TOMPKIN: The taller one.

JENS: You mean the older one?

TOMPKIN: I cannot tell that from where I am. I see two children. One is taller than the other. The taller one.

JENS: The younger one is, I guess, one centimeter taller. It’s Ophioe. She is more shifted?

TOMPKIN: Yes, she is the bolder child, the explorer. The one who likes to venture out, the one who is less shy.

JENS: Exactly. She is less shy, definitely.

TOMPKIN: Yes, she is the one who is almost fully complete with her shift. This will be hard for you to understand for she remains a child. However, her understanding will be more innate, more internal and she will use her internal guidance system more.

JENS: Aha. Okay that’s good to know.

TOMPKIN: And so when you ask: What is your preference? She will know.

JENS: She definitely knows. She is doing in many capacities, things which are not good for her.

TOMPKIN: She is exploring options.

JENS: She wants to do it her own way, this is clear, but she is doing things which she later regrets.

TOMPKIN: Yes, and she is exploring options. She is exploring, what she views to be consequences. She is testing the remaining dead, dying ashes of belief systems, where she will no longer be incorporating those.

JENS: Wow!

TOMPKIN: You cannot rid them completely. However, she is choosing a whole new set.

JENS: And can you tell me something about the other one, Lakeisha, because she is to my opinion more grounded?

TOMPKIN: She is very much like her mother in some respects. She appreciates more solitude, quiet time, nature, time spent observing. She would do well in activities that take her out into the forest. She does not mind spending time by herself. In fact, she does better, if she has some alone time. And she feels better, when she is amongst the trees.

JENS: Okay, I will tell her. I have been together with her to different times in the forest, because I have some, let’s say, special places, where we have quite interesting energy deposits and all this kind of stuff.

TOMPKIN: And she would be very appreciating of those, for she does have your ability to sense what is not seen and it is quite heightened, but at the same time, she has a very logical mind. So she likes to assess what she is feeling and what she is experiencing and then she requires space to go away and process.

JENS: Okay. I will suggest that to her. Then the next thing: What do you feel about me? I started, I guess in September or August, to have longer time frameworks of being in this state of fully shifted. Last week, it became difficult for me to maintain that, but perhaps you have some suggestions for me?

TOMPKIN: I would suggest the interruption is actually coming from your excitement … and this is okay.

JENS: Yay! I have noticed! Excitement is really an issue for me. I don’t know why. (chuckles)

TOMPKIN: It is very intense and this sort of excitement, you may focus on in its entirety and still feel that sense of being shifted and having that focus in the moment. You just merely focus your attention on the excitement for at the level that it is at, it is a relatively new emotion for you and it is something to be very much enjoyed. For it does not come along that often and it is a wonderful, almost like a rollercoaster ride, is it not? And it is something that you can experience with great intensity, if you allow it to flow.

JENS: It is. Yeah! By the way, I’ve recognized this with me, since my fragmentation the number of my focuses has tremendously increased.

TOMPKIN: I would agree.

JENS: Sorry?

TOMPKIN: I would agree.

JENS: Yeah! When I started I had 238 focuses, it was in December 2003. And two years later, I had 80,000 focuses. So I’m not aware, if there is any other essence with the same number of focuses. Elias told me, there are other essences with even more. But five months later, it was in May 2006, I discussed it again with Elias and I had 16 million focuses. And since that time, I didn’t discuss it with him. (Both laugh) (3)

TOMPKIN: Ha, ha, ha! I think you should stop counting my friend. (laughing)

JENS: Exactly. So it doesn’t matter, that it is an extremely high number.


JENS: And I also feel that I’m fragmenting from very many, from an exceptional high number of other essences.

TOMPKIN: No, the number is not unusual in that respect. But with your scattering of focuses, you are taking like a shotgun approach and you are spreading yourself very wide and very hard and with great focus and intent, so that you can learn at a very rapid rate and expand.

JENS: Okay and this is one aspect of my exceptionality, which I discussed with Elias previously. But there are other aspects, for example I became aware of dream walker energy deposits. I guess nobody else in the Elias Forum has ever discussed it.

TOMPKIN: There are many Milumet that partake in this and in fact, it was well documented in history in Australia, on the wall faces of the rocks. But they call it their dreamtime.

