Chats with Tompkin


Transcripts March 13, 2016

Chat #29 – Jantine/Adell

TOMPKIN: Goodday and how are you?

JANTINE: Hello Tompkin, I am very fine and how are you?

TOMPKIN: As always my friend and what shall we be discussing today?

JANTINE: We shall be discussing various things. I have made a list of questions and I hope we can go through all of them. They are not too long, I mean the questions in themselves are a lot of checking or validations of my impressions and that shouldn’t take too much time. I’ll just start with the questions, with the first questions and we’ll see how far we come. Is that OK with you?

TOMPKIN: Very well, proceed.

JANTINE: OK. Right. My first question is: what is my intent? I can imagine that my intent is to explore consciousness worlds or to explore connections with energy forms as I do channeling and mediumship now and then, or exploring the connection between heart and mind. What would you say describes best my intention?

TOMPKIN: None of those.

JANTINE: None of those, good! (Giggling)

TOMPKIN: (Laughing) I think you need to go back to the drawing board and do further exploration for I am sensing that you are very close to finding your answer. Very close, keep going.

JANTINE: Yes, can you give me one tip into which direction I should search a bit more?

TOMPKIN: More, look more into the physical realm.

JANTINE: OK, right. (Laughing). Well, that is something else then.

TOMPKIN: Yes, you will discover the answer quite on your own and it may come as a surprise. It will be a joyous one.

JANTINE: OK, good, good. The second question is kind of related. I have a congenital thyroid disorder. My thyroid doesn’t work at all. It came with a defect at birth. And I was wondering what the purpose of that disorder is in my life and I was thinking that maybe the disorder should stimulate the exploration of the heart and mind connection or the exploration of communication. Is that something you would agree on ?

TOMPKIN: I would like to express that you chose this condition long before you arrived for it would help you actually look at the physical which is a part of your intent. And by focusing on the physical body it helps you solidify your exploration in your physical world. It also slows your energy down somewhat for innately you are a very fast moving essence. Your energy is very quick and light and you do tend to pass over things that may be important.

JANTINE: Right, and I would agree with you completely that I am a very mental girl, very high spirited and fast thinking and I do now and then tend to forget my body in that.

TOMPKIN: I would agree. So this condition has kept you more cemented.

JANTINE: Right. (Laughing) It keeps me down to earth.

TOMPKIN: Absolutely.

JANTINE: Thank you for that. Now I would like to know about the amount of shared focuses that I have with a very good friend of mine whose name is Francisco, with my mum, with my brother and with a good friend of mine whose name is Mieke. Francisco is from Chile. I think we have lots of shared or common focuses , so spending time together, and I would say at least above 900. Is that correct?

TOMPKIN: That is correct, well done.

JANTINE: Right. My estimation is around 970 to 1000. What would you say?

TOMPKIN: In the 900s would be more accurate.

JANTINE: Right. With my mum my estimation was around 700.

TOMPKIN: No. More.

JANTINE: More! Would you say around 800 or 900?

TOMPKIN: Over 1000.

JANTINE: Wow!! That is so cool! (Laughing)

TOMPKIN: (Laughing) I am glad this makes you happy.

JANTINE: We don’t always understand each other; she is another type of personality. In the past years we have come much closer and I thought she must have been around, and that we share lots of focuses. With regards to my brother I think it is a lot less, I think it is about 300.

TOMPKIN: No, more.

JANTINE: More, also more.


JANTINE: We are talking 500 then?


JANTINE: Right! The same amount as my mother or the same amount as Francisco?

TOMPKIN: Closer to 900.

JANTINE: OK, right. Good. That’s nice. And then Mieke, my friend who also does my energy healing, my spiritual healing. I think it is at least 200, it may be more.

TOMPKIN: No, less. Approximately 50.

JANTINE: 50. Right. So this is a lot less.

TOMPKIN: But this number with this particular individual is changing. You are actually creating more together.

JANTINE: Oh, right. That is nice. She is very sweet, a very sweet lady. So I have been also thinking of the statistics of Francisco and Mieke and I will give you my impressions. First of Francisco. I think he is aligned with the Sumafi family, he’s soft, dispersed, he has a thought focus and I don’t know which family he belongs to.

