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Transcripts April 26, 2021

March 14, 2021 – Rose

Footage – airplane or UFO

ROSE: A very brief question. There was a footage of… on March 29th or 30th, in Quebec, and the question was, was it air planes or was it UFO/s? Can you sense something like that?

TOMPKIN: It was an interpretation. So, it was a bleed through.

ROSE: And what bled through? 

TOMPKIN: So, what occurred is there was a momentary lapse of visual acuity for the individual reality and there was a bleed through to inter dimensional reality and it was picked up as unidentified flying object. But in reality it was not.

ROSE: I see. Thank you. Okay, then my main topic for today. 

Family Members are stressed with Corona and want to vaccinate

My main topic for today. Oh God, I never thought, I would talk about this but my family members are important to me so I’m making it a subject. The Coronavirus and the vaccine topic. 

TOMPKIN: Oh dear!

ROSE: Yeah, I’m sorry in a way, but they are important to me so I make it a point. So our children want to vaccinate themselves and their kids, meaning our five grandchildren and to my, hm…. how do you, say? Somewhat of a sadness. My daughter seems to be very afraid now. And she is like… to me she appears like we would say in German walking on her tooth flesh (to be on one’s last legs). She’s so stressed out with all this… you know having no place… she’s living on the fourth floor with three little kids, no garden available and all the stress. She’s stressed out and the main burden lays on her shoulders. The husband is going to work and she’s all the time responsible for the kids and she’s stressed out and it seems that due to the stress she’s more… how do you say? Vulnerable to all the suggestions by mass media and she seems to be very much in fear. She almost rejects to talk with me about… one time and the whole year… In the whole one year plus I brought up the subject of Corona or vaccination, and she immediately, very fiercely responded or reacted. And I thought: Wow. I was very carefully approaching this subject. I was carefully asking what she thinks about vaccination, if you if they were vaccinating. And she said: of course we will vaccinate! And I thought: wow. 

TOMPKIN: Let me express: she may have difficulty vaccinating the children for at this point in time, almost all countries are refusing the vaccination for children for it is completely unnecessary for the children are not susceptible to Coronavirus. So it is not recommended. Currently, it is not recommended to vaccinate for people under 50. The AstraZeneca vaccine because it is having blood clots side effects so it is actually been pulled from the market in Australia and several other countries until it can be looked at further. The Pfizer vaccine is for certain age groups as well and there’s a waitlist. So it is even in mass media beliefs, within mass media beliefs, it is still safe to go outside and be in the fresh air as long as you are 1.5 meters apart. So she should have those children out in the parks having fun and playing because fresh air is best. As you and I both know Coronavirus is long gone.

ROSE: Well, my God, it’s so difficult. It’s a very, very delicate situation to even bring up the subject with her. I really waited. 

TOMPKIN: She may find that information herself on her own government health web page. It is not necessary to vaccinate children. It’s not even recommended. They don’t get Coronavirus, the way adults do.

ROSE: I understand, Tompkin. My point is that… she…. my impression of her is that there seems to be a lot of controversy. For example, the middle child is going to kindergarten. And it’s a Waldorf kindergarten. And it seems that the administration of the kindergarten is completely against vaccination. While parents want the vaccination and there seems to be such a battle and she seems to be…. (exhausted from the controversy) That’s my husband’s report what she said to him, it’s easier for her to talk with him than with myself. And she seems to be so, so tired and so affected by all this controversy and battle that she’s not even open to addressing to the subject. That’s my impression. So I had one synchronicity, reflection… Bashar recommending to talk with people, when it’s very difficult to talk with them objectively, in dream time. What do you commend on that?

TOMPKIN: This would be a wonderful idea. It would be a wonderful idea and in respect of her own beliefs, she may… you can tell her to refer to the medical authorities. For even they express do not vaccinate the children for Coronavirus and then in the dreamscape you can reassure her that the fear is creating an environment that is affecting of the children.

ROSE: Right. I’ve heard there was another person who was working with children. And she reported that the parents put their children so much into fear. And the children are so unsettled now. So out of balance, and so influenced by fear that it’s awful to observe. You know. Okay, so I have another 

TOMPKIN: So for the mental health of her own children, she needs to relax.

