Chats with Tompkin


Transcripts March 19, 2018

SC/Ta Sheen Dula — March 19, 2018

March 19, 2018

Tompkin: G’day, how are you?

SC: I’m fine, Tompkin, how are you my friend?

Tompkin: I am as always, and how have you been?

SC: Great. I wanted to start by saying I feel very comfortable with you, as if you have given me support in the past, and I would like to thank you for that, and ask, what is our connection?

Tompkin: Well, there’s multiple connections. Many, many, many, many, many, many connections. (Tompkin laughs) On many, many, many, many levels.

SC: I know that we are – and I can actually start with – we are both fragmented from Ordin, is that correct?

Tompkin: No.

SC: Ah. Which no, is it on my end or on your end?

Tompkin: My end.

SC: Ah, okay. But then I do believe we are both Milumet, and that there are a lot of connections and focuses with that in mind, correct?

Tompkin: Quite correct.

SC: Ah, okay.

Tompkin: Over many lifetimes, over many dimensions, over many time frames, over many interactions, however brief, there is always some connection somewhere, where we interlink.

SC: And that is as I feel, too. So, I think I know the answer to this, but is it you, or Elias, or somebody else, whenever in the past I’ve said, you know, “I need a hand, I need a hand,” and then a hand appears, which just plain makes me laugh. Is that you?

Tompkin: (laughs heartily) If it makes you laugh, more than likely! (both laugh)

SC: I appreciate that. You know, usually when I do that, I’m in a fit of pique or whatever, and it just makes me stop and laugh, so I appreciate that you do that.

Tompkin: You are welcome.

SC: My question — and I’ve got a series of questions here — my father, before he died, had a vision of my face smiling down at him. Can you help me? What was that about?

Tompkin: Your father, before he died, had a vision of your focuses all in line, and it was all of them over many time frames, and to be able to interpret it, to understand what he was seeing, it was best represented with just familiar face.

SC: Ah, and that was mine because he knew that in this lifetime, correct?

Tompkin: Correct, it was familiar.

SC: But he mentioned that he said something. He said “You did it, didn’t you?” And I nodded. Do you have any insight into that, as far as that vision?

Tompkin: Well, it’s a combined effort, really. Your energy was required to combine an energetic picture that he would understand, and his energy needed to be relaxed enough and be able to interpret what he was seeing. It was for the most part lost on him, for he did not have the understanding of the enormity of what he was absorbing. For he not only saw the energy, he actually felt it.

SC:  Ah, okay. And then the last question on that… Can my father, his essence and spirit, help me now, or is he engaged and busy with other things?

Tompkin: He does help you frequently, however he is about to enter a phase where he will be unable to communicate and for the most part unreachable as he transitions into a new energetic state.

SC: Okay, that’s good news, actually.

Tompkin: Hmmm.

SC: So I’ve got a bunch of questions here and I’m just going to go through them, and I’m going to let you decide how much or little to explain, and then I will ask if I need more clarification.

Tompkin: Okay.

SC: Was I the Essene who was crucified in place of Jesus?

Tompkin: No. However, you were observing.

SC: Okay, great.

Tompkin: So it’s very much the same experience, really.

SC: Yes, yes I do understand that. So was I — or more accurately, am I, understanding the simultaneous nature of time — the Atlantean prince Iltar?

Tompkin: Somewhat, but not what you think. So this one needs further exploring, for you are quite capable of accessing this yourself if you relax and perhaps use a timeframe where you can open your mind and allow not only thought processes but visual imagery.

SC: Okay. So it’s not observing or full focus, it’s something else, something different?

Tompkin: Quite.

SC: Interesting. (Tompkin laughs) Can you give me any more information, or is that something I have to find out on my own?

Tompkin: (laughs) I think you should make a game of it and have some fun, for the information you will offer yourself will be correct, but it will offer a surprise.

SC: Okay, fair enough. Then the follow-up question is about Iltar, then. Did Iltar bring items to Mexico?

Tompkin: (pause) One item. One significant item.

SC: Can you tell me what it is?

Tompkin: What’s your impression?

SC: You know, I thought he had brought several items. One would be a crystal with the records of Atlantis.