JENS: Okay.

TOMPKIN: I would express that it is actually some of them were partaking in the dream walk as you call it.

JENS: Okay. When I became aware of these future energy deposits, the ones created from our future focuses on the planet, starting two or even three years ago – two and a half year, they started two and a half year ago. And I am one the beacons. I have one of these future energy deposits quite close to my house. So there are lots of, let’s say, exceptional things in my life. Also what I am doing and experiencing in Harry Potter dimension, or how I’ve learned to teleport and all this kind of stuff, but I still haven’t found … it’s hard to describe it …

TOMPKIN: I am understanding what your exploration is there. You are one of the few who have managed to actually connect with a future focus in a sense. It is very rare. You have done it not completely, but partially through your sleep and you are then sending messages back to yourself, which as you shift, you are becoming more aware of those messages. And there will be a more open line of communication, if you wish.

JENS: I definitely wish. Elias told me that I shouldn’t MAKE it be, I should LET it be.

TOMPKIN: Exactly, it will flow if that is your wish. It will flow. You merely need to be paying attention, for you will have intuitive urges to go explore certain places, certain things. You will just send yourself the desire to do something and when you follow that desire, it will lead you to the clue, to the next clue, to the next … like little breadcrumbs.

JENS: Yeah, I wanted to drop these veils of separation to my other focuses and most of my focuses are future ones, so this is really inspirational. I want to drop these veils of separation as soon as possible.

TOMPKIN: You are doing so. You are doing so, but if you sped it up any faster, you would receive quite a shock and it could result in a mental break, that would be most unexpected and most lasting and not beneficial for you or your family. So continue with what you are doing, for I assure you, it is happening.

JENS: Okay. And do you see any direction of my further development or in my further becoming aware of more in relation to job or … I don’t know how to describe it. I discussed it with Elias many times, that I am not really happy with my job situation. Usually, in my age, the people have found their position in life. I am still seeking.

TOMPKIN: Yes, I would agree and it is impossible to describe something that you have not yet experienced. Because this will be a very different experience, but what you are aiming for subconsciously and quite consciously is full communication and this requires a greater understanding, and also a deeper willingness and understanding to not be intrusive to those focuses, who do not wish to engage you, for you will have the ability to engage them and you will need to learn to sense, when not to do this.

And I would like to express, you have always been able to teleport and this may be an avenue that you may do on your own and you may go and meet these focuses. Once the veil has thinned, shall we say, you will wake with an awareness that you have done exactly that. And you need to be consciously aware in that sleep state, so that you do not disrupt that other focus, if they do not wish to engage you. For it could cause a frightening situation for them.

JENS: Okay. And how to do it? How to be aware of what you are telling me?

TOMPKIN: You will have an increase in memory as you develop new neural networks in your brain, for it takes practice. It is like riding a bike or learning to write your letters. You do not know exactly how to do it without practice, and as you grow that new neural networks and you also expand and the veil thins, what happens is, your brain is then able to keep up with your essence and you are then able to retain the memory of the experience.

JENS: Okay. I was very sleepy during the last days and there was lots of subjective movement going on.

TOMPKIN: Yes, that is to be expected and there may be more of this, once you become a new father, for your child will also be contributing to that state. (chuckles)

JENS: I thought so and I wasn’t sure, what is the reason. I can even clearly, okay not as clear as we are talking now, but I can hear your voice in my mind. It’s mixed with my beliefs, that’s why it is difficult for me to …

TOMPKIN: I am attempting to express to you, what you will accomplish by relaxing, in a manner that you can currently understand.

When we discuss things at a later date, you may require a different explanation, for you will have grown a new neural network and at the moment, you are assimilating what I am saying not just by listening, but also to imprint interpretation and the understanding of it exactly will come later.

JENS: Okay, so I can quite relax.

TOMPKIN: Yes, it is happening. You do not need to do anything.

JENS: Okay. When I became aware during the last days of Patel, I guess I hadn’t, at least I am not aware, that I had so much contact with Patel before. I know that I am fragmented from him, but is there any specific reason for that?

TOMPKIN: It is very difficult to be aware of an energy that is actually very similar to your own.

