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Transcripts July 29, 2016

Chat #50 – Letticia

Friday, July 29, 2016

Brisbane, Australia. Private phone session.

Participants: Tara (Niella) and Letticia

TOMPKIN: And hello my friend! How are you?

LETTICIA: Hello Tompkin how are you?

TOMPKIN: As always. And! We have some exciting topics to discuss?

LETTICIA: We have lots of exciting topics. We bought the house.

TOMPKIN: Yayyyyyy!

LETTICIA: And I am enjoying setting it up for the last four months. It’s been fun gardening and creating stuff inside the house and painting walls and furniture.

TOMPKIN: Yes, you have been a busy little bee and it is very comfortable isn’t it?

LETTICIA: It is very comfortable, yes. It is very spacious and we like all the rooms and all the space even though we don’t really use all of it but we like it.

TOMPKIN: And that’s what’s important my friend, that’s what’s important.

LETTICIA: Okay. So the air conditioning unit has been acting up tonight, is it because I am having a call with you?

TOMPKIN: Haha! No, I assure you that is not me that does those sort of parlor tricks that would be my friend Elias that does that sort of thing. Although I do like some tricks (Chuckles).
With your air con unit, I would say it is related to electricity fluctuations in your area. Perhaps you should turn it off, reset it and turn it on. And if it continues then turn it off for a little while until they stop, for these fluctuations can have a significant impact on electrical devices.

LETTICIA: Okay, it’s just in the area it’s not specific to my house or anything.

TOMPKIN: It’s in the entire area.

LETTICIA: Okay, we did reset it earlier this evening but if it happens again we will go ahead and reset it another time.

TOMPKIN: Or turn it off all together so that it does not become affected by the severe fluctuations that are occurring at the moment.

LETTICIA: But if I turn it off all together I might die!

TOMPKIN: Hahaha! I assure you, you will not. Hahaha!

LETTICIA:Okay, speaking of houses and all this stuff, I am going to ask Tara’s question: She is currently very puzzled as to why she has to go though this bad neighborhood aka she is living in a house and she does want to ride horses but she doesn’t feel like she can get horses where she lives and her house has all these leaky ceilings and cracks in the ceilings and things are happening where she cannot understand why you recommended it?

TOMPKIN: Hahaha! For several reasons my friend, there is…. Firstly, this is Australia. It is drier than a dead dog’s bone out in the desert, okay, for the most part.

This area that she is in, is what we use to describe as the “land of plenty”. So it was an aboriginal crossing where aboriginals many, many, many years ago used it, not so much in a formed tribe, but as in passer throughs. They used to pass through this area to collect and store food and water. This area does often flood. However, the particular house she is in does not flood but it is still the “land of plenty”. Although the soil is not rich, it will provide both food and water required to sustain an incredible vegetable garden.
And also, if she wants, as she knows a lot about pasture management, she may have two horses on that block, if they were properly managed and if they were properly exercised.

Now; she would have to put in a bore, and she would have to plant the block with improved pasture for the creatures. And this would take some work. However, she does have a tractor that could do that work. And this is why she has never had the desire to rid herself of the tractor.

As for moving to somewhere she perceives that would suit her better……..

LETTICIA: Forty acres.

TOMPKIN: Exactly. Please explain that this sort of acreage comes with a burden. It comes with the burden of financial interest. It comes with the burden of having to maintain it. It comes with the burden of having to deal with her partner who does not wish to live there. And it is much work to generate an income on that sort of landscape. Whereas she can manage on her smaller block if she attempts to do so. It is merely opening her mind to the possibilities.

As far as horses go, perhaps in her choosing of horses, she should choose older horses that do consume… less food. There are different breeds that consume less food and there are breeds that are happier not to be in a large herd. So therefore, it is manageable and she will always have some green pasture when others do not.

As for the house, it is cracking because she is undergoing a massive shift and she is choosing to show herself this with minor cracks that can be repaired later. But I suggest she not repair them straight away for there may be more. For she was actually doubting at what level of shift she is undergoing and she merely just reflected back to herself that it is quite significant, even though it is not apparent at this present moment.

Basically that is all she needs to know for now but please reassure her that if she were to spend a few more months she would conceive new ideas that would be helpful for her.

LETTICIA: Okay and I think the other major thing that is frustrating her, is that she doesn’t believe that her back is healing.

TOMPKIN: Ah. It has healed somewhat, however the progress has been very slow, for this energy exchange does interrupt that somewhat and for this I do apologize. However I am thankful she has engaged this exchange for it is helpful to many.

Her back is also in the process of healing in the form of the….. spaces in between the bones are actually recovering. So the disc material is healing. The issue with her muscles may never heal. She may need to seek some answers with regards to that and seek some exercises that may help maintain them, for there is an issue with muscles and the neural transmission to the muscles.
And I would like to express this is also what is occurring with her brother.

