Chats with Tompkin


Transcripts December 12, 2016

UNOFFICIAL: Jantine/Adell – November 6th, 2016

NOTE: This transcript is broken into a series of excerpts, denoted by the “—————” lines between each excerpt.

T: Hey how are you!

J: Hey Tompkin!

T: And what shall we talk about?

J: About all kinds of stuff. It is related to my book preparations and it is also related to my private life.

T: Excellent, well, fire away!

J: First of all: are you OK?

T: Am I OK? I am always OK.

J: Good. My first question is: I have had some big change in myself that was created in August, September, as I feel somewhat different about people, about things, about the things I do. And I am wondering if I have had a change in primary self or is it related to my transition, or… It’s been a rather big change and I was wondering what kind of consciousness change happened in August and September that has initiated that change?

T: There has been several changes, not just a change.

J: Good! Could you please tell me about it?

T: (Laughing) Firstly your energy has shifted into more of a faster pace, a quicker vibration shall we say, to accommodate the busyness of your life style. You have actually ramped up your energy.

J: So it has gone up, it has increased?

T: Yes. Everyone is capable of that if they so choose. It is just a matter of allowing that energy to flow and this you have done. Secondly you have shifted your focus from more of a focus of the mundane you know what is deemed to be work-eat-sleep type of pattern to…. what you would deem that, to more of taking time to rest but then utilizing your free time more efficiently. And this has allowed somewhat more of a flow of your natural energy and an increase in your ability to translate other’s energy more efficiently.

J. Alright; this sounds good.

T: It is good!

J: Is there something more?

T: Absolutely. Further you have opened yourself, well, opened several doors to becoming more aware of changes in your surroundings. So, not only the surroundings you live in, but also more cosmically, all around you.

J: All around me.

T: Yes, so it is an increase in awareness.


J: Yes. OK. My other question related to this transition is: is it mostly related to me being able to handle the upcoming shift, is that why I transitioned, or is there another reason, like expansion in awareness before the shift? So, what would be the reason for me to transition?

T: A bit of both, related to your last question.

J: So it does also help me get through the upcoming or present shift?

T: It is assisting you to have more awareness during the shift. You are already in it, my friend.

J: Yeah, I know. Sorry, I used the wrong tense there. So it is helping me during the shift in increasing my awareness.

T: Yes. And reducing trauma somewhat. And also allowing you further avenues of investigation.


J: I am in the middle of the preparing for my book on the wideness of individual consciousness and I was thinking how did my pre-life planning process go? So, how did I come to life? What did I do to decide my current life?

T: In this focus?

J: In this focus, in this particular focus.

T: You as yourself, you in particular you chose a situation in where you were supported in your endeavors to explore and to grow and to shift in an environment that would nurture the questions of the mind; the growth for you as an the individual. This was your primary goal.


J: […]. With regards to what I do with the group and what we do in the group, in the group we are doing projections, we do remote viewing, we are learning objective stuff, we are discovering synchronicities, and that is all in the life 3D world. We are having lots of fun. We strengthen our ties. And what I am wondering, I do have the feeling that we are taking part in shift related and shift enhancing or speeding up activities when we are projecting. Is that correct? And if so, could you elaborate on that, what we are doing subjectively while we are objectively projecting?

T: You are doing different things in each stage of what you described. With the projecting in particular you are somewhat assisting in an ease within the shift so that may appear to be lighter, easier.

J: Easier also for other people, we help also other people when we do that?

T: Yes, working within their own paradigms and belief systems.

J: Good. Thank you. Nice, because I did have that sense that we were doing more than just having fun exploring and discovering. So we are like let’s say, facilitating an ease in that shift.

T: Yes. Within their scope of belief systems. Some may allow more freedom and more ease than others.

J: That depends more or less on who we are touching.

T: Yes.


J: In the next [dream] there is a lady called Serena Williams. She is a top tennis player and at the time that I dreamed of her she had just won a huge open tournament. In that dream she gave me advice. She told me to take a big leap or step, slant forwards, so not straight forwards, slant forwards, and while jumping, while taking that big step, I should make a turn in the air of about 45 degrees. I have not been able to make much sense of that advice. Is there something that you can say about that, because it sounded like she was very serious and really willing to help me with that advice.

T: This advice was given in order to assist you with movement. You view Serena as a supreme athlete, as agile, as physically capable.

J: Yes, because she is.

T: I agree. And this advice represented that. It was to assist you with movement into unfamiliar territory, and also her advice represented using courage to assist you into moving into that unfamiliar territory and attempting new things.