Tompkin: (pause) More so an object to signify its existence.

SC: Is it made of orichalcum?

Tompkin: It is made of crystal, however it is not a storage device.

SC: Is it something that can be used to create energy?

Tompkin: Correct.

SC: Ah, okay. Now it’s starting to make a little bit more sense.


If I would, I have a question… Could you define, as you understand it, define my intent?

Tompkin: And you have not explored this before?

SC: I have… I wanted to get your impression because of my trust in you, and see if you could provide any insight, if I’m correct.

Tompkin: What is your impression thus far?

SC: My impression is that it is… my intent is one of service or support.

Tompkin: The latter.

SC: Support rather than the service.

Tompkin: Correct.

SC: Okay.

Tompkin: And this can be a very broad category, and can be defined for whatever situation suits. One can be supportive in energy, in physical being, they can be supportive in offering knowledge or assistance, they can be supportive multi-dimensionally while simultaneously existing in this singular focus, but only having the awareness of the singular focus, all your other focuses may be offering support or endeavoring to offer assistance for multi-dimensional factors.

SC: I am beginning to understand that part of my role is multidimensional, to bring the Atlantean dimension into this dimension in some way, shape, or form.

Tompkin: Not quite, but to increase awareness.

SC: In what way?

Tompkin: The mass population.

SC: Ah, okay. And I can do this by finding the Atlantis items that Iltar placed in Mexico?

Tompkin: More through research and combining it in a way that the average person can understand. And both Elias or myself could assist you with this.

SC: Good, that is good to know. Would that be through writing, or through speaking, or…

Tompkin: Ah, this my friend is up to you, for it is your support and your offering, your creation.

SC: Okay.

Tompkin: Keep it fun, so it does not become work.

SC: I have in the past kind of kept it as a fun treasure hunt, but my issue has been the financial resources to see it through. So that is one of the questions I had for you, do you have any advice for me on financial resources, whether it be the lottery – is that a possibility, or should I pursue other people? What would your advice be, from your perspective?

Tompkin: Anything is possible, including not requiring any financial assistance at all find to find what you are looking for. A great deal of research can be done for free.

SC: And is that research more of my projecting, and my intuition?

Tompkin: Your intuition will greatly assist you in finding what it is you are seeking, and further acknowledging what is closer to the truth than fiction, for you will know.

SC: Okay. I know that I do have connections to three things, multi-dimensional things, or bringing awareness to the world, and I’d like your opinion on which would make sense for me to pursue. I would like to know if you can order these in which I should pursue first. One is finding…

Actually, let me back up for a little bit. Is there a physical box, with that item in it or items in it, that Iltar brought, that is now in Florida? With an Atlantean artifact in Florida?

Tompkin: (pause) No.

SC: Where is that box? Is it in Mexico still?

Tompkin: (pause) The box is gone.

SC: And the item, is it in Mexico, or is the item somewhere else?

Tompkin: (pause) There are several items. Two items are in the US of A. One item is in Mexico. There is yet another item in South America.

SC: Is that the one that’s in Potosi?

Tompkin: Correct.

SC: Okay. The items that are in the USA, are those in Florida, in the place where I had been?

Tompkin: No.

SC: Ah. Can you assist me in where those are?

Tompkin: It is difficult to pinpoint, however… (pause) there is an energetic imprint in the area of… (pause) Indianapolis.

SC: Ah, interesting.

Tompkin: And another… (pause) you are correct, Florida. But (pause) more south.

SC: So what is my connection… There was a story of the father and boy who had found items in the Yucatan and brought them to Florida, where they were killed in southern Florida. Is that a true story or is that somewhat fiction?

Tompkin: Mostly true.

SC: Okay, and that is the item that is still — there is one item there that is still in Florida that they left there?

Tompkin: Correct.

SC: Do they still protect it, and can they help me?

Tompkin: It is unprotected.

SC: Okay.

Tompkin: And the individual that has it is not aware of exactly what it is.

SC: So there is an individual that found it after they left it. So did they bring a box, and then the box was found and the items scattered?

Tompkin: Correct.

SC: Ah, okay. So one’s in Indianapolis, one’s in South America… can you give me a hint as to where in Florida so that I may research more?