ROSE: Right. The point is, to find the delicate approach to not put her into *more* fear, like: Oh, god, I’m doing something wrong. And then, you know… Not to exacerbate the fear but to come with a very, very clear way that that allows her to relax, and not add up to the stress. I prefer to not even approach her, because I’m afraid that I might put her under more stress instead of less. You see? 

TOMPKIN: If you were to suggest taking them out for the day, so more fun, would she want to go like to a park?

ROSE: I think she will, they have a little property outside of the city where they go, it’s 70 kilometers. And I offered to take the children over the weekend, overnight, for her to have a little… you know, a breather for at least a few hours. And she refused. She said, she said it’s too small of a room. I said: our house is larger than your flat and we have a garden we just have to open the garden. And she said I’m aware of that. But I have to… my choice is to wait until the number of new… this indication number they have every day of cases…. until this decreases again, even that is not rational anymore. You see?

TOMPKIN: Unless she is concerned that her children may pass it to you.

ROSE: What passes to me? You mean the Corona Virus? 


ROSE: I will ask her that. I will ask…. for me, it’s ridiculous. You know, I meet like 200 people when I go working, and then I go home and then the government says I am only allowed to meet so and so little people, so and so few people. It’s ridiculous. It’s utterly ridiculous. But okay, let’s go into that. We don’t have much time. 


Spiritual teacher’s perception of the vaccination

TOMPKIN: There is a guy who calls himself a spiritual teacher. And he’s doing 60 years of projections in consciousness, what he calls metaphysical realities. And I trust him to a large degree, but not completely because I find, he has some, some really blind spots. And, and sometimes when I was engaged with him, I thought: My, oh my…. what r u talking about? It’s this really your… How do you say? Your revelation to yourself? I’ve been there long ago. I mean, I’m one generation younger than he is. Like, for example, when it came to relationship patterns and relationship mechanics, and he came up so and so many years ago with certain revelation regarding and I had been there all along with my husband from the beginning. And I thought, wow, you know, and so, I haven’t yet come across any so called spiritual teacher, who didn’t have blind spots. And it seems to me that this is something like inbuilt and when you look from the physical reality instead of like, from regional area four, you know. Right?

TOMPKIN: So what exactly is your question regarding this individual?

ROSE: So okay, let’s continue. For example, this person says that the vaccination is detrimental to the spiritual body: Not only the spiritual body he puts similar but we have several, as far as I’m informed*. Not only one spiritual body but several spiritual bodies, let’s call it this.

TOMPKIN: This is a belief system. 

ROSE: Yeah. And he said… You mean the spiritual body? 

TOMPKIN: This is that individuals belief systems.

ROSE: Right. That’s my whole point. My impression is that…

TOMPKIN: It is not correct. 

ROSE: It’s not correct. It’s… It seems so incoherent on one end, he says, I create my own reality and he is claiming that to a large degree and on the other end, he says, this would be so detrimental to my spiritual body, I will never get it. It will influence our spiritual bodies far into the future not only for this incarnation, but for future incarnations, it will damage our, our spiritual bodies and, and he comes up with… because it’s fear based. And it’s, damaging the immune system, all the fear is weakening the immune system, some things seem kind of logical and rational and some things seem like *strong* belief systems, which he makes really apparent in, in imagery, evidenced imagery for himself. And then he goes out and blasts this into the world and to the people he’s teaching and who are some of them are like hanging on every, every term he utters…. on every word… like on his lips, and I feel not, not good with this. Aaah! It’s very strange for me.  You see? 

TOMPKIN: So, let me express for this individual. If the vaccine was utilized, it would be detrimental for there is a belief that it would be detrimental. And it would not continue across many spiritual bodies and futuristic, however, that expression is that is based on a concept and a belief system of how things work, that is inaccurate. 

For you, personally, the vaccine could make you sick for many days

I will express though, that if you, yourself, were to have the vaccine, it could make you sick for many, many days, for you have mixed beliefs about it, and how it will affect you. So and it’s not in line with what you really want for your body.

ROSE: For me?

TOMPKIN: Exactly. 

ROSE: For me personally, there is no way that I’d get (take) the vaccine. You know, I had a call recently from my…

TOMPKIN: Exactly.