J: After that dream, have I made such steps? I mean am I following her advice now?

T: Yes. During that dream you actually attempted two new things and one of them was in relation to a form of astral travel or intergalactic, or inter-dimensional movement; the other was involving your physical body to allow you to increase your vibrational pattern.

J: So that was a dream that had to do what I have been doing in the past months?

T: Yes.

J: It may have been a kind of a preparation dream as well because it must have been in July that I had that dream [which is correct: July 10th].

T: Yes, it was an encouragement. A supportive move. A surge of energy that would push with courage and move you forward.


J: […] I had a very cool dream on dinosaur whales: While waiting for a ferry in a harbor to cross a pond, I notice that the ferry that was parked somewhere else, leaves its parking spot with people on it, but it doesn’t pass by the departure spot where I was waiting. A male working in the harbor confirms that he hadn’t seen the ferry either after it left the parking spot. While still standing in the little harbor I notice the tail of an enormous whale; I was really impressed. Then I notice another whale. They greet each other and communicate. In the harbor there was a waiting room a floor up from the main floor, with huge glass windows. There were people in that room. The whales felt being watched, and swam towards the waiting room. They both took their heads out of the water, dinosaur heads with big white human type of teeth, in a smiling position. They were intimidating to the people in the waiting room, and demanded various actions from them, like mischievous actions. One young male had to take off his tooth braces, another person their glasses. The people were scared. Not me though. I could place myself in various observer positions, also close up, to take a good look at the situation.
Could you tell me what this dream was about? And was one of the whales maybe a focus of mine? Or was it something completely different?

T: It was a representation of the misrepresentation of the current medical system.

J: OK! So the dream represented the misrepresentation of the medical situation.

T: The medical community is somewhat misrepresented and you were taking the time as an observer to let yourself know that there is a misguided misrepresentation present there. So, it would not make sense for a whale to have a dinosaur head. As whales are quite advanced creatures and dinosaurs in your perspective are considered to be somewhat extinct. No longer around. No longer required, no longer here. They don’t fit.

J: At least not in the 3D reality as we see it here.

T: They don’t fit with the current paradigm of what is required. For humanity and healing. Nor do whales with dinosaur heads. That is a ridiculous representation to let you know that that is somehow where the medical system is at present.


J: […] I had also a dream about erupting volcanoes. I was in a holiday tropical resort and there were three volcanoes at different distances. One a couple of kilometers away, erupting and the other two were really close, also erupting. I was there with my mom. And I was like: ‘wow, what is happening here?’ My mom, she wasn’t impressed at all. She did not see any danger. She was giggling at my fear of the close volcanoes erupting. She was fine and I was kind of scared.

T: This is somewhat of a dream come true. Now I will explain that, what I mean by that. Volcanoes represent reality for example, and they are ever changing, can erupt at any time. They can mold themselves, become larger, they can become violent. They can change and move and shift and blow their top. And they can also flow. So if the volcano represents reality and it is unpredictable then there is some fear there regarding the unpredictability of it. And feeling out of control. Even though you understand that you manifest the actual volcano there is fear of the unfolding of what the volcano has the potential to do.

J: Is there something that I am afraid of what is happening in myself?

T: Not necessarily. It is more that you understand that you create your reality. And you understand that you need to allow it to unfold. However there is some fear regarding the manner in which it unfolds is somewhat and sometimes unexpected.

J: Yes, and maybe a bit more forceful than you would like, let’s say.

T: Exactly.

J: OK. Thank you for that.

T: An excellent analogy that you offered yourself, my friend.


J: […] In one projection I have so much information on Beethoven coming up which turned out to be quite OK. I was wondering if I am an observing essence of Beethoven or a focus of somebody close to Beethoven?

T: Yes. And what is your impression regarding Beethoven?

J: I know that Beethoven is a focus of Elias.

T: Correct. And what is your impression of Beethoven?

J: I have impressions of his younger years when he was happy for a short time teaching piano lessons to the children of a family and I have also impressions of him as an older man when he was taking care of his nephew.

T: Well done. And what role do you see yourself in Beethoven’s life?

J: I was thinking that I might be the focus of that nephew.

T: No, however you did have a very close role in his life. I am going to leave that one with you to explore further for it is very important. It represented, it still represents information for me.

J: So it is related to a male in close relationship to Beethoven.

T: Correct. I urge you to continue to explore the role of that male. When you access that information, it will give you an aha moment in relation to your current focus.