Tompkin: It is most difficult to ascertain. It is down in the southern area.

SC: Okay, that’s fine. I will do more research on that. And the one in Mexico, is it in the Yucatan near where the hidden pyramid is buried?

Tompkin: No. It is in a public place.

SC: Oh, like a museum?

Tompkin: Correct.

SC: Okay. So, going back to Mexico, is there still a hidden pyramidion in the size of the Great Pyramid capstone that is buried near Uxmal?

Tompkin: This is incorrect information.

SC: Okay. Is there anything there, in that place near Uxmal?

Tompkin: Remains of persons. Many remains.

SC: But no items from Atlantis are there.

Tompkin: No.

SC: Were there at any time?

Tompkin: Yes.

SC: Ah, interesting. So have they been found as well, and scattered?

Tompkin: One item was found and has been labeled as an artifact. An unknown artifact.

SC: And that is in the hands of a private person?

Tompkin: No, public.

SC: Oh, that’s the one that’s in the museum, okay. So…

Tompkin: You would understand it if you saw it.

SC: Okay. The question, then, is – I know I have some, and I will explore – I know I have some connection with Iltar, and I have focuses in that Atlantean dimension that are bleeding through to this dimension. I had thought that I could then use that connection to find physical items that are here, in this dimension, to both prove Atlantis as not just a probable past but a past that we have existed as a civilization, and…

Tompkin: (interrupting) Absolutely you would be able to access this knowledge and use it to identify the objects. However, proving the existence of Atlantis to the general public may be more challenging and require more research other than just artifacts.

SC: Okay. What other things could I use besides artifacts? I could use fiction.

Tompkin: You could use previous writings that have been done that described a place in time where individuals had traveled. You could then link this to the artifacts.

SC: Interesting, okay. Would that be better than trying to find the artifacts? So far my focus has been really just trying to find physical artifacts or evidence.

Tompkin: (pause) Atlantis is a challenge, for… (pause) …during the destruction of the city, there was an episode of an energetic movement whereby nothing was intended to be found. In that, starting again, or a complete disappearance, was in order. So linking evidence could prove challenging, however if you are to access knowledge from your other focuses while doing research regarding – you may call it folklore, or tales – but the research would be found under exploration of cities, places, for the individuals that actually access the information or have the clues that you next need to put together like a chain, were not necessarily aware of the fact that it was Atlantis they were describing.

SC: Okay.

Tompkin: So your search will have to begin quite broad.

SC: So are you saying that Atlantis then did exist in this dimension as a physical place that then was destroyed?

Tompkin: No. No, but there are individuals who have managed cross inter-dimensionally with a full understanding of where they are and what they were experiencing. They simply lacked a name.

SC: Ah, okay. Interesting. So this is taking my search in a different direction.

Tompkin: It may prove helpful, for you may link the literature and the research to what you can tune into, shall we say, with your own focuses and interdimensional links. You may also choose to teleport.

SC: Into the Atlantean dimension?

Tompkin: Correct.

SC: Okay.

Tompkin: For there is no such thing as time. It matters not where you teleport to. Or when.

SC: Okay. That actually is very helpful. So then I can disseminate this information and let the people that have these items then come to me, because they will recognize in my writing that what they have Is connected.

Tompkin: Not necessarily. I would encourage you also to, during your research, be aware of the items, what they could not only appear as, but also represent, for there is misinformation about those also.

SC: About the items themselves that have been found, and disseminated?

Tompkin: Yes.

SC: Where does the misinformation come from? Is it from the individuals themselves, or from someone else, or somewhere else?

Tompkin: The individuals who are the – let’s call them caretakers.

SC: Ah, Okay. And they simply misunderstand or don’t understand what they have?

Tompkin: Correct.

SC: Okay. Okay, that is helpful. So I’d like to switch gears now and ask about my daughter, Journey, and I’d like some advice on how I can help her.

Tompkin: You may offer support, which is very different than help that sways an individual’s course. I will just say that.

SC: Okay. Does she… is there anything we can do physically for her? Is it a hormone imbalance, or how can we treat her physical symptoms that then carry her away sometimes, emotionally?