TOMPKIN: These questions are better answered by Elias for his intent is no distortion. And when I attempt to access these individuals as much as accessing an essence name it will cause my friend discomfort in her brain.

JANTINE: So don’t do that; it’s OK.

TOMPKIN: I am sorry but she does not appreciate it.

JANTINE: That’s fine. I knew it was with names, but I didn’t know it was also valid for statistics.

TOMPKIN: This is actually very interesting. It is when I must actually explore another individual’s energy that I am not presently engaging and this requires a great push of energy and this is what causes the snapping in her head.

JANTINE: I understand that completely. OK. I have another question and that has to do with Marij. Marij is one of my colleagues in the Elias forum and I have the sense that she and I have shared focuses like kind of siblings; we have shared focuses in which we were either siblings or sisters in law or brothers in laws, is that correct?

TOMPKIN: Siblings, yes. Well done.

JANTINE: Siblings, OK. And once or twice or more?


JANTINE: Three times, OK.

TOMPKIN: And I have to add one point, you were twins.

JANTINE: And we have been twins as well! I have two questions for her. By the way her essence name is Kammi. K A M M I. She was wondering if Golda Meir is one of her focuses of her essence.

TOMPKIN: If what is? I am sorry I am not hearing you.

JANTINE: OK. Are you familiar with Golda Meir? She is an Israelian lady, very important in the 20th century.

TOMPKIN: Yes. I am familiar, and what was her question?

JANTINE: If that was also a focus of her essence.

TOMPKIN: Observing.

JANTINE: Observing. Thank you. And Joan of Arc?


JANTINE: No. And neither observing?

TOMPKIN: No. A sister.

JANTINE: A sister?

TOMPKIN: Yes, in another focus. So there is a connection with the energy but not directly interacting. Does this make sense?

JANTINE: Yes, it makes very much sense.


JANTINE: I’ll pass this information on to her. She’ll like that; she’ll like that very much. Now I am done with these questions. I am conducting a kind of a research to see what my focuses are, if I can reach them in a dream and all those kinds of things. I am also interested in alternate selves and probable selves, possible selves and parallel selves. I very much enjoy that research nowadays. I have a focus impression in a dream, a dream movie of a man in a military truck who zoomed himself to the camera. Was he or is he a focus of mine in the 20th century?


JANTINE: Yes? The second one came up in a dream and it is a man who was a part of a group of sad and depressed African-American, it was an image in my stove. And they made the impression that they were slaves. And the man was the one in the front in that image and felt like my focus in the 18th or 19th century. Is that correct?

TOMPKIN: No, you were slightly to the left. So if you are viewing the

JANTINE: (Interrupting) Oh, right. So he was in the image but it’s another one than the one that I thought.

TOMPKIN: That is correct.

JANTINE: Yeah. Right. It’s probably, I think there was one guy to then left who was a bit older than the others. Is it him?

TOMPKIN: That’s the one.

JANTINE: Yes, thank you. And that was in the 18th or 19th century? Is that correct?

TOMPKIN: Slightly earlier.

JANTINE: Earlier. OK. Say, 17th century.

TOMPKIN: They were not slaves.

JANTINE: They were not slaves?

TOMPKIN: No, not in the sense that they were forced to work, but they were in a sense owned.

JANTINE: OK, so they were not slaves but they were regular workers who were kind of owned by their employer.

TOMPKIN: No, they were owned but they were not forced to work in the sense that you are understanding of what a slave is. It was different.


TOMPKIN: It was a different situation.

JANTINE: That helps a lot. And the third and last one of this focus check is a bare-chested man whose hoody I took off and he seemed hurt. It seems like he was either shot or mistreated. It seems like a focus in the 20th century.

TOMPKIN: This is a memory. You were the man, standing there observing the event and it is firmly in your memory, consciousness memory because this man who was injured was your friend.

JANTINE: He was a good friend of mine?

TOMPKIN: Yes. That is correct.

JANTINE: Thank you, thank you. He felt, he did feel like a friend but I was there and I took off the hoody. It was like he was hurt and me and another friend or two other friends we were welcoming him back, like taking care of him. Is that correct?