People relate to the world through differences, through comparison, and when something is very similar to you, it is harder to recognize the pattern.

JENS: Okay.

TOMPKIN: So you would feel less. Whereas Elias’s energy is polar opposite. So when he is around and engaging playfulness in his manner, you will be aware!

JENS: Okay.

TOMPKIN: Do you understand what I mean?

JENS: Yeah, I’m sure I’m understanding.

TOMPKIN: Yes. It is like when a person takes on an energy exchange. They often are not aware of, if they’re expressing their own energy or the other essences’ energy. For often they choose to have an energy exchange with someone who’s energy is a very close match to their own. And this can make differentiation difficult.

JENS: Okay. Okay, okay, okay. I’m just try to feel more into our subjective communication or whatever it is, because usually short before a session with Elias starts, I feel an energy push or a heightening of energy and I felt the same when we started to communicate.

TOMPKIN: This is correct. But Patel, slightly different.

JENS: Okay, so I will surprise myself. (laughing)

TOMPKIN: Yes. Yes and I suggest to you also to look at your dreamscape for you are exploring many places and facets and avenues and dimensions within that and if you wake in the night, you could write it down. You could use the opportunity of having a newborn child when you wake for memory, to quickly make notes or have a recorder and tell yourself, that you will recall more.

JENS: Yes, yes I understand.


JENS: So your focus will wake us up? (chuckles) Because you want to drink?

TOMPKIN: Inevitably, this will happen. (chuckles)

JENS: And this will be the opportunity to interrupt my sleep pattern. This is really a pity that I can’t remember so many things. I know that I’m spread not only in my dimension and in other dimensions, but also in time.


JENS: The farthest, I became aware of, was that I connected with future focuses two or three billion years in the future, so it’s quite a lot. Their awareness and their abilities must be unbelievable.

TOMPKIN: Yes, unfathomable.

And I would also like to express, you have traveled before with my friend, Niella/Tara. You have travelled in the dreamscape to a new dimension, that does involve cities within that new dimension and you have explored there together.

This dimension is rather frightening for Tara, in that she perceives it to be much like the Middle East and she has lived there. But for her, it is frightening, because she interprets it as a large ghost town where the inhabitants are doing without. And it puts her into a state of panic. And you have offered her assistance on numerous occasions to navigate through that, through the doorway that is actually not that. It is her interpretation into what is actually there.

JENS: Okay.

TOMPKIN: And that, my friend is teleportation.

JENS: So we did it together?


JENS: It’s really fun.

TOMPKIN: Yes, you and four other individuals.

JENS: Do we know them objectively?


JENS: Okay. I will tell her. And the dimension, is there … no, usually, there is no name on that.

TOMPKIN: I would agree somewhat. This place is becoming more solid for there is a large group of focuses actually creating this. It is in a creation stage.

JENS: Wow! Just like our dream walkers.

TOMPKIN: In a sense, yes.

JENS: Aha! I will talk to her.

TOMPKIN: Very well.

JENS: What else can we discuss? It’s so funny. It’s easier for me to discuss with you or to have a discussion with you because you give short answers.

Elias, he is placing seeds all the time. It’s great what he is doing, but he gives lengthy explanation. Ah, he is laughing in my head. (Both laugh)

TOMPKIN: I quite assure you, he is laughing also here. He is appreciating what you are saying. However, he is wanting to remind you that his intent is to deliver the great volumes of information that he has, but he is also delivering new information that you have not yet processed.

JENS: Exactly. I had on Saturday a session with him and there was one moment, when I was felt so emotionally touched by him, that I must cry.

TOMPKIN: Ah ha! The veils are thinning my friend.

JENS: Wow!

TOMPKIN: That is quite an accomplishment.

JENS: I didn’t have this situation before, at least I don’t remember.

TOMPKIN: No, you have not.

JENS: I have done many, many things before and the memory is somehow blocked or I can’t access it in that moment.

TOMPKIN: Now, that was quite a new experience, I assure you and it was a freaky one, wasn’t it?

JENS: It was.

TOMPKIN: How exciting!

JENS: (laughing) I’m sure he was recognizing that, but he didn’t say any single word.

TOMPKIN: Oh, this was quite his intention. He did this intentionally, I assure you.

JENS: I know, I know that.