Tompkin: There is an individual who lives nearby who practices the use of herbal medicine, homeopathy, and energetic balancing of the body. This individual is a simple individual but intuitively reads what the body needs and can create a formula that would assist her to be more comfortable. She is in a bit of disarray related to the fact that there is much confusion and aggravation with regards to not knowing how to proceed in many factors, in many decisions.

This is also affecting the body.

SC: Okay. But it is the energy essence, the confusion there, that then causes the hormonal imbalance in the body.

Tompkin: They are certainly linked, but the hormone imbalance has become more physical.

SC: How can I find this individual nearby that can help us?

Tompkin: Hmm, this individual (pause) does advertise.

SC: Okay. All right, so I will be open and looking for that. Can you describe the problems that I’ve had, just recently, with my vision? Is that dimensional shifting of a sort, or is it something more mundane and physical?       

Tompkin: The issue with the vision is related to an energetic shift that you are undergoing in relation to allowing yourself to see more than you already do, related to focuses, interdimensional, teleportation, however there is some hesitation and also some fear, and so this is reflected with the visual changes. Once you relax and become more comfortable with what you are actually able to accomplish, and you don’t feel surprised, or fearful, or uncertain, or hesitant, you will relax your energy and your eyesight will improve.

SC: Okay, thank you for that. And I think one way that I can relax and be less fearful is knowing that you, and Elias, and other focuses from my essence are there to help me through it, correct?

Tompkin: This is correct, however it is also… Most individuals experience a widening awareness with pleasurable experiences and they allow enough information in to adjust so that it is not traumatizing. So really there is nothing to fear.

SC: Right, okay. Can you describe any other health issues that I may have and I might not be aware of?

Tompkin: Your back.

SC: Mm-hmm. Is there anything I can do about that?

Tompkin: Well, there is a cut in the energy, a lack of flow.

SC: Ah, interesting. So that’s something that I can do on my own, or seek assistance of energy work, flow through the chakras and through the muscles to fix that, correct?

Tompkin: Somewhat. You could do either, however seeking the assistance of another may prove to expedite it.

SC: Okay. Now, I have a question, and I know that we both share Milumet, and I know that I do have a strong inclination there to constantly be aware of essences and hints and things that both I’m giving myself and others are giving me, and so I know this is a broad question, but…

Knowing that I create every aspect of my reality, how do I know what to pay attention to without just simply driving myself crazy, knowing that if I create everything I should be paying attention to everything? How can I determine what is important, what is a signal and what is just not that important? How to interpret properly, I guess, is my question. I know as a shaman this is kind of where, you know, a lot of your focuses were helping people, so that’s kind of why I’m asking.

Tompkin: First of all, for you as an individual – not everyone, but for you – individually paying attention to how comfortable you are is a direct signal, for when you become uncomfortable or physically sore, for example your muscles, or your joints, or you just feel a lack of energy, you actually physically give yourself a signal that you are focusing in a direction that is not in line especially with your intent.

SC: Ah, okay.

Tompkin: So that’s one particular way. You interpret… This is a very difficult question to answer, for you interpret your reality all the time. You manifest your reality on a continuous basis with a continuous input and a continuous interpretation, or you would be ceasing to exist in that reality that you know.

So it’s not a matter of interpreting it correctly, but more paying attention to your comfort levels, how you physically feel, the experiences that you are offering yourself. Do they offer you some comfort, joy, excitement? If you fell there is nothing to excite you, then perhaps ask yourself what could you be paying attention to that would offer you some information that would once again raise your interests. For your interests are always changing.

SC: Yes.

Tompkin: So if you are uncomfortable, chances are you need to stop and pay attention to your surroundings and what information you are offering yourself at that time, and then allow your energy to relax, and ask what other probabilities or solutions would feel more comfortable.

SC: Okay, that’s helpful. And I guess as a follow up to that, going back to my intent, which is one of support, I have always felt that I have – and the word ‘important’ isn’t the right word – but some role to play in a source event, in this dimension, in this probable reality, at this time. But I’ve been struggling to find what that is, or what I can do. Is that something that you can give me advice on or help me with?