LETTICIA: Okay. So is there anything that she can do on her own, maybe some thoughts that she might change or is there anything that you recommend for her to do?

TOMPKIN: I will suggest that the path that she has been on most recently….. In the last few weeks is extremely beneficial. She is interested in going for more testing and perhaps this may prove enlightening, however it may also reinforce problems, so I will leave this up to her.

LETTICIA: Okay, alright I will pass that on to her.

TOMPKIN: And I thank you very much.

LETTICIA: You’re welcome! So let me see. Okay. Oh may I have a health reading please for myself?

TOMPKIN: May you have a what reading?


TOMPKIN: Ah! Ha! Very well. (pause…)There is a small problem in your lower back. There is some energy blockage there. It would be most beneficial if you apply heat and some rest to this area for there is quite significant muscle fatigue and also stretching your legs.


TOMPKIN: There is something going on with your lungs. It is a minor irritation related to change in the weather, patterns of heat and dryness, fluctuated with changing humidity and also temperature changes in the air.

LETTICIA: Yes, I’ll agree.

TOMPKIN: Haha! I would suggest drinking more water and going for walks and breathing deeply while you are on your walks in the cool of the morning.

LETTICIA: Okay, that’s the wee, wee hours of the morning.


LETTICIA: I will do that. So! The next thing I wanted to tell you is I am still very unsure about my intent.

TOMPKIN: About your intent?

LETTICIA: Yes. I mean I’m discovering that I can do anything I set my mind to. I made that observation based on all the things that I had to do in this house but I don’t think that’s really my intent is it?

TOMPKIN: No. No everyone can do whatever they set their mind to. Your intent is more, I will give you some tactics as to how to discover that and it is quite simple. You simply look at the overall pattern of your entire life and you look at commonalities, as to how you have behaved, the choices you have made, interactions you have engaged in, for example different situations involving people, choices that you make on a continual basis. And it will be very general. So.

LETTICIA: I mean I’m helpful, but I don’t think helpful is my intent.

TOMPKIN: No. I would agree.
You are quite analytical. So you do enjoy analyzing.

LETTICIA: Oh really? I hate that. I thought I was more going with my feelings. Andre is very analytical. I didn’t think I was.

TOMPKIN: Aha! What is your definition of analytical?

LETTICIA: Weighing up the pros and cons and that sort of thing.

TOMPKIN: For me to share the word analytical, I am referring to how you analyze people, things, situations, undergoing an analysis of information presented to you. And by analyzing it, you look at it from every angle. You feel it, you experience it, you visually inspect it, you draw conclusions.

LETTICIA: I do. I feel it. Yes.

TOMPKIN: Yes. You do all of this very well.

LETTICIA: I was not associating the word analytical with feelings.
I was associating it with objectivity.

TOMPKIN: Ah yes. Well analyzing information can happen in many forms and I assure you, you do like to look at situations from all angles. So therefore……

LETTICIA: That brings me to an interesting point, so we had this guy come over to give us the estimate for the retention wall right, and then before he came over, last night I felt this really bad feeling from his email that he wouldn’t turn out to be the right person for the job, and I actually didn’t want him to show up for the interview. But he came anyway and it turned out he really wasn’t the right person. He was a con man, I thought.

TOMPKIN: Very well, then I would say you have correctly assessed this situation. ( the next was delivered very rapidly) ……You have already analyzed it before it occurred and you have chosen your course of action. However you have chosen a situation in which you made yourself aware of your choices before they happened which everyone is capable of.
You then allowed yourself to trust your instincts and make a choice based on what the information what you were presenting to yourself, so congratulations my friend.

LETTICIA: Thank you. Yeah I remember the last time we had a talk you told me that I needed to trust myself more and I have been doing that.

TOMPKIN: Yes you did this quite well in this particular situation.

You are continually offering yourself situations, in which to explore them analytically from all angles and I think this is perhaps why you enjoy engaging not only myself and Elias but also transcripts, for it allows you a new depth to explore.

LETTICIA: Yes. You are right. Another piece of homework you left me with the last time was me trying to find out who my family of consciousness is and the only thing I came up with is that I like the color purple. So I went to investigate that and it has to do with Zuli. I don’t fit the description of Zuli.

TOMPKIN: One moment (coughing). You are……. your family is Zuli. Your alignment is Ilda.

LETTICIA: Okay. The family is Zuli, that’s interesting.

TOMPKIN: You may have certain characteristics of a particular family, but you may also choose to take on the characteristics of the family you align with more so in this focus, if that is your choice. And I would suggest you are more 60/40 at this point. Sixty percent Zuli, forty percent Ilda. So there is a fair bit of Zuli there, so perhaps it may just take more analysis of what Zuli is for you to see the relationship there. (Chuckles)


TOMPKIN: Have I given you enough clues? Hahaha!