TOMPKIN: He was merely giving you a small nudge or poke to say “Haha. Look what you’ve done.”

JENS: Exactly, exactly.

TOMPKIN: Yes, yes.

JENS: This is what I like with Elias.

TOMPKIN: (chuckles) He is not exactly subtle. Ha ha!

JENS: Sorry, I didn’t get it?

TOMPKIN: He is not exactly subtle. He never has been.

JENS: (chuckles) I am speechless to talk to you. Did you notice that? It’s so fun to …

TOMPKIN: I am very much enjoying your energy, for your excitement is lovely to experience, for there are so many who have lost this sense of life and this sense of joy and I would like to express that, please enjoy it while it is there, for it is an incredible impetus to moving forward. It can be fully utilized to speed you along.

JENS: Okay. I haven’t seen it that way.

TOMPKIN: Because the most efficient manner in which to proceed, which is why my intent has come forth, to express to people to seek joy and excitement and when you are moving in the manner of your essence intent, they will feel more of it. And when your beliefs are not becoming cumbersome, but rather assisting you … they will feel more of it.

JENS: I’m sure. By the way, yesterday I was listening to your group session with Tara and the other guys from New York City and your personal project. (4)

TOMPKIN: Ah ha! And I’ve got quite the giant snowball rolling, have I not?

JENS: You have definitely. You were talking about new energy or power generators and all this kind of stuff. I had – perhaps you can access it – I’ve been two and a half year ago in Bangkok, in a train. At this time, there was most probably a thinning of the veils of separation. I tapped into some information, which I not fully grabbed, but was all about new types of energy, not electricity – there is another type of energy, which isn’t invented so far.

TOMPKIN: That is correct and as we all move further in this direction towards this goal, towards asking for something different and realizing something different, this will emerge. What you were seeing my friend, is quite correct.

JENS: Hopefully, I will play a role in that, because I am aware of so many details, but they remain puzzle pieces. They are not a whole picture.

TOMPKIN: As you wish and they will become clearer and if you were to focus your attention, which I may say, will be distracted for some time. But if you were to have the inclination to explore other sources of energy power, you would be able to sort quite quickly through what would work and what would not. And actually that could become a match to the future patterns that you actually accessed and interpreted correctly.

It would come to you, if you were inclined to explore that. But I will say for the next little while, you will be suitably distracted. (chuckles)

JENS: By you?


JENS: But it will be so nice. I really forgot, how cute little babies can be.

TOMPKIN: Oh, yes! They are wonderful.

JENS: They are. That is why, it keeps me young. (laughing)

TOMPKIN: It does, it does.

JENS: I had also had the impression or the idea that electricity, which we presently try to store, electricity … this is the wrong approach. Because the density, I don’t know how to describe it better, the density of this type of energy isn’t high enough to be efficiently stored.

TOMPKIN: Your impression is correct. In that, there is no need to store electricity. There is, however, a need to generate power. And a power generator does not have to be from the current forms that exist today. And there have been many inventions, that have not been publicly revealed for they were diminished and suppressed.

JENS: I can imagine. It’s the same with let’s say … vitamins for example. There have been so many great accomplishments, but you can’t grant a patent on natural substances. That’s why you have to invent new artificial substances, then you can take out a patent for it and then it’s protected and you can sell it for much money. I am aware of this problem.

TOMPKIN: You have wrapped it up in a nutshell, my friend.

JENS: Yep, exactly.


JENS: What else? There are lots of explorations I’ve started several years ago, this unbelievably things I’m doing in the Harry Potter dimension and I have the feeling from the onset that I could create some exchange … I don’t know … to bring our technology to them and to get reversely their magic to our dimension.

TOMPKIN: As a swap.

JENS: As a swap.

TOMPKIN: Yes, this is entirely possible for it is merely an exchange of information.

JENS: I play a very specific or important role in this Harry Potter dimension in the meantime. In the beginning, it was let’s say a little bit difficult to start, but I did really unbelievable things there. So I guess …

TOMPKIN: I would agree and you are quite accomplishing in this area. I am quite serious, which I rarely am, quite serious in saying that if you wish to do this, it would be most helpful here.