Tompkin: This is something that may occur if you choose, however you do not have to decide on what the event is, but by focusing on what it is you want to do, what excites you, what makes you comfortable, and following your own breadcrumbs to that particular pathway, and manifesting scenarios where you are operating in line with your intent such as offering support, but maintaining your own excitement and experiencing life in an interesting and joyful manner, the situation you find yourself in may be exactly that.

SC: So it’s a matter of me following my path, and then that will lead me to a support path for the source event?

Tompkin: Or you may find yourself within one, for you naturally gravitate energetically toward situations where you are most needed.

SC: Yes, I have found that, yes. Thank you for that.

Tompkin: You’re welcome. But it is important that you stay true to yourself. Looking around oneself and asking oneself ‘well, where is the most critical situation, how can I be of benefit’ is irrelevant. It is what interests you. It is your reality.

SC: Well, that brings up the follow up question, then, too, because again, as a support role, and as a feeling that I have to contribute to a greater source event or to a greater reality, I have always been reluctant to… I know I create my reality and I see evidence of it constantly, but I’ve been reluctant, in a way – and I’m sure that you will understand with our connection – to assert myself in creating a certain reality, because then I feel that that is, you know, that’s…

Everybody can create their own reality, but I’m here to help create a group reality, or a source event, or more than myself, pushing the civilization to a certain outcome. So if I’m pushing my reality, does that then take away from my role in supporting for pushing to a greater reality for everyone?

Tompkin: Okay.

SC: Does that make sense?

Tompkin: It does, however there is some misinterpretation there which I hope to clarify. First of all, it is your reality that you exist within. And if you focus within that, on what interests you and gives you joy and is in line with your intent, you will naturally move in a manner that is offering energetic support to other individuals, and those individuals will then gravitate to share, energetically, your reality with you.

It is not a matter of pushing your energy, for this is highly ineffectual. If you move within your natural flow and you are comfortable, and you are pursuing things of interest to you and living within your greatest joy, shall we say, of greatest interest, the things that excite you, following your own breadcrumbs, you may find yourself in the middle of a situation whereby your energy is required by others, and find this highly satisfying.

This is a shared experience. As far as mass events go, it is unnecessary for you to align yourself necessarily with them, for your energy may be needed in a completely other manner. Also, you may do the smallest thing, that you see as irrelevant in the course of your day, and that has a ripple effect that is enormous.

So it is not a matter of finding the greatest event where you have the greatest input and the greatest effect, and thereby perhaps the greatest recognition, when you simply are going about you way, and your energy is cataclysmically affecting everyone.

SC: I see.

Tompkin: Are you understanding?

SC: I do, and I see now that if I focus on that, and being the best I can be, then if there is support to be lent to a mass event, that will come find me and I don’t have to do any work to do that, correct?

Tompkin: Exactly. It is like a giant magnet, or even picture a wormhole where you are – or a rabbit hole – you are going down that wormhole, pursuing a certain course, and you may find that there is all sorts of energetic patterns joining you down there. (Tompkin laughs)

SC: Right, right. Well, as you know, I feel that pull because I have been part of, or energetically supporting in all my focuses, which I understand are happening now, and simultaneous – in most source events that affect our civilization, I have a role, sometimes major, sometimes minor, but that’s kind of where I feel that we’re at that point again and I’ve been struggling to see what my role is now. But you’re saying it can still be there if I follow my own breadcrumbs and my own path, it will find me and I will find my role.

Tompkin: Individually, yes. For if I was actually able to describe what you are doing on every level and every focus in every dimension, which is quite impossible, if you were actually to fill your brain with that, you would fully understand that your support role is beyond comprehension.

SC: Wow, okay.

Tompkin: It is permeating all of consciousness.

SC: (pause) Interesting. Okay.

Tompkin: But on an individual level, by maintaining your own – let’s call it ‘trajectory’ – and enjoying oneself and maintaining a course where you feel satisfied, this will permeate that ripple effect through every single focus, dimension, timeframe, into all of consciousness. Does this make sense?

SC: Yes, it does.

Tompkin: It’s massive.

SC: That is very helpful to me because it helps me understand my role a little better.