The doctor’s office called

ROSE: I had a call from the doctor’s office and they… in the sweetest voice, they told me: would you like to come in today? And I said: why would I come in today? What do you want? Oh, we have a vaccine for you. And I said: no thanks. How do you come to the idea, I want a vaccine? Yah. But don’t you want a vaccine? No thanks, I don’t want a vaccine. It was weird. It was weird. I mean, they were sweet as if they would bring me a bouquet of flowers and then in the same sweetness, I answered: No thanks. I don’t want it. 

TOMPKIN: Exactly.

ROSE: No way, I would get the vaccine. I never vaccinated much. I don’t really believe in vaccines. So for me, I wouldn’t get it. 

TOMPKIN: And this was this was my point. This was definitely my point. So if an individual strongly believes that a vaccine would be helpful, then it is likely that they would have minimal side effects and it would be helpful. As long as they do not have underlying health conditions.

ROSE: Right. My body might take it not so well because it’s, by basic configuration, not the strongest body.  It has its own challenges, already. Why would I make more struggle for it…

TOMPKIN: Exactly. 

ROSE: … with vaccination? 

TOMPKIN: Exactly.

Beliefs flying around that they put something into the vaccine to depopulate humanity 

ROSE: Thank you. Another point, there are strong beliefs flying around that they put something, the so called “they” put something into the vaccines to deplete, depopulate, humanity. It’s a strong belief, it’s flying around. From your perspective, do you perceive that they put something into the vaccines to depopulate humanity?

TOMPKIN: Not necessarily. No. However, the vaccines were made knowing full well that some individuals would experience negative side effects and some individuals would be creating within their current state of health an autoimmune response, and some individuals would have severe allergy and some individuals would die. Well, many will die. It was not with the intention of depopulating the planet but rather, making money for the very fast solution, that is not as well researched as it could be.

ROSE: You mean the vaccination’s not as well researched, or the background? Like the mechanics of some people wanting to make money? What is not well researched?

TOMPKIN: The vaccine.

ROSE: Okay. You mean it’s not tested enough? Like it’s not developed? 

TOMPKIN: Exactly.

Considering taking the vaccine to have the same experience as the collective

ROSE: Like, right, okay, great, great, okay. Then, let me see what to do with the time. Okay, Mr husband, Michael. He has this idea to perhaps take the vaccine to have the same experience as the collective. There is an influence. He has been, he had a mentor, which was a famous German artist, and this mentor was offered, because of his popularity and everything he was offered in times of a possible cold war time…. Danger of third world war… whatever, he was offered a place in a bunker, for only we VIP people were offered a place in a bunker and this, this artist, his name was Beuys, he refused. He said, I will not go into this bunker, I will have the same experience than the normal populace. Normal people. And this is very impressive to my husband. So he is considering taking the vaccine, out of this… out of the notion of I will have the same experience as the collective, even if it might be detrimental to me personally. And I thought: Okay, I understand this notion. And whatever you choose, this is your choice. And whatever you choose, I will accept it, because this is your life. And this is your choice, of course. And I will support you in your choice, because it’s your choice. Not that I agree with it. Then the next morning, I had the idea coming out of dream time… I said I thought okay, if Beuys would have been offered the same context as the same. Let, let me put it in different words. If Beuys would have been called to go to war, what would he have been doing? The same mechanics like okay, I will go to war because I will have the same experience. I want to have the same experience as the collective would have? I just offered this notion to my husband. So I asked if I may offer it, and he said yes. And I was allowed to offer it. And I wouldn’t want to discuss it and he was immediately aborting this talk and I said I didn’t want to discuss it. I only want to present this notion, I came out of the night with and that was it. But, I thought perhaps you have directly a comment for him from your perspective. If he accepts it or not. I could offer it to him. 

TOMPKIN: For this individual, it matters It matters not the vaccine is likely to have minimal effect in that, both ways. So if he was to be exposed suddenly miraculously to the Coronavirus, he would still have some flu symptoms. If he was to have the vaccine, he will experience mild unwellness but if it makes him feel better to look like he is participating and so that he may travel and he may move about freely and not have to explain himself which is more bothersome, much more bothersome. Then he could choose to have it either way it will have minimal effects on his body. It won’t protect him and it won’t hurt him.

