Chats with Tompkin


Transcripts December 8, 2017

Tompkin on Tara’s Hashimoto’s diagnosis

SAMIRA: And if you are talking about health, then that’s a good point to come to Tara and her Hashimoto diagnosis. (Chuckles).

TOMPKIN: Oh, very well.

SAMIRA: Can you tell her anything about it, so she is… At least last week, she was really confused. Really, deeply affected.

TOMPKIN: She was experiencing great stress last week, regarding that issue and it is temporary. It is a temporary situation that she has experienced before in blocks of time, whereby there was normally an association of intense pressure and as the pressure builds, it causes trauma to functioning systems to be able to move at a speed in which they normally move at, so that the thyroid is accommodating and is affected by the different charges. At the moment it is not related to pressure as it has been in the past. It is more related to; as you have expressed, confusion.


TOMPKIN: There are moments in her day, where she is able to maneuver herself to be fully aware of herself in the now and engaging activities such as her gardening and then spontaneously change to painting and then spontaneously change to enjoying a pleasant meal for herself and her partner and experimenting with creativity in all three areas.

When she is doing this, it is like time stands still and her body accommodates the flow of energy in an increased capacity.
Then she engages thought processes and daydreaming, whereby she is focusing on the future and how to move forward, in such a manner where she will feel safe and secure and comfortable for a home is very important to her and yet be able to engage all the things that she enjoys.

So, the focus is no longer on herself, it is outside of herself and she is allowing belief systems regarding location, employment, family influence her ability to manifest what it is she really wants. But she needs to refocus on herself. When she is not well, she is fully focused on herself! (Chuckles) For she feels AWFUL!

SAMIRA: Okay, this is the payoff. I was talking to her. Okay. Yep! Is it really Hashimorto or is it just a ….

TOMPKIN: It is, but it is temporary.

SAMIRA: Okay. I will tell her. (Chuckles)

TOMPKIN: Fantastic.

SAMIRA: And I guess she will be relaxed. (Chuckles) Much more relaxed, because it definitely makes sense to create…

TOMPKIN: She is already moving her energy in that direction already, for she has sorted it somewhat that she does not need to allow that. And I do thank you, for your energy in that direction, shifting her attention to that, for she seems to momentarily, in previous time, forget that she has control.

SAMIRA: Yep. Okay. Last week, I tried to send her energy. I don’t know, can you describe it, did it reach her, how did she perceive it or use it or…

TOMPKIN: This is what I was referring to my friend. It was well received. She was not aware of the fact that you were intentionally sending healing energy or encouraging energy, however when you reached out with your letter to her, and she read your letter, at first her energy became defensive. For she didn’t understand. But then she felt the intention behind it, and she actually felt a camaraderie that hadn’t been aware of before. An actual caring on your part and she was quite grateful and she did move her focus in a direction that it was not previously focused on and she did read some of the Elias material. She then stopped, she realized it didn’t apply to her but she found that once she regrouped and focused on the fact that, she has the awareness to heal her own body, her body heals itself. She began to do kinesiology on herself with that intention.
And it shifted her energy significantly.

Your energy, what did it look like? Well, it was affecting in a manner that was conveying a reassurance of trust that you are moving forward together in a similar manner. There was a reminder there, that she is not alone in her own boat. (Chuckles).

S: Okay. Now this helps.