LETTICIA: Yes. So the other thing that ahhh fascinated me this week reading the Elias forum was people were talking about what percentage of an individual were male or female and that fascinates me. So for myself I think I might me more male than female.

TOMPKIN: Let me say that this varies with every individual and it fluctuates though their life. It is never static. So you have had more focuses as a male than you have female. You are more comfortable with that male energy. And so in this focus, you do utilize your male energy more than your female. However you may draw on either one as you see fit.

LETTICIA: Yeah and I do, actually. That helps with my independence too, because I am really independent.

TOMPKIN: Mmm. I would also suggest that most Zuli’s are.
(phone interruptions…)

LETTICIA: What is my non- physical relationship with Judy, Theresa and Gordy. I have known them for so many years.

TOMPKIN: Firstly you have other lives with all three of them.


TOMPKIN: And you have memory of those lives as well that you may access.

LETTICIA: How do I go about accessing these memories, because I needed to know, one of my assignments from you was to investigate our lives as nuns. And I don’t even know how to go about doing that.

TOMPKIN: It is quite simple. You may set this intention before a small meditation or before going to sleep and tell yourself that you have the ability to remember and draw on those experiences, if you wish and that you would like to wake from either the meditation or the sleep with the full memory of those experiences. And it may take a few times to practice, but then if you are paying attention during the day, you will find that flashes of memory may appear and then if you trust a knowing of what that was, you will then understand what life that applied to. Perhaps work on one at a time.

LETTICIA: Okay. I will practice that.

TOMPKIN: You may also present to yourself, scenarios, where if you are attempting to learn something that you desire to engage, you may simply make the inquiry within yourself within yourself, if you have any other focuses that you have already done this sort of pattern or engagement in before, to come forth so you may access that information.

LETTICIA: I actually had that earlier this week.


TOMPKIN: I think I was trying to decide on a paint color or something and I said okay there is a part of me that knows how to do it, so how to do it and I was inspired and I got it.

TOMPKIN: Excellent! This is exactly what I am talking about! There are people who do this naturally but do not realize what they are doing. My friend, Niella actually does it when she is engaging horses, when she is engaging a horse that is very frightened or uncertain and can be quite dangerous. She accesses a focus that she had as a groomsman and she can actually see the groomsman standing before her and she asks him to help her.

LETTICIA: That’s great!

TOMPKIN: So there are two energies assisting in this situation. You may also do this, for you have a natural inclination to be able to read that easily.

LETTICIA: Okay. Yes, I feel that I have been engaging it but I wasn’t aware that I was, if you know what I mean.

TOMPKIN: Yes, I do understand and yes you have been engaging it quite successfully. And it is about trusting yourself when you get urges because that is an energy that you are drawing, telling you what to do, telling you advice, telling you which way to move your energy for you already have the genetic memory imprint that you have taken with you from those other focuses. They are all happening at once. The information is all there to be retrieved.

LETTICIA: Yeah. Exactly.

(Edited) (some parts removed for questions that concern others)

TOMPKIN: I am understanding what you are asking. So you are desiring more information regarding your connection with this individual and why it is such an intense connection at times, despite the distance and the type of friendship you have?

LETTICIA: Precisely.

TOMPKIN: Ah. Very well. Your energy was rather scattered so it was most difficult to determine what it was you were seeking, so this was my confusion. ( the following was delivered very rapidly)So in this particular situation, this individual you have known for many, many lifetimes. You have actually fought wars together, you have actually raised families together, you have been part of a sisterhood, that lasted over a lifetime, you have shared each other’s children, raised each other’s children, your focuses have overlapped so much so, that there is a familiarity about each other’s energy that will always be there. You have simply run into a very, very old companion.

LETTICIA: Ohhh because that is actually what it felt like.

TOMPKIN: Yes, yes and you have also chosen to have future lives together where you are close friends, sisters, scientists that work together, you have many. You have chosen to spread them out over almost all of your focuses.


TOMPKIN: This life, this focus, this focus that you’re in now is less so, for you are concentrating on other areas as is your friend. However, you do feel the need to have a brief interlude of connection to reassure one another of past connections and future ones, connecting with this one.

LETTICIA: Oh I see! Okay. That feels nice to know.

TOMPKIN: Yeah, it is a wonderful connection that you share. It is very energizing, it is relaxing, it is comfortable, it is rare.

LETTICIA: That is really nice to know. Thank you for that.

TOMPKIN: And do not be surprised if you drift apart in this life, for it does not matter for you are friends in many lives. So you will always have an interlude together no matter what. Whatever you choose.

LETTICIA: I really enjoy learning more about my present relationships with people. I know a lot of people ask about their past focuses and their past. But I like knowing my connection with the people in my day present life, how they connect with me, I find that to be really amazing.