TOMPKIN: No, you were all injured and you were merely supporting one another to try and reach your goal which was to, in this particular instant, which was to escape. You were actually prisoners.

JANTINE: Right. OK. And this was in the 20th century or earlier?


JANTINE: Yes, alright, OK. Thank you very much. I did do a focus check, focus group exploration with a couple of people from the Elias forum. And we did a couple of them and one seemed to be that we were a group in the times of the Romans and we were hiding from the Romans in the very early Christ years or calendar. It was a group in which we were together in Turkey or Syria, Israel, and we were fleeing from the Romans who were trying to hurt us.

TOMPKIN: Ha! This group had much fun together as you still do, I see. You were a collective movement at that time that was indeed engaging the Romans and you were in the area that moved between Turkey and also into Lebanon.

JANTINE: Yes, Lebanon.

TOMPKIN: Between the two areas, and you were like insurgents shall we say.

JANTINE: Sorry, what did you say?

TOMPKIN: You were like insurgents. You were like a group of rebels.

JANTINE: Rebels, OK! Haha! I like that.

TOMPKIN: Yes, yes, you had much fun doing this, all of you.

JANTINE: Good! (Laughing) And in that same session we also discovered a future focus group who was visiting earth and we arrived by spaceship and we were a really happy bunch of people. Is that correct?

TOMPKIN: No, this is a misinterpretation. You actually are a future group but you do not reside on earth.

JANTINE: OK. But were we visiting earth?

TOMPKIN: No. You inserted earth into your interpretation for this is what you understand and this is also why you inserted the spaceship for where you were collectively existing or are collectively existing does not actually make sense to your current format and understanding within this hologram. So you would not understand it if it was presented as it is. You are understanding what I am trying to present?


TOMPKIN: So you have inserted an interpretation to give yourself clues. The spaceship was a clue.

JANTINE: Because we could not, we were not able to relate to the real situation because we don’t have such information.

TOMPKIN: Exactly.

JANTINE: Thank you very much. Then there was a group exploration on February 22th in which we all were older or younger farmer men in a southern US state like Mississippi. Is that something that you can relate to?

TOMPKIN: Very close my friend, it was Louisiana.

JANTINE: O, cool! (Laughing). By the way, there was a man, like a travelling pharmacist and Tracy identified that as you. Were you in our group exploration, Tompkin?

TOMPKIN: No, but what she was actually observing was a focus of mine that I had inserted.

JANTINE: So nice of you to drop by!

TOMPKIN: This is actually, has actually morphed into another probability.

JANTINE: Right! OK. Like another universe, another probability.


JANTINE: OK. Thank you for this information. I am very happy to hear from you about this. Going into that same topic of probability, how would I recognize a focus from a probable self. Actually, how would I recognize a probable self in a dream?

TOMPKIN: This is very difficult. You need to identify some sort of clue as you did with the spaceship, something that you can then differentiate later. So you may set this intention before you go to sleep. Perhaps you could use a sound. You identify with sounds so perhaps you could assign a particular sound to occur like an alarm or a bill or a tinkle or a beep that occurs when you are inquiring about a probable self and then this will differentiate between a focus. Often a focus appears to be wearing very foreign clothes, has more of a foreign feeling, is more difficult to access. You will often see a face that does not belong to you or a face that belongs to others that you do not recognize. Probable selves seem more familiar and are easier to identify. You can access this and illicit the sound without there being disruption to the dream.

JANTINE: Right. I will follow the tip as soon as I am ready to start looking for probable selves.

TOMPKIN: Ah! And enjoy your explorations for it is a bit like going on a trip, is it not?

JANTINE: Yeah! Isn’t that nice!


JANTINE: That suggestion to go on an exploration and finding a sound or setting a sound and go for it, such thing I have used for focuses as well, so I know it works fine with me to give myself a suggestion and then it will come. I know it will come.

TOMPKIN: Yes, very good.

JANTINE: OK. Yes. Those were the main questions so far. I do have a couple of more personal questions. Is it OK as well?

TOMPKIN: Very well.