Tompkin: It is so massive I can’t put it into miniscule words. (both laugh)

SC: And then you were there with me in a lot of these as well, correct? I feel as if we share so many focuses and have somewhat the same role, although you seem to skew towards younger entities, where mine is a little bit different.

Tompkin: All of us essences that are currently offering support to this shift are offering support such as yourself. We each do it in a manner that is completely different to one another, and yet there is always overlap, and there is always interjection from one another, and yet support for one another, for we all are connected. So what you as an individual do in your day has a direct effect on myself and all the other essences. The energy that we then offer perhaps yourself, or another individual who is about to interact with you, this then has an impact. There is always an impact from any intent or action.

SC: Yes, I understand that.

Tompkin: And there are times where our energies meld completely in order to offer support to not only groups of individuals but singular individuals or essences who are perhaps – this is an example – struggling with their shift or manifesting in a manner that is in line with their intent, and they find themselves in distress.

SC: Okay. Yeah, I feel my daughter, Journey, again, that seems to be where she’s at, although that could be part of her age, too, but I feel energetically her spirit is in that place as well.

Tompkin: There is much confusion at the moment, yes.

SC: One more question on that. So I will look for advertising, and look for herbal medicine and balancing. Is this person known to us? Will I recognize the name, or will it come through an acquaintance?

Tompkin: No. But you may find it within your neighborhood.

SC: Okay, I will definitely look for that. And then one other question, because I know we’re coming up on time, and I want to be respectful of Tara’s time as well, in following my breadcrumbs, I know that… Would you recommend that a lot of my work now is really internal meditation, projecting, teleporting, and doing that. That would be good for me to pursue on my personal time, correct?

Tompkin: Only if it excites you, my friend. So you may wake up one day, have your morning tea, your breakfast, and find that you desire to do research on the Internet. Then after some timeframe you decide ‘no, I need to relax’ and you may find yourself wishing to lie down and attempt a teleportation. Or you may find yourself within a library that is a vast wealth of information and find yourself lost in there for hours because you are enjoying yourself.

SC: Right.

Tompkin: Go with the flow. (both laugh) And one moment will flow to the next moment, to the next moment, and if you are paying attention to that you may find yourself accomplishing great amounts during the day, for time will feel as if it stands still.

SC: Yeah, and I have had that feeling, too, of expanding time and having enough time to do everything.

Tompkin: Quite. And it is usually when one is enjoying oneself.

SC: Oh, yes. So then, the other piece of that, then, is on the external. You’ve given me a lot to think about with external objects such as the box, and the items from Iltar, and/or the pyramid in Mexico and things like that. Is there a hint? I’m looking for something externally. Should I… I know I have an opportunity now, through an acquaintance, with the entity <name redacted> and antigravity technologies. Is that something that I should pursue? I know I probably could. Is that a beneficial thing for me or is that more of, ‘that’s his own path’.

Tompkin: This may prove to be a bit of a distraction, and you may find yourself interested at first, however you would have to gauge if that interest maintains. Perhaps I could suggest, without being intrusive and telling you what to do, for this goes against the flow…

SC: Right…

Tompkin: Find a library that has old records of folklore regarding time travel, or travel that does not require physicality. There may be old documents or writings found within other sources that may prove interesting and a good place to start.

SC: Time travel, that’s very interesting. Without physicality. So in other words it’s a mental projection but very, very real in experience.

Tompkin: Correct. Much like teleportation, however that term was unknown.

SC: Right. Okay, so I want to wrap up, I think we’re done with the hour. First of all, I wanted to say, Tompkin, thank you, not just for your time today – although I know that time is kind of flexible for you – but for all the support you’re giving me, I do appreciate it and the connection we have.

Tompkin: And likewise, my friend, I thank you for all the support you offer everyone.

SC: Ah, thank you for that. Are there any last words you can offer in support for me?

Tompkin: Make it a game. Make it fun. Make it a sideline so that you maintain a focus on whatever interests you in your day and it never becomes a job that takes over your day.

SC: Okay, I think that’s very good. Tompkin, thank you, and I will see you in my travels.

Tompkin: (heartily) Excellent! And I will be most supportive!

SC: Thank you, my friend. I will talk to you again, hopefully.

Tompkin: Goodbye for now.

SC: Goodbye.