JENS: I wish to do so many things. (chuckles)

TOMPKIN: Yes, ha ha! Unfortunately, there is this belief that revolves around time.

JENS: Yeah, can you give me some hints or how to keep my body healthy or to get a better understanding, better connection, better communication to my own body consciousness?

TOMPKIN: You have that communication, you merely are quite distracted when you are consuming your meals for you are surrounded by family which is fine. And even when you eat or consume foods by yourself, you are still distracted by your environment.

May I suggest that you stay more in the moment when you are consuming your food and then allow yourself to feel how your body feels afterwards.

And the key for you is if you have more energy, one hour after you eat, that food was in agreement with you. If you are feeling quite sluggish one hour after you eat, you need to look closely at what you just consumed and I will give you the hint that your body does not like starch.

JENS: Starch?

TOMPKIN: Starch.

JENS: Starch?

TOMPKIN: No, it prefers more liquids and easier to digest food. Such as greens and even your protein products. It does not have an appreciation for the density and stickiness of starch, for you it is very much like bum glue. It glues everything together. It becomes thick and challenging to break down, so then this requires much of your energy.

JENS: I know, I have not the best communication, but on the other side, I am very much convinced that I could direct my body consciousness in a much more efficient way. I can do it, but we are, let’s say, not on the same wave somehow.

TOMPKIN: You can, but your body consciousness does have preferences and listening to those preferences is important and in order to feel lighter, younger, fresher, you need to consume more liquids and consume smaller portions and consume less glue which is starch.

JENS: I don’t know the word starch.

TOMPKIN: Starch is contained in grain, pasta, rice, potato, cereals.

JENS: Oh, all the things I like to eat. Oh God!

TOMPKIN: Anything with grain is a starch. And there is some starch in vegetables of course, such as carrots.

JENS: Okay, now I know what you mean. Okay! I know, I understand.

TOMPKIN: Yes, choosing lighter options especially in your summer months will help cleanse your system and you will feel lighter and more energetic and thus will be reflected in your face.

JENS: Okay. So, I guess we are almost over with our session, but do you have some final statements? Do whatever you want to express.

TOMPKIN: I would like to express, I’m very much looking forward to joining your wonderful crew. I really anticipate a good life and good fortune of learning and growth and development and I thank you for the warm welcome.

And I also would like to express that we may communicate at any time, it does not have to be over the phone, it can also be in your dream state as myself in this essence form and this may help you sort different queries that you have with regards to your new explorations for there will be many.

And also I am offering your wife much support during the coming months for she may have some fatigue. So I will also be lending my energy to her.

JENS: Okay. I will tell her. She entertains the idea of having a communication with her unborn baby, but on the other side she’s doubting it. It’s both at the same time. (chuckles)

TOMPKIN: They communicate somewhat at this point, but it will be more so after the birth, there will be almost a telepathic communication between her and this focus and it will be quite unsettling at first, but she will realize what is happening and it will be very subtle, and if she wants to expand on that, she can.

JENS: I know. (chuckles) The motivation is missing presently.

TOMPKIN: It may not be of interest, but it will happen regardless and then she will begin to notice and it will become playful, of course.

JENS: Okay. Then thank you very much for our first objective conversation so far.

TOMPKIN: And I thank you, for many years and many opportunities of shared friendship and camaraderie and laughter and we have shared much and it has all been enjoyable my friend.

JENS: I have the same feeling, even if I am not clear about all of the focuses we shared, that I had always, since I became objectively aware of your essence, I guess fifteen years ago or something like that, I always had a strong feeling or strong appreciation for you.

TOMPKIN: And likewise my friend. So I will bid you good day and we shall chat again soon, for I most enjoy your energy and I thank you for sharing so much today. (Both chuckle)

JENS: As I do. Thank you very much.

TOMPKIN: Very well, goodbye.

JENS: Goodbye.

(1) Elias explained later that this is a mistranslation and the essence of Tompkin (another spelling is Tomkin) belongs to Sumafi (as mentioned in early sessions).

(2) Tomkin, Patel and Rose are some of the 12 essences that facilitate the energy exchange between Mary and Elias (e.g. Elias session #714 and #760).

(3) Average number is between 300 and approximately 600 focuses (Elias session #388).

(4) Relating to Tompkin session #26.

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