JANTINE: I have, well, I have noticed in the past years or even a bit longer that my interest in people in general does not last very long and I was wondering what the origin was. Is it just a collateral from being a thought focused intermediate? Or is efficiency? A lack of resonance that keeps me away from certain people in a structural way? Is it protection for myself being a dispersed essence? Could you elaborate a bit on that because I wonder sometimes why I am what I am in that way.

TOMPKIN: There was many questions in there. So you are wondering if you do not engage people for a longer duration for those various possibilities you just offered me. Is this correct?


TOMPKIN: The reason that you do not engage people for a long period of time is that there is actually a lack of interest for you are more internally focused at the moment. And you are very quick at gaining the assistance and the information that you needed from the person you engaged. You efficiently gather that information, you say your thank you’s on every level and then you move on. And it is not that you do not enjoy people. It is simply that you are a bit, excuse the terminology, hell-bent in your direction and you are so focused in that movement that it is a bit like a bull ploughing through a field of cows. (Laughing heartily, both of us). So you roar through it.

JANTINE: I just go ahead. (Laughing)

TOMPKIN: As that is how your energy moves. And you are merely holding brief conversations with each cow as you quickly pass through them all, if you know what I am saying. How is that for imagery? (Laughing)

JANTINE: (Laughing) Thank you for this picture. I can relate to that. Is that something that belongs to my essence or is that something that I chose to do as a focus?

TOMPKIN: Both. Your essence travels much in this way. You are very, very quick, light speed really. Most people have difficulty in keeping up. So this is why you chose that physical issue with your thyroid and it is not that you are disregarding these people and that you don’t value these people and don’t appreciate these people for you do! It is merely that you are quickly gathering information and you are continuing on your quest.

JANTINE: Right, OK. So it’s basically efficiency in a nice way.

TOMPKIN: Yes, and if you do find that you are lonely at times and do wish to engage people for a longer period of time you may slow down and take a breather for there is no set time frame that you need to be accomplishing in. You may slow down and smell the roses shall we say.

JANTINE: Yes, OK, thank you. Thank you for that tip, haha. And there’s another question which is kind of related. I also have a rather lack of interest in sexual relationships. I have a rather low libido and is that because my focus is on other things, on mental things?

TOMPKIN: No, this is related to your thyroid.

JANTINE: OK, this is a thyroid thing! Does it also not have anything to do with being an intermediate? Because I understood that intermediate people are also not too much interested in sexuality all the time.

TOMPKIN: Ha! I assure you this is quite incorrect my friend. There are intermediates out there who think of nothing else! (Laughing) No, you have chosen this thyroid thing as I have stated to limit your distractions and yes you are exploring the physical but the physical does not include the sexuality for this is also an unnecessary distraction in your view.

JANTINE: (Bursting out in laughter)

TOMPKIN: (Laughing heartily as well) And that is perfectly OK.

JANTINE: It is OK to me as well. I was just wondering what the background and I find it very amusing to see that my exploration of the physical is so focused that distractions like sex are just not so, well, valued, I take it.

TOMPKIN: Yes, this is how your essence operates. Once it is on a quest there is no interruption. (Both of us laughing)

JANTINE: I like it. I like it very much. It is very interesting this information for me, also on my essence; I did not know that. I very much appreciate your information, Tompkin.

TOMPKIN: You are quite welcome, my friend. I find it quite amusing to observe for you are so accomplishing and so determined. I often encourage you to slow down and smell the roses. However, usually that is viewed with much contempt. (Both of us laughing)

JANTINE: Well, maybe at some point I will, hey, and I will be able to smell some roses.

TOMPKIN: I guarantee that day will come. (Both of us laughing)

JANTINE: I will let Tara know if that day has come. OK. There is also, and it actually my last question, uff, we are only halfway, I have a lack of memory of childhood events. What would be the reason for that? Have I now and then or quite often changed alternate selves or what is it that keeps my memories of my childhood so far away from me?