ROSE: You’re talking about my husband?


If you could talk directly to my daughter, directly or through me

ROSE: Great. Okay. Then I just had this notion spontaneously, if you could talk directly to my daughter. Directly or through me, or give me some suggestions how to ease her fear for herself and her partner, for the adult side of things, so to speak. What could you offer?

TOMPKIN: I would say: look around you. Ask your friends, has anyone actually been dropping like flies? Has anyone actually been sick for what is on the television is misconstrued. Not real, blown out of proportion, ask, look for yourself, let your children go outside for this is the fresh air and is the best thing for their health. Trusting your own immune system, trusting your children have an immune system, and that you are being a good parent, by giving them the freedom to play for that is most important for their sleep and their health. And turn off the television.

ROSE: I know, I would… I would if I could, you know. But this is the point… as a parent, you have to give full range of freedom to your kids. I have. I understand. Okay, we have two more minutes left.

The spiritual teacher predicts, what is your comment on that?

A brief question the same spiritual teacher came up with (I’m quoting him): “I am smiling, because of the unsuccessful mega wealthy are going to face their own moment of truth before too long. In the next 100 weeks, we will see the word turned upside down as the change by steeply into the illusion that so many people think of as normalize our normal health normal T is due to for an overhaul, meaning the financial system is collapsing.” It’s his impression. What do you comment on that?

TOMPKIN: That is that individuals view, it doesn’t have to be your reality. It doesn’t have to be your family’s reality. It doesn’t have to be anyone’s reality, that is what that particular individual is focusing on.

ROSE: Right. And that’s, you know, we have this strong power, that when we are in fear, we are even able to create the apparition of what seems like a physical being, but it’s an apparition. But we have this strong power. And I have experienced that in early stages not a physical being. But was a physical case, a phone call. Where I had the beginning stages of this principle manifested and experienced that and my impression is that this person is able to do it to blown up degree. You see what I mean?

TOMPKIN: I understand what you are expressing and would like to bring you back. Are you there? 

ROSE: Yes, I am. 

TOMPKIN: Ah. There was an odd noise. I would like to bring you back to your original intention. And that was to live your life free of the mass pandemonium of COVID. And you were succeeding, my friend. And you are concerned as a mother and a grandmother and a wife about other’s choices. And you are concerned about the effects that these other leaders are having on people. So may I suggest that in the storm, you remain calm. You remind people to look around them and see if there’s an actual need for panic. Don’t watch the news. Reassure them, calm them, because you were doing that before and it has a powerful effect. 

ROSE: Yeah, thank you. It’s just…

TOMPKIN: You stay in your peaceful space.

ROSE: Yeah. Thank you. Ok. Let’s see if I have a last… Yeah. We have 40 seconds. 

The place on Vancouver Island

You mentioned the place in Vancouver Island. Has this been Tofino? The spiritual community?

TOMPKIN: The place where they had…. are you referring to the place where they have refused to acknowledge the enforcement and the restrictions put by the government?

ROSE: Yes. 

TOMPKIN: Very near there. 

ROSE: Great. Great. Great. Great. Great. Great. Okay, then I have to let you go, for the moment, but I will be back.

TOMPKIN: Very well. And there will be much opportunity for further discussion. But until then, I would like to remind you to go back to the calm. Do not let the COVID in your life and trust that others will come to the same conclusions eventually, that they can trust themselves. They can focus on something other than COVID. And just reassure yourself, reassure them with your own calmness. And they don’t have to take your word for it. They just have to look outside with their own eyes. Talk to their friends. Don’t look at the media.

ROSE: Thank you.

TOMPKIN: You’re most welcome, my friend. 

ROSE: Wonderful.

TOMPKIN: You have a profound effect on others. And when you are calm, so are they. Until next time, goodbye.

ROSE: ‘Til next time, goodbye.

*So this is a bit of a blending that is happening here, on my end. 

Bashar says we have several spiritual bodies, when we are incarnated. That I had in mind. In that moment. (This is one of the challenges I encounter in these session, doing them in English challenges me to the max.) That part I had not heard from the “spiritual teacher”. But what he uttered was that a vaccine would not only affect this spiritual body, but also those you might have for the next 100 yrs futurely. So there’s a plural.