TOMPKIN: Mmm. Well living in the present is much more desirable in many ways, for it keeps you focused in that space and time and practiced in creating in that space and time rather than focusing on who you were, how you were in the past or future, for at that particular moment it’s irrelevant really.
It does have an impact but it is better to focus where you’re at. I would agree.

LETTICIA:Yeah, so that reminds me also for when I moved to New Hampshire a couple of months ago, well almost a year now, and I wanted to connect so desperately so I started the cross stitching group and this one girl, Michelle – she’s the only person who joined it. But we use to stitch all the time in the winter and I feel a connection with her too even though she is much younger than I am and have different lives but I do feel some connection with her as well.

TOMPKIN: I would agree. There is less of a connection than with the other individual we were previously discussing but there is still a connection there.

LETTICIA: Yeah. Definitely a different connection from Elizabetta for sure but there is some connection with this other person, Michelle.

TOMPKIN: I would agree. She has two other focuses in this time frame, focuses that are also interacting with you in different parallels. So it is very confusing and convoluted to explain. But you are interacting on more than one level in this time frame, let me put it that way.

LETTICIA: Okay. Let’s see, I know I can ask you for every single person in my life but for right now I’ll just ask for my sister. She wants to know if the bones in her jaw are growing. She says they are.

TOMPKIN: One moment. They are. Slowly but they are, she is correct.

LETTICIA: She won’t need to do a bone graft for her teeth implants?

TOMPKIN: Not necessarily, but it will take much time and there will not be full growth enabled; for that would be impossible.

LETTICIA: Okay. So then I take it, it’s not possible also to grow back your teeth?

TOMPKIN: In her case, no.

LETTICIA: In her case no, because she doesn’t have the belief that she can grow it back.

TOMPKIN: No, not in her case no.

LETTICIA: My cousin wants to know about her swelling ankles, she is not sure what that’s related to.

Tompkin: Firstly she has digestive issues with poor drainage. She has a blocked lymphatic system, or partially blocked lymphatic system for her digestion is actually making her whole body sluggish. She has pockets of infection in her digestive tract. And her immune response is such that it is causing inflammation. So if she were to clean up her digestive tract and perhaps take remedies to move the lymphatics, she would find her drainage is much more effective.

LETTICIA: Are there certain foods she has to avoid then?

TOMPKIN: She should avoid, drinking too much water at the moment, she should avoid salt, she should avoid bread, pasta, rice and gluten.

LETTICIA: Somehow I think she already knows that but she eats them anyway.

TOMPKIN: It is not required for a lifetime, but for a short time in order for her digestion to clear.

Letticia: Okay. Those are doable. Is there anything emotional that she should be looking at as well?

TOMPKIN: Yes, there is much pressure from within.

LETTICIA: Mmhm, concerning her Ph.D and all that.

TOMPKIN: She is pushing herself to act and be in a certain way that is not in line with her true essence.

LETTICIA: So then she has to figure out what her true essence is or her true alignment,

TOMPKIN: Oh she understands this fully but she would be much better off if she didn’t pressure herself to engage activities and behaviors outside her own boundaries.
LETTICIA: How’s Andre doing?

TOMPKIN: Andre is fine.

LETTICIA: Yeah, he’s always fine, isn’t he?

TOMPKIN: He is always fine. That is his disposition. HIs constitution, who he is.

LETTICIA: I know he has such a fine disposition.

TOMPKIN: (Chuckles) If only we were all like Andre. Haha!

LETTICIA: Wow, that’s a huge compliment, I’m so jealous. (Tompkin laugh).
I will have to go upstairs and say guess what the dead dude said?

TOMPKIN: (Laughs) He will probably say “I know”. Hahaha!

LETTICIA: Yeah, you are right he’s like why do you even talk to them, I know already.
(Tompkin laughs)

LETTICIA: Well anyway, it’s been great! I will pass on all your good news to Tara. I am so excited about her new website and I love the way she explained the picture to me today.

TOMPKIN: I am also enthusiastic about this site, for it is a wonderful way to share experiences and excitement that people have. They may post audios on there of sharing their learning experiences and others may benefit from this and perhaps it will lighten their mood also.

LETTICIA: I think so. I also find just talking to you lightens my mood.

TOMPKIN: (Laughs) Well I’m glad I could be of assistance in that particular department.

LETTICIA: Yes, you are totally. (both laughing)

TOMPKIN: (Laughs) Well it’s been lovely chatting with you my friend. I hope that you continue to pour that beautiful energy into your home for it is certainly reflecting your efforts.

LETTICIA: Aww. Thank you so much, that’s wonderful! See I got a compliment too!
Thank you Tompkin.

TOMPKIN: Until next time my friend, have fun!

LETTICIA: Bye now.

TOMPKIN: Good bye.

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