TOMPKIN: This is very important and may I express that you if you wish could engage our friend Elias for it would be a very lengthy explanation on his part. You have actually created several probabilities as a child and you have actually jumped from one to another. And when this jump occurs you actually have a lack of memory that occurs for the experiences felt by one probability are not as strong as in another for you are not fully engaged in that probability and if you wish to learn this more in-depth you may do so but it will require no distortion to explain this of which me and my partner here are not quite capable of for we do not have the ability to completely remove Tara from the situation , so I would…

JANTINE: (Interrupting) No, it’s OK. If I want to know more about it I will involve Elias; that’s what you say.

TOMPKIN: Yes, you can explore this in very detail should you be choosing but I am expressing you have jumped from one probability to another for you were wanting to be efficient once more and you were wanting to explore multiple probabilities all at once and you did accomplish this, however the end result of that is less retention of an actual physical memory.

JANTINE: Yes, OK, I understand that. It is very impressing; wow, it is a revelation that is kind of blowing my mind away.

TOMPKIN: (Laughing) You didn’t realize how capable you are at jumping from probability to probability but I assure you my friend you find it quite enjoyable because in your efficiency you do like to multitask. (Both of us laughing)

JANTINE: It’s cool. I am here and there and everywhere. (Laughing)

TOMPKIN: Absolutely! You are like a ping-pong ball. (Laughing)

JANTINE: (Laughing) And I do something here, something there, I try to keep track of it, and that’s it.

TOMPKIN: Ah, but you are moving continuously in one direction with great intent so

JANTINE: (Interrupting) I am also very much moving physically; I also like physical movement a lot.

TOMPKIN: Yes. And this is because your energy is quite jittery and requires movement. It is like a ping-pong ball. It is moving forward but it is also moving very laterally at the same time.

JANTINE: So I am here and everywhere and my mental energy and my body energy also like to move.

TOMPKIN: Yes, and the imagery I will send you is one of a snorting bull with its head down running through a field of cows and those cows are scattering everywhere. (Laughing) That is how determined you are. You are a force to be reckoned with and very powerful. And because of this you have become quite accomplishing my friend but it is most entertaining to watch.

JANTINE: I am glad that it is entertaining for you. I am happy that happy to hear it.

TOMPKIN: Yes, it is most entertaining and as you explore these probabilities you will also find it entertaining what you have accomplished.

JANTINE: Cool, cool, it’s very cool. Then I will at some point because now I am not so much in a state of money; at some point when actually the time is right I will engage Elias and ask him more about my life in the probabilities.

TOMPKIN: Yes, I would suggest that the probability exploration with Elias would be a most efficient use of your time for this will help assist you to jump to another level of understanding so that question is the most efficient one. (Laughing)

JANTINE: I will keep that in my head and I will probably not wait too long to engage him. First I want to get some idea by doing it myself through my dreams or in OOB projections and see what life in probabilities may be, and from that point onwards I can engage him to give me all the information that I need.

TOMPKIN: Absolutely! That way you will have more focused questions to ask, and you will know and you can reassure yourself you are definitely heading into the right direction.

JANTINE: Yes, because that is what I liked with the focus part as well, to go and find the focuses and then check with you if I am doing OK and it seems that I am doing OK there so I can extend my explorations to probabilities at some point and when I feel kind of confident and that I have enough information to feel confident, then I will engage Elias.

TOMPKIN: Yes, and I would also suggest you may access your focuses to engage you in your current life. So, for example if you are engaging an activity that is, say, new to you can explore, send out feelers shall we say in your mind ‘do I have a focus that can help me with this, that has a knowledge of this’ and you can manifest to be before you to actual give you instruction on how to do that particular activity, let’s say. It is like accessing them as a joined knowledge bank .

JANTINE: Right! OK. You know what, it resonates with a vague sense or plan or idea that I have on becoming a kind of medical intuitive because I was thinking that I may have a focus that is a doctor or has a medical profession which might indeed help me to get further. Is that correct?

TOMPKIN: Correct. You have several, some in the past but I would recommend accessing your two future focuses for they will have much information that is helpful on an energetic basis for those people that you do wish to engage in this area.

JANTINE: OK. Could you elaborate a bit further on that?, because I do not get the entire picture of what you are saying.

TOMPKIN: OK. So if you are practicing being a medical intuitive for example and you have your patient or person before you call upon in your mind your future focus, you picture what they might look like and ask them for assistance and their image will be revealed to you and you can then follow your intuition, close your eyes and in your mind watch what they actually do energetically to that person and copy them.

JANTINE: Right. In the action itself you say


JANTINE: In the action of being with the client I can engage such focus to give me that information.

TOMPKIN: Yes, because they have that knowledge base and that knowledge base will then become your own.

JANTINE: Yes. I understand that. Cool. That’s a fine thing because I was thinking I must have a focus somewhere could help me with that and now you actually said before that focuses could help me in future activities that I have not engaged so far.

TOMPKIN: Yes, and these focuses, there’s one that is a scientist, one that is a doctor and there’s also one that is a healer. You may call upon whichever one you want when wish to do so.

JANTINE: OK. Good. Good to know. I do know that I have some healing abilities but now I understand they probably relate to the focus that was a healer.

TOMPKIN: Everyone has healing abilities; they simply do not chose to access them so it just depends on what you are willing to access.

JANTINE: When I would want to do healing at some point I can indeed engage that healing focus for help and information and for instructions.

TOMPKIN: Yes, if you require it.

JANTINE: Yes, OK, I understand. Good. Thanks. Now I am sitting here behind my computer and next to my voice recorder and I am completely flabbergasted; I am talking to you but in my mind I am flabbergasted.

TOMPKIN: In your mind you are what, sorry?

JANTINE: Flabbergasted.

TOMPKIN: (Laughing) I do love an element of surprise, my friend. This is fantastic.

JANTINE: This is so cool. Can I ask something about, about yourself? Who are you, Tompkin?

TOMPKIN: Oh, very well. I am part of a group that Elias belongs to, you are aware. I have my own intent and that is to assist people to explore what gives them joy and understand that the shift does not require a sense of depression or depriving themselves, it does not have to be difficult and if it is approached with more fun they will find their energy moves in a more efficient expansive manner so therefore I am attempting to assist people to recognize how to actually identify joy and laughter for some have even forgotten that. I have lived many lives as a healer, a shaman. I am very connected with the rocks, the trees, the plants, the planet, so I have a personal project to assist people to understand how to live more amicably in their own with less disruption to the environment for it is causing great distress to the planet and this is a personal goal of mine to actually be achieving change within how people in today’s life consume; it has to stop or it will be detrimental. So that is a personal project. I very much relate to indigenous people as most of my focuses and most people have known me as an indigenous person so I am very connected to Australia and I have lived as an indigenous person on most continents of this earth so my feelings and understandings of how the earth moves and its energy are very much a sense of complete oneness with the planet now.

JANTINE: I get the picture. I know about shamanism and I very much value the connections between everything in nature that shamanism also stands for.

TOMPKIN: Yes, and one can become one with your entire planet which I did accomplish.

JANTINE: I understand. A good friend that I mentioned, Francisco, is very much into shamanism. Sorry? (after hearing a sound)

TOMPKIN: Continue.

JANTINE: Ok, right. He works with shamans in Peru every year and is very much capable also of becoming somebody else, let’s say becoming one with a person or an object or whatever it is. He is very good at it. And I guess he must have various focuses as a shaman himself.

TOMPKIN: No, he is actually just simply very accomplishing in this particular focus and he has managed to actually merge his energy into other items such as plants, trees, yes.

JANTINE: So in his case it is not necessarily a background of shaman focuses of the essence, so to say.

TOMPKIN: No, not so much. He is more very connected in this focus.

JANTINE: Right, OK, good. Now he is a very connected person.

TOMPKIN: He is able to merge his energy as I once did.

JANTINE: Can you please repeat that? I didn’t hear that very well.

TOMPKIN: He is able to merge his energy as I once did so if he wanted to connect with a tree he could place his hands on the tree and actually merge his energy with that tree and feel what that would be like.

JANTINE: He has done that a couple of times already. I am in awe of that kind of ability that you had in your focuses and what he is accomplishing in this focus.

TOMPKIN: Yes, and he will find he can apply this in many situations including feeling what others are feeling.

JANTINE: Yes, he knows that, I know that, let’s say, I know that he is able to do that. He is very valuable in my life as a person.

TOMPKIN: Yes, he is somewhat of a mentor.

JANTINE: A mentor, right. In this physical life you mean?


JANTINE: Yes. He has helped me very much to get more into contact with mankind, let’s say, and to become more empathetic because of my incredible bull.

TOMPKIN: (Laughing)Yes, he does keep you more grounded ha ha ha.

JANTINE: (Laughing) He is very aware of my goal-orientedness.

TOMPKIN: He is, and he is very much accepting of that, for there is nothing wrong with it. It is just who you are and it is amazingly accomplishing.

JANTINE: I know that, and sometimes, let’s say from previous experiences I have my insecurities with people in general in connections and he has helped me a lot to be accepting parts of myself as well.

TOMPKIN: Yes, and this insecurity is unnecessary for it is a self-generated hesitancy that is quite unnecessary for the people you are drawing to yourself you have already drawn to you in an efficient manner to gain information, understanding and enlightenment and also to assist them in their journey and you have prior arrangements, shall we say.

JANTINE: You mean I have prior arrangements with various people in this physical focus to get things done?

TOMPKIN: Yes. You attract them to you for the assistance that you require at the time.

JANTINE: Right. OK. That’s nice. I must say that I very much hope that I add value to other people’s lives as well?

TOMPKIN: Oh, yes, you have contributed to them also for it is always a sharing.

JANTINE: Yes. That’s good. It’s a two-way street.

TOMPKIN: I would agree.


TOMPKIN: I would agree.

JANTINE: Yes. I contribute as much as they help me in our mutual agreements.

TOMPKIN: Yes. I do have one thing to suggest. Are you familiar with the story of Ferdinand the bull?

JANTINE: The story of what?

TOMPKIN: Ferdinand the bull.

JANTINE: No, I have never heard of that.

TOMPKIN: It is a children’s story and it is a story of Ferdinand. The bull is named Ferdinand.

JANTINE: OK, Ferdinand the bull. OK. And you would like to suggest to me that I read that story?

TOMPKIN: Yes, for you need to be somewhat like Ferdinand at times. So you do not become to fatigued, (laughing).

JANTINE: (Laughing as well) OK. I will check that story out on Google and see how I can get hold of it.

TOMPKIN: Perhaps take that picture of Ferdinand the bull and put it on your computer. (Laughing) Particularly the one of him sitting in the field of flowers, sniffing the daisies.

JANTINE: (Laughing)I am getting a picture of a bull very actively checking everything out.

TOMPKIN: Yes, and Ferdinand likes to sit in a field of flowers and smell the flowers. You need to have a picture of Ferdinand on your computer.

JANTINE: Cool! I get an association of him in red. Is he pictured in red?

TOMPKIN: Ferdinand is a black bull normally.

JANTINE: Alright, OK. I am just wondering where I get the association with red from.

TOMPKIN: Your energy is very much charging forward and red is very much an energy color that you licit.

JANTINE: OK, now I understand the association. Tompkin, we are kind of reaching the end of our session. I would like to express my huge enormous appreciation for all the information that you have given me today.

TOMPKIN: Ah, you are very welcome my friend! And may I say that: continue on your current journey for you are achieving so much and your accomplishments have been influenced on others as well so we all encourage your achievements.

JANTINE: Wow! This is very good to hear. I wish you a very good, I can’t say time or space because you are out of time and out of space, (both of us laughing), I wish you a very good being, I’d say.

TOMPKIN: Thank you. I do appreciate that and until next time my friend. Good luck and remember to stop and smell the daisies.

JANTINE: OK, I will stop and smell the daisies! Thank you.

TOMPKIN: (Laughing) Not for long though, if I know you at all.

JANTINE: (Laughing) But for a minimal [unclear].

TOMPKIN: Yes, this would be most helpful to you.

JANTINE: Thank you very much. I very much appreciate what you have come up with today for me. Very pleasant to hear all this.

TOMPKIN: You are most welcome and I shall talk to you again. Goodbye for now.

JANTINE: Goodbye for now, bye bye!